18 Must-Have Greece Packing List Travel Gadgets For The Perfect Trip In 2021

Kythera Island, Greece

In this article, you will find the 18 must-have Greece packing list travel gadgets and much more information for your perfect Greece trip 2021. Of course, we always appreciate your feedback to keep the packing list up to date and to optimize it for all travel lovers 🙂

Hellas! This is the proper name of Greece in ancient times. And the ancient times are already the appropriate buzzword to name one of the many reasons for a trip to Greece! This is reflected not only in religion, medicine, countless ancient buildings (including one of the 7 new wonders of the world – the Acropolis!) but also in the numerous legends about the gods of Greece. So if you travel to Greece and want to learn more about this country, you will not have a hard time finding good literature. But of course, Greece offers so much more. The countless Greek islands with their beautiful beaches and hiking trails, the delicious Greek wine and other specialties, and last but not least the wonderful Greek hospitality.

So let’s finally satisfy your wanderlust and get started with the packing list. Below you will also find useful information about the different seasons in Greece, but also what items you do not need in Greece & suggestions for accommodation and 10 interesting facts about Greece.

In order to enjoy all this without any problems, good planning is essential. This way you can save time and money and enjoy your vacation in Greece to the fullest.

Regardless of your next destination, we also have some general information and tips for you in this article: 

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18 Travel Gadgets you need on your Greece Packing List!

Action Camera 4k WiFi

Action Camera 4K WiFi

Like already mentioned, Greece has so many amazing Greek Islands and beaches. And where there are so many beautiful beaches, there is of course also a breathtaking underwater world. On top of that, very entertaining water activities are offered. To make sure you still remember the unique moments after your vacation, we recommend this great 4K Action Camera with WiFi. It is the absolute winner for us in terms of price and performance! So make sure it’s on your Greece packing list.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

With all the beautiful places and trails in Greece, this packing list should not be without a good pair of hiking boots. We ourselves use the hiking boots from Lowa for years and are extremely happy with them. Lowa stands for quality and durability. A little advice: Order them rather in 2 sizes to check which one feels better for you.

16 Must-Have Greece Packing List Travel Gadgets For The Perfect Trip In 2021

Butterfly Twists Women

Speaking of shoes, here comes another pair of shoes for your Greece packing list. But guys be strong, this pair is rather intended for women 😛 If you like to wear a heel, you should always carry this pair of Butterfly Twists in your handbag. The reason is very easy to explain: you are not allowed to enter some sights in Greece with heels. But such a small pair of comfortable extra shoes can of course be beneficial in other ways as well.

Backpacking Backpack

Depending on how you want to travel in Greece, a backpacking backpack can be a great option. Especially since there are numerous mountains and cobblestones here. We have linked our favorite backpacks here. When buying a backpack for hiking, it is very important to make sure that the weight is well distributed and your back is not put under the wrong load. Both backpacks have a large volume. We recommend not to exceed this volume, otherwise, it will be too heavy.


Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

Besides your big backpack, you may want to add one more backpack to your packing list. We suggest you add this ultra-lightweight packable backpack. This one is perfect for every trip! On top of that, you avoid having to walk around with your big backpack during the day. The daypack’s adjustable breathable straps ensure a proper fit and comfortable all-day use. We are really surprised by how comfortable and robust it is. A clear recommendation!

Magnetic In Car Phone Holder

Greece should also be explored individually by car! Many of the beautiful beaches are very difficult to reach without a rental car. To make sure that you really find the beaches, good navigation is necessary. This In Car Phone Holder is highly recommended as it is compatible with any car and smartphone. We simply love it and therefore recommend it at every opportunity. Definitely put it on your Greece packing list!

Dual-Port USB Car Charger Adapter

Speaking of road trips in Greece. To ensure that your navigation does not stop in the middle, it is important that your smartphone is always charged. This is a small but very useful companion which you should always have in your car even when at home. It even offers 2 USB ports with which you can even charge your camera equipment for the next stop while driving. Make sure to add it to your Greece packing list.

Universal Travel Adapter

A Travel Adapter is a must-have on every journey! With it, you don’t have to worry about the sockets at your destination and you can charge your devices quickly on your own. Especially handy are the USB ports, which allow you to charge several devices at the same time at one socket. With this gadget, you don’t need to worry about charging your devices when in Greece 🙂


Of course, your swimwear should not be missing in Greece! We have only listed these two items here to make sure that you don’t forget to put them on your packing list. Most of the time you forget the obvious 😛 And I myself had to get along without my swimwear during my vacations… 😀 So I hope you won’t make the same mistake. 

Sunscreen Lotion

Speaking of things not to be forgotten… sunscreen lotion! This is really essential and should not be missing on any beach vacation. Of course, it is very important from a health point of view, because your skin has to enjoy many more hours of sunshine 🙂 What we especially like about this sunscreen lotion is the fact that it comes with a seductive fragrance.

mikrofaser handtuch

Microfiber Towel

With all the Greek islands and beaches you will surely spend a big part of your vacation in the water 🙂 In order for you not to catch a cold and to be dry again quickly afterward, we recommend this fast-drying microfiber travel towel. Not only do they take up very little space in your luggage and are ultra-lightweight. 

Flip Flops

Flip Flops with bottle opener

Do you like items that have another practical use? Then you will love these flip flops! Imagine that you’re walking along the beach and you’re about to open a cool drink… but how? Just flip your flip flop over and you’ve got yourself a bottle opener. We think it’s awesome and the flip flops are really comfortable. Be sure to pack them.

Travel Security Belt

Travel Security Belt

And we complete your beach outfit with this Travel Security Belt. Some may say it’s too touristy but for us, security is more important 🙂 It protects you from pickpockets and on top of that, you always have enough money with you. No matter if you spontaneously want a beer at the beach bar or a snack. Compared to a chest pouch or similar, another big advantage is that you can even swim in the sea. We recommend adding it to your packing list for any vacation where you spend a lot of time at the beach.

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Refillable Bottles with Hook (e.g. for hand sanitizer)

These Refillable Bottles with hook are a good idea on any trip! In the current situation, they are perfect to fill with hand sanitizer and clip to your backpack. This way you have your sanitizer at hand in seconds. But of course, you can also fill them with all other types of liquids, such as shower gel. A great addition to your Greece packing list.

Water Filter Bottle

The WATER TO GO Water Filter Bottle is truly one of our favorites. With this, you can ensure that you can drink the tap water in any country. Especially in warm countries like Greece, water is one of the most important things for your day. It filters the bacteria out of the water and allows you to always have access to freshwater 🙂 Of course, it is also more sustainable than buying plastic bottles on-site!

Insect Repelling Wrist Band

Insect Repelling Wrist Band

You know that feeling when there’s a mosquito in the evening and you seem to be its human buffet, while everyone around you has no problem? 😀 Then you are just like me! That’s why I have tested this little helper. And I am absolutely convinced! It really worked and directed the mosquitoes more towards the people around me 😛


Kindle Paperwhite

Do you love to have the time to read a good book while on vacation? Then we recommend the Kindle Paperwhite! It’s easier to read when the sun is shining. However, it is still very tiring to read in direct sunlight, so we recommend you only take it to the beach if you have a place in the shade. We hope you can enjoy your beach time in Greece with this gadget on your packing list.



The last gadget on our list may be a sensitive topic for some 😛 But we hope that a few women will get some relief from this gadget. Especially if you’re traveling by car and you’re going to some remote beaches or hiking for a longer time, GoGirl is a great solution. Discreet, reusable, funnel-shaped female urination device. GoGirl provides a revolutionary bathroom solution for women to go anywhere. You may want to think about adding it to your Greece packing list.

More Greece Packing List Gadgets which may come in handy

Bonus Tip: Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how quickly something unexpected can happen. However, in order for you to worry as little as possible during your well-deserved vacation, we have fought our way through the insurance jungle for you and looked for a reliable partner. Thereby we have stumbled upon WorldNomads.com. Insurance is always a very sensitive topic and honestly, we would rather do without it and spend the money on vacation for other nice things. But if something should happen, you are more than happy to have a partner like WorldNomads on your side!

Why WorldNomads has impressed us so much?

  1. Backed by specialized insurance providers and global assistance partners
  2. You can always buy the insurance online, even if you are already traveling
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  5. Very high availability worldwide

6 Things you DO NOT need in Greece

High Heels

Beforehand, if you plan a pure resort vacation, you can of course wear high heels to dinner in the evening and dine in the appropriate ambiance 🙂 However, there are many mountains in Greece, and even in the cities are often cobblestones. So if you don’t want to show your high heels to Greece, we recommend you to leave them at home.

Only “sunny” clothes

Greece is a very religious country. It has many stunning churches and monasteries. You should definitely enter a few of them on your trip to Greece and see them from the inside. Unfortunately, entry is often prohibited if you show too much skin. So make sure you have some clothes with you that are suitable for churches 🙂

Valuable jewelry and other things

Of course, it depends on your interests when traveling. But in general, we recommend that you only bring what you really need (e.g. camera equipment). Take the things you feel comfortable with. You might have bought a few special items for special vacation moments.

Too much shampoo & other toiletries

In our opinion, this is where the most “wrong” packing is done. Above we have already informed you about the refillable bottles with a hook. With one of these bottles, you get along easily 1 week and thus save not only space but also weight!


We repeat ourselves on our lists on this point… but it is quite essential. This way you also make sure that you take less risk to misplace money somewhere or get tempted to spend too much 😛 However, in Greece, you can only pay with cash in many places. Maybe that will change after the Corona pandemic. But there are ATMs almost everywhere.

A suitcase

Again, the exception resort vacation. But if you want to travel around Greece for multiple days, we recommend a backpacking backpack instead. It is for the same reason as the high heels… who wants to roll with his suitcase over several cobblestones?

3 Special Accommodations to stay in Greece

Nautica Hotel Apartments

Nautica Hotel Apartments

Let’s start our recommendations right away with a real insider tip. The accommodation is very difficult to find without navigation. When you arrive there, the beautiful Nautica Hotel awaits you directly on the private beach with a sea view. In the morning there is a homemade breakfast in a family atmosphere. Otherwise, the accommodations are for self-caterers. A stunning location meets Greek hospitality. Free parking is available. Also, be sure to take a trip to Rethymno and enjoy some delicious Greek wine in the Venetian harbor.

Acrogiali Beach Hotel Mykonos

Acrogiali Beach Hotel Mykonos

The Acrogiali Beach Hotel says it all with its name. It is just a few steps away from the beautiful beach. What we liked most about this accommodation is that on one side you can take a free bus to Mykonos (a really picturesque town!) within 10 minutes, and on the other side you can do some island hopping. At the beach of Platis Gialos, several boats leave daily to the surrounding islands. The price/quality ratio for the service in the accommodation is superb!

Acropolis View Hotel

Acropolis View Hotel

This hotel is the best choice in Athens for many. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with a view of one of the 7 new wonders of the world? You look directly at the Parthenon (This is a building that sits on top of the Acropolis – Many don’t know that the Acropolis itself is just the hill :)). If you are in Athens, you should try to spend at least one night here. After an eventful day in the streets of Athens, you can end the evening on the roof terrace with a cold drink.

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4 seasons in Greece. What to experience and what to be aware of

Spring in Greece (March – May)
Kythera Island, Greece

Spring in Greece is the best time to enjoy this beautiful country without the big tourist crowds. With temperatures often below 10 °C in March, it starts to warm up in April and May. Here the temperatures often reach 20-25 degrees. Since even May with its good weather is not yet considered peak season, you can make some good deals, especially in spring. So take your chance to see the many historical places, but also to enjoy the excellent restaurants and bars without the tourist stress.

Since the weather in the Greece spring is very unstable, you should be prepared for very sunny days as well as rainy days. However, with May being one of the most beautiful months in Greece, the flowers and fields start to bloom in vibrant colors that you don’t want to miss. But also for all beach enthusiasts spring offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy the sun and water. With a water temperature of 17-19 °C, a swimsuit should not be missing on your packing list.

Which activities are most recommended in spring?

There is no better time to explore all the archaeological and historical sites of Greece and the Greek islands. Walking past the ancient marble of the Parthenon, you won’t meet many tourist groups, even in May. Also, the numerous museums are not yet overcrowded and you can enjoy the cultural history of Greece to the fullest. My personal recommendations are definitely the Acropolis Museum and the Heraklion Museum.

In spring the bars open more often for their guests. But be warned, the lust for life of the Greeks is highly catching. You will quickly find yourself in the lively hustle and bustle.

Especially in May, a unique landscape can be seen over the whole country and the Greek islands. A sea of flowers blooming in all colors and lush green meadows immerse everything in a beautiful ocean of color. Since at this time also the ferries from Athens to the Greek islands start to drive more common again, this offers the perfect opportunity for some beautiful hikes on Crete Island, Corfu, Kefalonia, and co. Take the chance for a little break in the local bars and restaurants. Usually, these offer a unique view over the coasts, beaches, and picturesque mountain villages.

On top of that, the melting snow from the mountains finally makes some water sports in the rivers possible again. So all adventure seekers should keep their eyes open for rafting and kayaking tours. You will find most of these offers on the Greek mainland. Especially Zagoria is a good place to go for those who are looking for the next adrenaline kick.

Summer in Greece (June – August)
Wo die Sonne das Wasser berührt

Summer is probably by far the best known and most popular season for visitors to Greece and the Greek islands. You can cross rainwear off your packing list and pack more sun lotion instead. In the summer months, the temperature almost never falls below 20 °C and invites you to refresh yourself on the beach with about 12 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures of up to 33 °C.

Of course, this fact attracts a lot of tourists to the country – especially from the countries with a lot of rain and clouds, such as Great Britain, Canada, the Scandinavian islands, and Germany, many seek the way to the warmer regions. The three summer months are therefore often a little more expensive and the sights and cities are more crowded than at other times of the year. But you can enjoy Greece with everything it has to offer.

Which activities are most recommended in summer?

Beach is calling. With the summer weather in Greece, everyone who likes to spend time on the beach and in the sea really gets their money’s worth. The water temperature rises to over 20 °C and the sun invites you to sunbathe. So the white bikini stripes won’t take long to appear. In any case, make sure you have enough sunscreen on your packing list, and don’t forget to take enough water with you.

All water sports fans will also enjoy themselves. Greece is an ideal place for sailing, kite surfing, and windsurfing. Nearly every coastal town has its own harbor and beach. So why not enjoy the sunset on a sailing turn or ride towards it on a surfboard.

Hiking is not recommended in the flatlands at this time of year. You can’t take as much water with you as you would need in these temperatures. If you still really want to do a trek, you should check out the trails in the higher elevations and mountains. Here the temperature is around 25 °C, which is much more pleasant than in the plains. 

I would not recommend sightseeing tours in the cities at this time of year. Especially in the rather narrow streets of the Greek cities, the temperatures often rise up to 40 ° C. Most people can no longer really enjoy what they see with these heats going on. If you still want to enjoy the cities, you better look for some nicely located cafes or bars. Besides the cities that you should have visited once, such as Athens and Kavala, my tip is a trip to the Greek islands. Whether it’s a visit to Corfu – by the way, a UNESCO heritage site – or a trip to Crete to the picturesque towns of Heraklion and Chania.

Autumn in Greece (September – November)

Even in autumn, Greece still feels like summer. In September, temperatures drop below 20 °C for the first time, but it remains pleasantly warm. Only in November, the weather becomes more uncomfortable again with increased chances of rain. Since the weather only changes a little towards the end of autumn, the main season in all of Greece and also on the Greek islands goes until the end of October.

As many tourists leave at this time of the year, the crowded beaches and cities calm down a bit. Also, the prices go down significantly. An ideal opportunity to enjoy the Greek sun and culture even with a lower budget. However, since it can often be quite windy, you should definitely have a few warmer clothes on your packing list.

Which activities are most recommended in autumn?

Good news for all those who do not want to spend their vacation without an extensive swim in the sea. The water temperature remains around 20 °C until the end of November. Although it is a little windy now and then and drying in the sun becomes more like a hairdryer, it can be endured very well through the mild climate of the Greek autumn.

In fact, this wind even favors various water sports. Many sailors and surfers use autumn to pursue their hobbies. My recommendation here is the white beach Marmari on Kos. Here you will find numerous opportunities to really enjoy yourself.

The milder weather also invites you to extended hikes. And especially in autumn, there is a lot to explore. Nature changes and also the olive and grape harvest begins. For these, the Greek farmers can welcome many volunteers from all over the world every year. But also along the coasts and beaches, there are unique views to enjoy. However, when planning your packing list for a hike, remember to bring some rain gear too, as the weather can change quickly at this time of year and rainy days become much more frequent again.

As in spring, autumn is also a very good time to explore the cities and history of Greece. Here, dozens of museums invite you to take a history trip or check out the world-famous Parthenon on a walk through the Acropolis. But also outside of Athens, there are endless things to discover. My tip: The island of Santorini is one of the postcard places in Greece. Beautiful architecture, colorful roofs, and a sunset that could hardly be more beautiful.

Winter in Greece (December – February)
16 Must-Have Greece Packing List Travel Gadgets For The Perfect Trip In 2021

Even in winter, most parts of Greece and the Greek islands enjoy pleasant temperatures. Only in the mountains, the thermometer reaches minus degrees. Otherwise, the temperature rarely falls below the 5 °C limits. There is the highest probability of rain in winter. In the mountain regions there even is some snow falling down. Nevertheless, the average temperature between December and February is around 10 °C. The coldest months, as in most European countries, are January and February.

Because of these more uncomfortable weather conditions, which are not a good fit for a beach vacation or excessive hiking, winter is the absolute low season in Greece. In the mountains, prices rise a little but overall you can explore the country at very reasonable prices in winter. Especially in the southern regions and on the islands located in the south, the temperature is still very mild even in this season.

Which activities are most recommended in winter?

Greece is actually commonly known as a summer destination, but especially in recent years, the topic of winter sports is gaining more and more importance. Besides the beautiful beaches, the mainland has a lot of mountains. They are getting white peaks with the arrival of winter. One of the most breathtaking ski resorts is Kalavryta. This resort is 2340 m high and thus with 12 slopes also the highest in all of Greece. But what makes it so unique is the incredible view. Have you ever skied down a slope and had a breathtaking view over the sea at the same time? Probably one of the most exotic experiences of any winter sports enthusiast.

And this is exactly what makes a winter vacation in Greece so appealing. During the day you enjoy skiing and in the evening you sit in a bar on the beach. A truly adventurous contrast.

Of course, despite the rather mild winter, few will explore the country in shorts. However, with the right clothes, it is no problem to experience the history and culture of this country even at the coldest time of the year in Greece. But you have to be prepared for the fact that many of the bars, restaurants, and museums will be closed. Still, the sights are open for free exploration, and also some of the travel guides will help you out with private tours.

For all carnival fans, February offers the opportunity to participate in one of the many parades and festivals. Carnival is celebrated everywhere in Greece. Whether it is one of the largest parades with wagons in Patras or one of the many that take place in the districts of Athens. An absolute insider tip is Rose Monday on the hill of Pnyka and Philopappos. Here dozens of colorful wind kites are hoisted up and let the sky light up colorfully.

10 Interesting Facts about Greece!

Greece is the country of 1000 islands

… to be exact, the country of 3,054 islands! That’s 82% of all the islands in the Mediterranean and Greece is one of the most island-rich countries in Europe. By the way, only about 180 islands are inhabited, such as the popular vacation islands of Kos, Crete, Santorini, and Rhodes, which, by the way, is the warmest island in Greece.

Is skiing vacation possible in Greece?

You bet! One minute you’re on a sunny beach, the next you’re skiing in the snow. Greece, as most people do not know, is not only a summer and beach vacation but also a great destination for the winter. The country offers 18 ski resorts with snow slopes, for example on Crete. Who would have thought that? And the best thing about it: on some slopes, like the Kalavryta ski resort, you also have a perfect view of the sea!

The ubiquitous color blue drives away evil spirits

Churches, domes, doors, windows – you will encounter the color blue or turquoise everywhere in Greece. On the one hand, blue fits wonderfully to the Mediterranean flair at the sea. On the other hand, according to old legends, the blue color also drives away evil spirits and is therefore still popular, especially on the Cyclades islands. Surely you also know the blue eye, which locals wear as small glass stones on jewelry. Similar to the blue color on buildings, it is supposed to ward off the “evil eye” such as jealousy, illness and misfortune. Blue stands for infinite space and freedom, so the color really fits well with this Greek superstition, don’t you think?

Sirtaki is not a traditional folk dance at all

Who doesn’t know the Greek dance Sirtaki, in which Greeks drink ouzo and really party? In fact, the Sirtaki also has its roots in Greece, namely in the traditional Sirtos dances, which have been danced for years. However, the Sirtaki was created especially for the movie Alexis Kobras with Anthony Quinn. Apart from the Sirtaki, by the way, Greece has a real dance culture with over 4,000 dances.

Greece = sunny country

On average, Greeks enjoy around 250 days of sunshine per year, that’s a whopping 3,000 hours of sunshine! So don’t forget your sunglasses, you’ll surely need them.

Greece hosts the most archaeological museums in the world

Culture lovers take note: Greece is home to 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has the most archaeological museums in the world. The most popular are the Acropolis Museum in Athens, the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, and the National Archaeological Museum. The Acropolis is the symbol of Athens and the most popular attraction in the country.

80% of Greece are mountains

Even though when you think of Greece you tend to think of pretty buildings, ancient cities, and stretches of beach… in fact, more than two-thirds of the country is mountainous! This makes Greece one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. The most famous mountain is probably Olympus, but other mountains like Parnassus and Pelion are also well worth seeing and are made for hiking.

Olives, olives, olives

Greece has the most varieties of olives than any other country in the world and is the world’s third-largest producer of olives. So how about a serving of Kalamata olives or a Greek salad with local olive oil?

In Greece, people live longer and happier lives

Need some wisdom on how to live extra long and healthy? Well, then you should take a trip to Ikaria. Ikaria is one of the so-called five blue zones in the whole world. People in Ikaria have one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

Greek is the oldest written language still in use today

The Greek alphabet has been used for over 5000 years, making it the oldest written language still in use today. Why else would the word alphabet consist of the Greek letters alpha and beta? It is quite clear that the Greek language also influenced other later languages like English. 150,000 English words (like academy and school) come from Greek. If you are now curious, learn a few words of Greek. By the way, you can also make an impression on the locals.

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