Kadiyanlena Falls is situated in Nawalapitiya, a town close to Kandy. Even from the beginning of the journey gives the opportunity to witness many other delectable waterfalls and the aroma of unspoiled natural vicinity. It stands at a height of 25 meters. The name Kadiyanlena is derived from the name of the village where the waterfall is located. It is also called as Ketabula Ella due to the name of the nearby tea estate.
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The waterfall cascades in three stages. The road goes over a three-arched bridge above the third part of the waterfall. Therefore, you can see only the upper two parts of the waterfall from the road. But there is a path to descend to the tea plantations about 100 m before the bridge where you can try to have a better view of the waterfall at its full height. Although the flow is otherwise languid, during rain the fall is transformed into a rushing body of water, the spray reaching the nearby road.Post Creator

Famous for:

  • Scenery
  • Waterfall hunting
  • Photography
  • Enjoying
  • Relaxing
  • Nature Trails

Best time to visit: February to April

Getting to Kadiyanlena Falls

Kadiyanlena falls is accessible from Nawalapitiya Talawakele road (B-117 road, Kandy- Nuwara Eliya border. From Kandy take the Kandy Road and go past Peradeniya, Daulagala, Gampola and Ulapane until Nawalapitiya. Travel about 10 km down the Nawalapitiya – Kothmale Road to reach the Kadiyanlena Falls. It is easy if you go in your private vehicle. Also, if you are going by bus, you need to take a bus from Navakapitiya to Thispane, Talawakele.

Nawalapitiya to Kadiyanlena Falls    –           36 min (13.2 km)

Kandy to Kadiyanlena Falls               –           1 hr 32 min (46.1 km)

Talawakele to Kadiyanlena Falls       –           1 hr (26.1 km)

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It has five stages and each falling step creates clean natural pools. According to locals, the first pool at the bottom is close to 100 feet deep and forbidden to use. The other four pools are relatively safer and less than 10 feet deep. Water is crystal clear, cool and fresh; just the sight of such freshness refreshes your body, especially if you are sick of chlorinated swimming pools. Alcohol consumption is prohibited near the falls, so the environment remains very clean and peaceful.

Since it is not popular among normal travelers, it is not crowded as most of the famous waterfalls. Even during weekends, it seems empty. Keep in mind there are no good hotels or guest houses in the Nawalapitiya area, but it is the closest big town.
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Special remark:

  • According to locals, the first pool at the bottom is about 100 feet deep and is off-limits
  • The water is very clear, cool and fresh
  • Unlike most famous waterfalls, it is not crowded
  • There are no good hotels or guest houses in Nawalapitiya
  • There are leeches so take lime or saltwater.

You can stay under the waterfall and even have a bath to cool down in the water pools nourished by the latter parts of the falls for the safeness with the splendors of nature. You all can unfold this beauteous amazement of Mother Nature which could be an unforgettable remark to your diaries.

I want to tell you especially that it is very dangerous here. People who go here have to be very careful. It is very slippery here during the rainy season. So, we hope you guys are careful and explore the wonders of this beautiful waterfall. If you are planning to see Kadiyanlena falls, please do not harm this spectacular environment and leave only your footprints behind.

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