Why Schignano

  • To spend a day in nature
  • To discover a corner of the Intelvi valley
  • To learn about the history of the area
  • To admire all the statues on the path
  • To admire a wonderful view of Lake Como
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The Path of Expressions is an easy trek in the heart of the forest of the Intelvi Valley, in Schignano, in the province of Como. The Path of Expressions is an easy trek that can be traveled by everyone, in the heart of the Intelvi Valley forest, in Schignano, in the province of Como.

Path of Expressions, sculpture of happiness

Path of Expressions, a sculpture of happiness

A pleasant walk of a few hours, and it is appropriate to say this, because if on paper the Path of Expressions is covered in just over three hours, those who enter the woods of the Valle d’Intelvi forest end up staying longer: you want to admire the wooden masterpieces of the master carvers, you want to see the wonderful glimpses that appear occasionally in the woods, you want the inviting scent of food that comes from the farmhouse at Alpe di Comana, you want because on a sunny day, we stop in the meadows for a picnic.

The result of a collaboration between institutions

The Path of Expressions is the result of a collaboration between various local authorities that have given the mandate to the woodcarvers to create different forms of art that accompany us on the journey that begins at Alpe Nava and that takes us to high altitude among suggestive shapes that represent different symbols. There are forms that represent joy, motherhood, wisdom, then again symbols of the activities, not always legitimate, of this border area (we are a short distance from the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland) and many others.

The path and the statues

Path of Expressions, symbol of the path

Path of Expressions, a symbol of the path

On the Path of Expressions you will encounter as many as 49 sculptures scattered along an easy-to-follow path, also suitable for children and which occasionally presents some uphill stretches, but nothing so insuperable. The Path of Expressions is very well indicated by the posts bearing the logo of the path. The statue that welcomes us on the path is that of the Pacio Gnome, then a corncob, then among the other statues here is that of the bread tree, that of the prey-predator, the greedy basket with squirrels, then after the Alpe Comana, the path offers us the statue of surprise, that of wisdom, sensuality, but also joy, then the enigma, the thinker and when we are on the top of Mount Comana, where the panorama turns on Lake Como, here is the statue of the Course of life. But these are just some of the statues. We will find others later.

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Path of Expressions, sculpture

Path of Expressions, sculpture

However, it is better to tackle the path of the Expressions with trekking shoes and sticks. Just for added security. The flip-flops leave them at home. Another tip is to bring water. There are no fountains on the route.

One after the other we discover pleasant wooden sculptures that from Alpe di Nava, at 950 meters above sea level, take us to the splendid basin of Alpe di Comana (at 1,096 meters), passing some rural buildings and a farmhouse, where there is also a small lake, a drinking trough for the cows that graze nearby.

Trail of expressions, grazing cows

From the farmhouse, opening a gate closed by a rope, you continue turning around the mountain pasture and, a short climb takes us to the most panoramic point of the path: the top of Monte di Comana, at 1,210 meters above sea level, from which it is It is possible to admire the Como branch of Lake Como and some of the towns on the Larian shore.

The view on Lake Como

Path of Expressions, view of Lake Como

Path of Expressions, view of Lake Como

Having admired the spectacle of Lake Como, the Path of Expressions continues in the woods following the crest of the mountain, and, among sculptures and trees, we realize that we have arrived on the opposite side of the Alpe Comana basin.


We continue

We must reach the Roccolo del Messo, an ancient structure used for the capture of birds and which today has been recovered by ERSAF, the Regional Agency for Services to Agriculture and Forests, to reach which, we must pay close attention to indications. You arrive at a crossroads where it is easy to make mistakes.

At the crossroads of the Colma di Binate

Path of Expressions, sculpture

Path of Expressions, sculpture

The Path of Expressions ends here, but, having still time, you can continue following the itinerary “the Conca di Schignano and reach some sections of the Cadorna Line, or the defensive system built by General Luigi Cadorna during the First World War. From Colma di Binate we decide to return to the starting point. From here begins a long path, all downhill that will take us to the starting point, that is to Alpe di Nava.

How do I reach the path of Expressions?

From the A1 motorway, Como Lago exit, follow the signs for the SS340 up to Argegno, then take the road towards Schignano, after reaching which, continue to the hamlet of Posa. You park near the beginning of the path (a well-positioned sign indicates the direction to Alpe Nava).

The starting point of the Path of Expressions is located after about 20 minutes of walking.

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