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Here is where to find an unspoiled place in the Marche :)
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The Furlo Gorge, also known as the Passo del Furlo 🌄, is a must-see sight in the Marche area, located between Mount Pietralata and Mount Paganuccio in the province of Pesaro Urbino and formed by the erosive force of the Candigliano river.

The Furlo offers breathtaking scenery that may be explored on foot along all of the routes that run alongside it. The enormous overhangs, the two Roman galleries (where the old Via Flaminia flowed), the “Grotta del Grotta,” and the unique protected flora species will all be seen throughout this ecological tour (Moehringia papulosa, particularly rare), the green waters of the river Candigliano and you will be able to make peaceful birdlife observations.

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We appreciated overhangs and exquisite plays of light on the river and we entered the pathways, surrounded by wonderful panoramas. Even Mussolini traveled through these streets at a period when time seemed to have stood still in these regions. In 2001, the Gola del Furlo State Nature Reserve was established, an uncontaminated environment populated by the golden eagle and the peregrine falcon and where there are many other species such as the eagle owl, the wallcreeper, and the mountain swallow. Wolves, roe deer, fallow deer, and wild boars reside at Furlo, and the vegetation that covers the massif’s summits is mostly oak woodlands with downy oak, hornbeam, ash, maple, and rowan.

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The Candigliano river weaves its way through the granite walls of the Gola del Furlo State Nature Reserve, creating an actual paradise where the landscape’s majesty is mixed with an unrivaled ecological richness.

Half a day is more than enough to see this region, and we do not recommend visiting during the warmest hours of the day in the summer, but if you can’t avoid it, remember to pack sunscreen, a hat, and a bottle of freshwater to keep on hand at all times. The ideal approach to experience the Passo del Furlo is to stroll or trek slowly and quietly through it, taking in all that this location has to offer.

Via Flaminia

Spend some time exploring and appreciating the old Via Flaminia, learning about the historical events that have occurred here since antiquity. A large tunnel and a piaccola may be found on the Via Flaminia. The lengthy route was known as “petra pertusa” or “forulus” by the ancients, thus the Furlo tunnel’s name. Han excavated the gallery, which is approximately 5 meters high and 38 meters deep. The rock was first wetted with vinegar, to make it more workable and then heated. Near the small tunnel only 8 meters long, perhaps dug by the Umbrians or the Etruscans.


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Grotta del Grano

We stopped again to continue exploring the region after the guided tour, where we learned about the history and numerous tales about this region and discovered the “Grotta del Grotta.” A vast natural shelter associated with shepherds’ transhumance towards the Apennine passes, indicating that the region has been inhabited since prehistoric times. An anthropozoic deposit was discovered during archeological excavations. The items discovered were mostly bowls, cups, and jar pieces. The cave’s name comes from the finding of a large quantity of burned wheat and other grains in the nineteenth century, which may be traced back to the era immediately following the Greek-Gothic battle when the Lombards set fire to the region.

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