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The second largest country in the world is great to travel, explore and discover. Canada has everything you need to get your adrenaline pumping: you can either have fun in the breathtaking wilderness or head out into the urban jungle.

What makes Canada special?

Canada is the land of lakes and rivers! More than a hundred thousand freshwater lakes are found in Canada. These are more lakes than all other countries in the world combined. They include well-known lakes such as Lake Superior (the largest freshwater lake in the world), Lake Ontario (right next to the metropolis of Toronto) and Lake Louise (the absolute postcard motif).
The Canadian lakes are also magnificent and they are worth traveling to Canada! They gleam in the colors blue, turquoise, green - each one is beautiful in its own way. Sometimes the surroundings of the lakes are reflected in them, creating a very special atmosphere.

Why you should travel to Canada?

Canada offers highlights in every season, allowing you to travel to this beautiful country all year round!
In winter, Canada turns into a winter wonderland and you can ski in Whistler or discover the northern lights in Newfoundland. In summer, you swim in the lake and walk along the deserted beaches of Vancouver. In spring, nature awakens and awaits you with long hikes in Banff National Park, while in autumn the leaves become particularly colorful in Ontario, making the Indian Summer perfect.

Outdoor Paradise

Canada is truly a natural paradise. The country is home to more than 40 national parks with countless lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, glaciers, waterfalls and even beaches. This is also the reason why Canadians love outdoor activities. During your travel you can canoe, go hiking, horseback riding, rafting in raging rivers or mountain biking in the mountains - everything is possible, as long as it's outdoors!

In addition, there is a wildlife that is quite impressive. On your travel you can experience many animals in the wild, such as chipmunks, squirrels (you can really find them everywhere in Canada), beavers, marmots, bears, whales and the popular moose.
Each region has special breathtaking travel highlights to offer. You only have to do one thing: choose a destination and set off on a new travel adventure!

Multifaceted Nature (Facettenreichtum)

Canada is extremely diverse and contrasting: the big friendly metropolises like Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal are highly vibrant, modern and full of people, while in nature you will find more solitude and tranquillity. Canada offers both equally. This is one of the many good reasons to travel to Canada!

People & Lifestyle

Another reason to travel to Canada? Because of the Canadians! They are friendly, helpful, relaxed, extremely open, like to chat and are generally considered very gregarious people. There is a friendly atmosphere in the streets of Canada and you will see many smiling faces. Not for nothing is Toronto considered a multi-cultural city where everyone feels welcome.
By the way: Northern Canadians call a hoodie a "bunny hug", like a rabbit hugging you - isn't that cute? The Canadians are just cuddly! Get to know them best on your next travel.

Food & Beverages

Canada is the birthplace of delicious maple syrup, which is why the maple leaf is on the national flag. It is a gift of nature and can be found in all kinds of Canadian food and souvenirs.
Furthermore, the Canadian national dish "poutine" should not be missing on any trip! Originally from Quebec, this high-calorie meal made of French fries, curd cheese and brown sauce is available everywhere, whether in a luxury restaurant or a snack bar.
You can also find good fish in Canada's coastal regions and delicious wine in Ontario. Nova Scotia is famous for its microbreweries and Toronto's cuisine is characterized by its multicultural immigration culture. Be sure: there is something for every taste!

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