Top 9 Hot Springs In Truth Or Consequences: Take A Tour Of The Best Springs In A New Mexico Thermal Haven

The truth is that in a town with a quirky and unusual name, in the southwestern part of New Mexico, you will find an absolutely massive haven of thermal springs ready to be explored by you. 

And the consequence is that you’ll probably regret it if you don’t at least take a look. 

Just sayin’.  

See what we did there? 

Truth or Consequences – or T or C as locals like to call it –  is a town most famous for its selection of hot springs. It was literally called Hot Springs before Ralph Edwards was a bit bold (and perhaps slightly pretentious) and decided to find a town willing to change its name after his game show called Truth Or Consequences and in return, he’d air the show from the town. Wild! But in the best way possible.

Now T or C derives a high number of visitors thanks to the asset that it’s best known for: its thermal springs. Here, you’ll be greeted with charming and appealing establishments with a slightly laid-back, at times quaint demeanor to make you feel at home. 

So why don’t we take a tour of the best hot springs in Truth or Consequences and see what all the fuss is about?

1. Riverbend Hot Springs

Snuggled on the banks of the Rio Grande and directly exposed to Turtleback Mountain is what some people consider to be one of the best hot springs in T or C, otherwise known as Riverbend Hot Springs.

What To Expect

Riverbend Hot Springs is a stunning blend of rustic and cozy, with a charming infrastructure of rock-walled pools and wooden planks looking down at the Rio Grande that won’t fail to appeal to any visitor. It will definitely allow soakers to relax to the fullest and immerse themselves in minerals, the sound of the streaming river, and a newfound connection with nature. 

Visitors can alternate among eight different rock-walled pools with a temperature hovering between 95-108℉. Both overnight accommodation and day-use options are available.

Beautiful Riverbend Hot Springs overlooking the Rio Grande. Source:

Don’t Miss

Those who’d like to stay overnight are in for a treat: if you stay in one of their casitas you’ll be greeted with your very own, private hot springs bath. 

The homely and immensely comfortable ambiance of Riverbend Hot Springs allows its visitors to relax in more ways than one. Before or after your soak you can chill on their L-shaped deck built right above the river, facing Turtleback Mountain and as a result, creating an extremely scenic view. You can also either sit on their patio or at the fire pit with your friends and relax there.

Good To Know

Accommodation options include casitas (which also come with private soaking areas), standard rooms, double rooms and suites. Standard rooms are also known as the Artist Rooms because each room features the artwork of a local artist on its walls. 

It’s a zen-full facility which means that every area on the premises is a quiet zone.

Kids under 12 are not allowed in the facility. 

Alcohol, food, glass containers and other breakables are not allowed near the pools. 

Smoking isn’t allowed on the premises. 

Reservations are required. 

Standard fees are $25-35. Fee for a private soak ranges between $35-50.

You can familiarize yourself with the facility’s set of rules and policies on their official website.

Address: 100 Austin St., Truth Or Consequences, NM 87901

Riverbend Hot Springs at dusk. Source:

2. Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa

Soak in the divine waters of Sierra Grande and experience the best holistic wellness treatment of your life.

What To Expect

Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa is one of the absolute best facilities in Truth Or Consequences, NM. As a holistic wellness retreat center, it provides its guests with an atmosphere of the utmost peace and spiritual restoration, which is the primary reason it attracts so many visitors. 

With the facility’s indoor and outdoor thermal pools of 104℉ and numerous spa treatments, you will inevitably take your spiritual energy to the next level. The infrastructure of the place is very aesthetically pleasing, including lodges and casitas of traditional southwestern style mixed with historical furnishings and modern touches.

Don’t Miss

Naturally, as a spa establishment, you have to take advantage of their vast selection of wellness treatments, including facials and skincare, bodyworks and body treatments on top of curative massages.

Sierra Grande also offers scenic tours of the area and numerous outdoor exploration opportunities with certified guides. Additionally, as part of the Ted Turner Reserve, you can also visit Ted Turner’s other ranches.

Good To Know

The thermal baths at Sierra Grande were first discovered by Indigenous Americans and now, despite being mainstream, the facility honors the thermal healing and soaking traditions first created by the Indigenous people. 

A 30-minute-soak is included for each day of your stay. 

Breakfast is included for all overnight guests.

Special packages and deals are also available for those who are interested in enriching their experience even more. 

Sierra Grande Lodge comes with 17 lodge rooms (not including casitas). Accommodation prices vary depending on which website you book it on. 

Address: 501 McAdoo St., Truth or Consequences, NM 87901

One of the casitas at Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa. Source: TripAdvisor

3. La Paloma Hot Springs

Check out the 13 mineral-reach pools of La Paloma Hot Springs if you’re looking for something cozy and homely.

What To Expect

Despite its relatively humble appearance which consists of light blue & white hut-like lined up rooms that surround the courtyard, this relatively small and quaint hot springs facility, operating in this small and quirky New Mexico town, is a real visitor-magnet. 

There you will find both indoor and outdoor gravel-bottomed thermal pools with the temperature hovering between 98-116°F.

Don’t Miss

La Paloma Hot Springs is also partnered up with another facility – La Paloma Too, which means that there is an additional soaking area available for guests. However, the working hours of these two facilities vary so make sure to double check before you head out. 

La Paloma Hot Springs also offers spa and wellness treatments that you really should check out. 

La Paloma can also be an ideal apres-hiking destination after exploring the wonders of Gila National Forest.

Good To Know

Both day-use and overnight accommodation is available and naturally, the price for overnight visits includes the use of the springs. 

Advanced reservations are required. 

Standard day-use admission rate ranges between $7-12. 

Address: 311 Marr St., Truth or Consequences, NM

La Paloma Hot Springs courtyard. Source: La Paloma Hot Springs on FB

4. Indian Springs Bath Houses

Indian Springs Bath Houses is perfect for anyone looking for something rustic and chill where they can relax to their heart’s content.

What To Expect

Indian Springs is a quaint, unpretentious facility boasting two indoor thermal baths with natural water flow and gravelly bottoms. The smaller bath has a temperature of 105°F while the other one hovers at 109°F, but the temp is adjustable, perfect for all kinds of soakers.

This is an ideal destination for all who’d like to get a soothing and authentic soak with water jets and healing waters, without worrying about the potential complications that come with luxury establishments.

Don’t Miss

If you’d like to prolong your heavenly soak at Indian Springs Bath Houses, there are six lodges available for those who’d like to stay overnight. Reserving nightly accommodation also comes with perks such as free 30-minute-soaks for guests. 

Some of the rooms even come with kitchenettes.

Good To Know

You can reserve in advance but walk-ins are also possible.

The two baths combined are only big enough to accommodate up to 8 people.

Pets are not allowed in the facility. Glass and soap are not allowed in the baths. 

Half an hour soak is $5 per person. 

Address: 218 Austin St, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

Indian Springs Bath Houses. Source: TripAdvisor

5. Fire Water Lodge

This artist and vintage commercialized lagoon is ideal for anyone looking for an authentic soaking experience in a friendly and artsy environment.

What To Expect

You should expect a charming and aesthetically pleasing establishment with 10 rooms equipped with their very own private thermal baths. Some of the private baths are located indoors while others are outdoors. The temperature ranges between 104-108°F. The infrastructure of the place is very homely and cozy with bright colors and a pretty yard.

Don’t Miss

However, Fire Water isn’t just limited to private thermal baths and quality time with your loved ones. There, you can also find a vast range of spa services and wellness treatments such as massages, energy treatments and reflexology. 

There’s even a tarot-card reader on site. Be sure to book a session with them to let your soaking experience stray from the typical and make it all the more memorable. You never know what the cards will say after transforming your soul with the healing waters of Fire Water and cards never lie! 

Good To Know

The lodge has a fully equipped communal kitchen. 

Rooms are equipped with all the necessities such as TV, microwave, heater, mini-fridge etc. 

Each room is decorated after a specific theme. 

Prices vary depending on the room. You can take a look at them on their official website

Address: 311 N Broadway St., Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

Fire Water Lodge – courtyard. Source: @slack_ma_girdle on IG.

6. Mothership Yoga Lounge & Hot Springs

As one of the most spiritual establishments in T or C, a visit to Mothership Yoga Lounge & Hot Springs will do wonders for your mind and soul.

What To Expect

Mothership Yoga Lounge & Hot Springs is a southern-style lodge and hot springs establishment most frequented by large groups of people. There you’ll find two soaking areas but numerous soaking options that consist of one big historic bathhouse and several buildings with private thermal baths inside. 

The waters are rich with 38 minerals – excluding sulfur so don’t worry about what soakers humorously refer to as the ‘smell of rotten eggs’ – and hover at 115°F.

One of the mineral baths at Mothership Yoga Lounge & HS. Photo source: @torcfilm on IG.

Don’t Miss

Obviously, a thermal soak isn’t the only reason people stop by at Mothership. Apart from the opportunity to organize group gatherings (professional or otherwise), the establishment is known for its glorious women’s retreats that ladies all over the world take advantage of. The women’s retreat programs are all about spirituality, chanting, rediscovering your potential and fully healing yourself. 

Yoga and hot springs aren’t an odd pair. If anything, most of the time they come as a package deal, but little did you know that visiting Mothership Hot Springs would also mean visiting one of the best yoga studios in the state! It’s on the list of the top 10 yoga studios in New Mexico! So a visit there wouldn’t be complete without having a mind-calming stretch in their yoga studio.

Good To Know

The owners of the Mothership are also the owners of the app called “Breathe 11:11”, the purpose of which is to remind people every day at 11:11 to just breathe, make a wish and take a minute for themselves. Combining this oddly specific but effective app with your experience at Mothership can really make a difference to the soul.

Naturally, overnight lodgings are available but prices vary, so be on the lookout for that. 

Standard admission fee is $20 per person. 

Address: 500 Austin St, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

Another one of the private pools at Mothership. Source: @mothershiphotsprings on IG.

7. Pelican Spa

Once you’re done exploring the sights of T or C’s historic district, don’t forget to pay a visit to Pelican Spa for an authentic thermal soak and even a place to stay.

What To Expect

As mentioned, Pelican Spa is located within very close proximity of the historic district of Truth Or Consequences. It’s pretty hard to miss seeing as it has giant cartoon pelicans hanging above the entrance, which certainly fills people with positive vibes straight away. 

It’s a small and charming motel that comes with 5 Japanese-style mineral baths with concrete tubs built into walls. The standard water temperature sits at 105°F but luckily, the temperature is adjustable. 

The smaller tubs can accommodate up to 2 people while the bigger ones are wide enough for 6 people to soak.

Don’t Miss

You’ll also find a spa and wellness center named Studio de La Luz, offering countless health classes like yoga.

There is also a fitness center for those who are interested called The House of Pain… Well, that certainly sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Good To Know

Overnight guests have unlimited use of the springs while day users can get a 30-minute-soak for $9 per person ($15 for two) and a 60-minute-soak for $13 per person ($24 for two). 

There are 32 well stocked rooms decorated and furnished by local artists, just like in Riverbend Hot Springs. 

Walk-ins are allowed only from Sunday through Thursday. 

Address: 306 S Pershing St., Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

Entrance to Pelican Spa. Photo Source: @damonconcarne on IG.

8. Charles Motel & Spa

Charles Motel & Spa is a vintage/retro facility that has been operating since 1937 back when the town was known as Hot Springs, New Mexico.

What To Expect

Charles Motel and Spa houses multiple odorless thermal tubs located both in and outside the facility. There’s also a jacuzzi on the terrace offering beautiful mountain views.

The thermal water temperature range is between 98°F and 115°F, ideal for all types of soakers.

Don’t Miss

Just like most of the picks on this list, Charles also boasts countless wellness and spa services. So be sure to take advantage of all the rejuvenating sessions it can offer.  

Good To Know

Walk-ins are allowed.

Both day users and overnight guests are only eligible for one-hour soaks. However, accommodation price does cover a one-hour-soak. 

Standard price range is $9-$25

Clothing is required at all times and in every tub, including the private ones. 

Address: 601 N Broadway St, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

Charles Motel & Spa. Source: @charleshotsprings_nm on IG.

9. Blackstone Hotsprings

If you’re looking for a somewhat unusual yet utterly unforgettable place to stay and rejuvenate, then visiting Blackstone Hot Springs in the historic district of T or C is a must.

What To Expect

You should expect an extremely glamorous establishment (though it depends on how you define glamorous). If you vibe with vintage aesthetics, Instagrammable yards and tastefully decorated rooms, you’ll vibe with Blackstone too. 

Blackstone Hot Springs boasts 4 large private outdoor thermal pools as well as in-room mineral baths. The water is 100% natural and doesn’t have a sulfurous odor.

Don’t Miss

There’s a steam room with a waterfall that gives soakers a massage! Pretty neat.

More importantly, each room is decorated in a specific theme of old movies and TV shows to throw you all the way back to all things vintage and high quality, so be sure to book a stay. 

Naturally, spa services are available onsite.

Good To Know

Advanced reservations and a minimum two-night-stay are required.

Standard fee is $25 per person.

Address: 410 Austin St, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

One of the pools at Blackstone Hotsprings. Source: Blackstone Hotsprings on FB.

Hot Springs Etiquette

Every hot spring has its own quirks. They all have a set of rules that visitors need to follow regardless of what kind of spring you’re visiting. 

For more general and very important “hot springs etiquette,” we highly recommend you take a moment to check out our carefully compiled easy-to-read list of “dos and don’ts” here. And always, always respect our nature – pack out what you pack in and LEAVE NO TRACE.

Final Thoughts

It’s absolutely amazing that a single town with a quirky name (and an even quirkier history on how the name came to be) boasts such a vast collection of the NM desert oases.  

It’s as clear as day that the choice is very diverse, ideal for meeting all types of preferences or expectations so at this point, the only thing keeping you from exploring these beautiful, healing, and mind-numbing hot springs is yourself. 

Let this article be the sign to start planning a tour of the best hot springs in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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