The Best Hot Spring Resorts In Arizona For Immaculate Vibes And Top-Notch Rejuvenation 

Rustic, secluded, hippie, low-key, luxury. You will find it all in the most aesthetically pleasing settings of Arizona. There’s no better solution to de-stressing and just letting go than to relish in the warm embrace of minerally-abundant hot spring lagoons, and the state of Arizona happens to be at the top of the list of states with some of the best commercialized hot springs. 

So if you’re the type of hot springs enthusiast who prefers their soak with a little bit extra spice and just so happen to be living or traveling to the area, be sure to check out the best hot springs resorts in Arizona.

The picks on this list include some (almost) 5-star hotel resorts as well as commercialized hot springs with extremely authentic vibes to give you a real and natural experience while soaking. 

Absolutely ideal for all kinds of soakers.

Castle Hot Springs Resort

With Castle Hot Springs Resort being an actual oasis in the desert, you’re in for a heavenly mind healing session. Its three massive hot spring pools at the heart of the Sonoran Desert make it extremely easy to relax. 

Castle Hot Springs is an all-inclusive, adults-only luxury hotel with its service resembling that of a 5-star establishment; posing serious competition to other luxury brand hotels in central Arizona. It’s all fancy and glamorous infrastructure on an enormous piece of desert land, big enough to even house a helicopter pad for those who prefer this form of transportation. It is known to offer unmatched service and has the friendliest staff. However, the collection of three breathtaking pools of varying temperatures snuggled at the heart of palm trees and cacti is the real show-stopper here. 

The first hot spring is furthest from the thermal water source and is tucked between countless palm trees. It is one of the cooler soaks at 86°F, which is ideal for soakers who prefer colder water after the typical hot springs heat.

The other two pools are known as the ‘Upper Springs’, seeing as they’re located further up the road. Even though they’re situated next to one another, they vary in temperature with one hovering at 96°F and the other sitting at 106°F. They’re enveloped by the stunningly rugged patina-covered boulders that the water cascades over and then straight into the lagoons. Just like a little piece of paradise. 

Unfortunately, there’s no day-use option, but their onsite accommodation price includes the use of the springs.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of their vast selection of activities that won’t leave anyone disappointed.

One of the Upper Springs at Castle Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Castle Hot Springs on FB.

El Dorado Hot Springs

This is yet another oasis in the desert – a characteristic that’s awfully common in Arizona, but while the previous pick on the list was all chic and glamor, El Dorado Hot Springs is authenticity and spirituality all around. Located on the edge of the desert in Tonopah, AZ the hippie and authentic El Dorado Hot Springs is where you go when you want to take your spiritual strength to its peak, and form raw connections with the surrounding environment. 

There you’ll find soaking options in abundance, starting with communal mineral pools and ending with several private baths to take your rejuvenation and relaxation session to the next level. The water temperature in the springs hovers from a comfortable 85°F to a boiling 110°F- ideal for all preferences. 

One of the biggest attractions of this place, though, is the Sunset View Pool. It’s one of the private soaking areas where you can soak to your heart’s content without worrying about any prying eyes and naturally, as the name implies, it directly faces the sun, so if you get lucky and book it on the right time, you’ll witness some of the most beautiful sunsets in the state of Arizona. What’s more, you’ll find some crystals in the middle of the pool which are said to be of great assistance when it comes to healing your mind and soul. 

With all that said, it’s essential to know that El Dorado Hot Springs is nude-only. Yep, we were serious when we said that your experience would be a raw one, so this is why opting for a soak in private mineral baths is an excellent alternative to sharing communal mineral pools with strangers in their birthday suits, but note that reservations need to be made weeks in advance. Nevertheless, if you’re not comfortable with nudity, then El Dorado may not be the place for you. 

Overnight lodgings available.

Admission fee ranges between $15-$35.

One of the mineral tubs at El Dorado Hot Springs. Source: bitterwaterblue on IG.

Essence Of Tranquility

Located in Safford, AZ, and staying true to its name Essence Of Tranquility, is a place of peace and composure. Without any pretenses and over-the-top features, a soak in one of their six pools at this absolutely delightfully rustic facility is sure to revive both mind and spirit.  

The pools are of varying temperatures (98-105°F), which is extremely comfortable for all types of soakers. There you’ll find five private soaking options that are clothing-optional, but the big communal pool requires its guests to wear a bathing suit at all times. 

Different massage specialists and bodywork sessions are also available for a fulfilling relaxation session, and once you’re finished, you can retire in some of their overnight lodgings that include casitas, cabins, lodge rooms and tent sites.  

One hour admission fee is $15 per person.

One of the mineral tubs at Essence of Tranquility. Source: Photo_traveller_AZ  on TripAdvisor.

Verde Hot Springs

Pack a bag, stock up and most importantly, get your painting materials ready and head to the trail leading to Camp Verde for a soaking experience that’s as unusual and unforgettable as it gets. 

Verde Hot Springs is not your typical hot springs resort or even the usual off-the-grid getaway, but consider it an honorable mention because it’d be criminal to visit some of Arizona’s best hot springs resorts without checking out this treasure among ruins. Literally!

What once used to be a nudist resort and Al Capone’s alleged favorite secret retreat is now a miraculously remaining remote getaway after a devastating fire in 1962. 

Due to the beautiful mark – or marks – left by countless previous visitors, Verde Hot Springs is ideal for reviving the soul and mind as well as immersing yourself in some of the most artistic environments in the resort’s remaining infrastructure. 

It boasts two thermal soaking options. One of them – the larger of the two – is built into a cliff on one side and surrounded by a concrete deck overlooking the Verde river on the other. The second pool is located in what must have been the spa room back in the day, surrounded by tall rock walls that are painted over by past visitors. 

The water temperature ranges between 98°F-100°F. No entrance fee required. 

Be mindful of the road and hiking trail conditions, because the way to get there is rough to say the least, so be sure to do research of your own before heading out.

The biggest pool of Verde Hot Springs. Credit: @mads388, IG.

Kachina Mineral Springs Spa

Kachina Mineral Springs Spa is another adults-only facility on this list. However, unlike its companion, this is a low-key establishment with simple rustic charm that could be an ideal alternative to the pricey luxuries of Castle Hot Springs, where you can purchase a full package of spa and wellness treatments, as well as several soaking opportunities, for budget-friendly prices. 

No matter whether you’d like to reserve a spot or just walk in, for an average price of $15, you can enjoy any of their three mineral tubs for an hour. The mineral water temperature hovers between 101-104°F.

The price for the standard spa package is $90.

Stone massages and Thai Stretching are also available for a full wellness experience.

Outdoor mineral tubs at Kachina Mineral Springs Spa. Source: @kachinamineralsprings on IG.

The Do’s & Don’ts

Every hot spring has its own quirks. They all have a set of rules that visitors need to follow regardless of what kind of spring you’re visiting. 

For more general and very important “hot springs etiquette,” we highly recommend you take a moment to check out our carefully compiled easy-to-read list of “dos and don’ts” here. And always, always respect our nature – pack out what you pack in and LEAVE NO TRACE.

The Takeaway

True, Arizona doesn’t offer its guests the biggest selection of hot springs resorts out there, but it sure offers a diverse one, fit to accommodate all sorts of preferences, from low-key to all-inclusive luxury. We are fairly positive that having a relaxing soak in some of the best desert oases in Arizona will do absolute wonders for your mind and stress levels. 

Just make sure to do research of your own before heading out to any of the destinations and be respectful towards the natural as well as the resort rules. 

So use this article as the starting point for your prep and then kick back and enjoy your soak.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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