Why Garda

  • Beautiful nature
  • Beaches
  • Sirmione
  • Gardaland
  • Lake markets
I was in Garda last year in summer. We stayed there for one day and had very beautiful time. If you want to spend your weekends being in Italy, choose Garda!
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If you are staying in Italy and don’t know where to go on the weekends, then choose Garda! It’s a very beautiful and interesting place with a mix of the old town and amazing lake and beaches. Here you can have fun and use all your energy. Here you can relax and enjoy the view of beautiful landscapes. I would rather say that it is one of the most beautiful northern parts of whole Italy. Here you can go walking, boating, biking, doing any water sport, everything you wish! You will ask how many days are enough? We stayed for one day, and even in one day we had a great time and now we have unforgettable memories!
As we were staying in Milan we took a train to Garda. Garda is very close to Milan city and it took less than an hour to reach this charming place. We took a train, you can choose to go by car. It will be more interesting if you are not alone.
Before coming to Garda we made a little plan with all places that we wanted to visit there. So let’s make a little trip together and I’ll help you to feel all beauty of Garda❤️

1. One of the most main reasons why you should visit Garda is its amazing nature!

Here you cand find amazing landscapes, a mix of lake, mountains and beaches. You can go walking, you can have a boat trip, you can go biking in the mountains. Everywhere you will feel the taste of nature. The most interesting one is the lake Garda. You can have a car ride through narrow roads and see all lake or you can have a boat ride and feel the lake being on the water. It’s your own choice! We chose a boat trip and stopped in some little towns of Garda. From every corner, you have a beautiful view of mountains and lake itself. While riding by a car you can see beautiful villages where live people. They are so big and amazing that you won’t buy one and live there forever!
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2. If you visit Garda in summer then the second reason will be beaches!

Beaches in Garda are everywhere, in every town. You can reach them by car or by a boat. Some of them are free some of them are not. You should know also that in Garda there are not any sandy beaches. They are all rocky with pebbles. On the beaches, you can do many water sports, have a boat ride. The water in the beaches is very clean but very cold! Moreover, on all beaches, there is an area for animals if you want to come with them. In every beach, there are food courts where you can have snacks or drinks or you can also bring food and drinks with you. Here you can do windsurfing, diving.
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3. Next very interesting place is Sirmione.

It is one of the small beautiful old towns in lake Garda. It will be better if you take a boat to reach this little town because in the city centre cars are not allowed. Here is the list of some interesting places here. At the top of the city was an old village. From the village now remained only ruins. Many people come there and have a beautiful view of the lake. You can have a walk in a historical centre and see all architecture of early periods. Streets are narrow and very colourful!  Here you can visit also very beautiful churches with beautiful ornaments and paintings inside.
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4. One more very interesting place is a theme park – Gardaland!

It is as famous as Disney theme park! It will be better if you book your tickets before because there will be a lot of people and the queue is very long! The theme park is separated into three parts. Most parts are for children. But there is a part also for adults with roller coasters. On the territory of the theme park, you can find food courts where you can buy some snacks and drinks. Everywhere is playing music and people dance and have fun. Moreover there you can play some games and win a lot of prices! You must spend a minimum of 4-5 hours there because it is very interesting inside. There is also a big aquarium there where you can see marine life. Moreover there you can also take a boat and have a ride around the theme park.
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5. And the last interesting thing in Garda is the local market!

If you want to feel all the taste of Garda you must visit one of the local markets! They are so noisy, colourful that you want to stay there a whole day! Here besides food, you can buy even clothes, things for the home, many accessories. So if you love doing shopping, tasting new food and buy souvenirs for your relatives and friend come to the local market! I love that Italy tradition, when sellers don’t allow to taste any food, they will tell you all details of food types and you must buy them and then taste. Here you can find all things at a reasonable price so you can afford everything, that’s why people love these weekly local markets. Post Creator Post Creator
So being in Italy, don’t miss a chance to visit Garda!
Thanks for reading me❤️

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