Why Sperlonga

  • Torre guglia
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Historic centre
  • Villa di Tiberio
  • La Sorgente
Sperlonga is a white seaside village on the Riviera di Ulisse. We're still in Lazio, in the Latina Province!!
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The lanes that wind up and down with views of the sea, as well as the town’s streets, stairs, and residences, are all whitewashed. Sperlonga’s water is especially clear and clean, and when it’s calm, it seems like a swimming pool that invites you to dive in and out without stopping. Sperlonga is also attractive in the winter, washed by the sea breeze, with empty beaches and streets as white as milk.

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It isn’t known for its nightlife 🌙, but it does have a wide range of facilities, as well as pleasant and attractive beaches and a variety of attractions to explore while not at sea. Even in the evening, the historic center comes alive, great for dinners or walks, and there is still a limited selection of nightclubs for the young. It is not among the most famous tourist destinations, but surely those who decide to visit it will not be disappointed.

Sperlonga’s old center is one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, and undoubtedly one of the most attractive in the Province of Latina. The white of the lime keeps the sun at bay and creates an ambiance that transports you to Andalusia, despite the fact that we are only a short distance from Rome and Naples. It’s fun to get lost in the village’s narrow alleyways, uncover hidden passageways, and gaze out over the many vantage points. The first thing you’ll notice is Sperlonga’s historic center. Starting from the Sperlonga coastline and going up, visitors can explore the white village on foot or by bicycle (there is a short cycle path and electric bicycles can be rented).

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Otherwise, you can drive to the village and park in the underground parking garage shortly before entering. There are 5 more things you must see in Sperlonga listed below.


The bridge leading to Torre Truglia may be reached from the historic center. The tower was part of the Lazio coast sighting system, which used sophisticated smoke signals to communicate with neighboring towers. It is in fine working order and may be viewed upon request.

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Sperlonga’s rugged coast is punctuated by numerous sea caves and ravines. The largest is the Grotta di Tiberio, where the Emperor erected his opulent villa, with a swimming pool, beautiful fountains, and alcoves, and used the cave as a venue for modest banquets and relief from the summer heat. It can be visited with the entrance to the Museum of the Villa of Tiberius.


A tower overlooking the sea, along with four other towers, is located 3 kilometers from the historic center of Sperlonga. It was built for the defense and sighting of the coast. Capovento’s is a magnificent cliff just a short distance from the settlement.



The Grotta di Tiberio, along with the Roman Emperor’s villa and the museum that houses the villa’s artifacts, is a must-see in Sperlonga. The area was a residential holiday destination in Roman times, and it held exquisite villas in a panoramic position, together with the coastlines of Circeo and the Gulf of Naples.


There is a beach in Sperlonga with a spring of fresh, drinkable water on the sand. In the scorching days of August, an ancient basin accumulates the coolness, which provides welcome relief. The source is located on the western side of the country, directly below the historic center (the one closest to Rome).

What to eat In Sperlonga 🥯

Excellent restaurants, traditional trattorias, and fast food eateries abound. The masters are the fish dishes. If you wish to try some of the local delicacies, there are several wonderful eateries along the seashore. If you like to save money while still enjoying outstanding local cuisine, we recommend visiting one of the many trattorias in the old center. All are excellent and offer good value for money, often even with fixed-price menus.

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