Photography Packing List – Must-Have Gadgets for your next Trip

Photography Packing List – Must-Have Gadgets for your next Trip

Do you love to take pictures during your vacations? Or do you even travel to a certain place for a perfect motive? Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, on our photography packing list you will find useful gadgets for your next trip. Our must-have gadgets provide you with the right equipment and allow you to concentrate on what you love – photography.

The gadgets on this packing list have excellent ratings and most of them have been tested by us personally. We would love to hear your experiences with the products in the comments 🙂 Some products are optional and we believe they are a good addition for all photography enthusiasts.

14 Must-Have Travel Gadgets for your Photography Packing List

1. Lensball

Our top recommendation for your photography packing list. This is the same crystal that is used for camera lenses and other optics because of its extremely high light transmittance and light-refracting characteristics. Lensball is made for beginners as well as for professional photographers. To make this accessible for all levels of photography, Lensball does not only work with professional cameras but it is also suited for any smartphone camera. Get unique shots from your next adventure 🙂


2. Gorillapod

Do you know what Gorillapod is? It is a very flexible camera stand. Grip it. Wrap it. Stand it. Wrappable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment to virtually any surface. Over two dozen leg joints with rubberized ring and foot grips allow you to bend and rotate 360 Degree for increased stability in difficult terrain. Perfect for long exposure and night photography.

Camera Backpack

3. Camera Backpack

Camera bags are uncomfortable and often space-consuming. With this practical camera backpack, not only is your camera equipment perfectly stowed away, but you also have enough room for other items (e.g. snacks for a picnic 😉 ). Furthermore, this backpack is especially theft-proof and at the same time allows quick access for you. My favorite photography gadget when packing for my next trip 🙂

Camera Shoulder Strap

4. Camera Shoulder Strap

You don’t want to wear a backpack all the time and need a premium quick-release camera strap? Here is your best choice. Thanks to ultralight padding, this comfortable camera strap feels like it’s barely there, and best it comfortably fits all photographers (even tall ones). Be sure to check it out and add it to your packing list.

Adjustable Protective Camera Wrap

5. Adjustable Protective Camera Wrap

One more gadget for your photography packing list is this adjustable protective camera wrap. With this fashionable and convenient protective wrap, you won’t have to carry a bulky camera case all the time. Not only the protective wrap is designed for DSLR cameras, but it could also be used for other electronics such as a laptop, tablet computer, zoom lens, and more.

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

6. Capture Camera Clip

The all-new Capture is the most secure, convenient, accessible way to carry your camera, period. Unlike a camera strap, Capture keeps your camera rigidly stable while hiking, biking, or moving around the studio. Unlike a camera bag, Capture keeps your camera instantly accessible with the click of a button. We love this practical little Clip 🙂

7. Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras

The Cleaning Kit contains everything to keep your DSLR camera clean and in perfect working condition, inside and out. Sensor cleaning and maintenance is one of the most important, and most overlooked, aspects of camera ownership. Overlook it, and you’ll soon find yourself dealing with annoying specs showing up in your images. This is an optional gadget for your photography packing list, but we highly recommend to have it at home 🙂

Action Camera 4k WiFi

8. Action Camera 4K WiFi

Are you planning to make a little more action-packed photography trip? Whether it’s cycling or a squad tour! With this action camera, you can capture unique moments and relive all the excitement at home. This product convinces, especially in the price-performance ratio. Make sure to add it to your Photography packing list.

9. ND Filter-Set

Protect your lens against scratches, remove unwanted glare and reflections, and control your exposure and depth of field in bright light. Whether you are a beginner, advanced shooter, or whether you take stills or video, these affordable and highly useful filters help improve the image quality of the pictures you take. A great gadget for your photography packing list.

10. Electronic Accessories Organizer

An annoying tangle of wires… Everyone knows it, everyone hates it! This inexpensive organizer is worth every cent! The internal arrangement and quality are absolutely convincing. With it, you not only save valuable vacation time but also save your nerves 😀 You are very welcome! 😛

11. Water-Resistant Memory Card Case

Are you a real photo lover or do you like making videos while traveling? This data is your most precious memories. Therefore it is very important to secure and protect them. With this waterproof and robust case, you can perfectly store up to 12 SD cards! Should not be missing on your packing list if you are planning on going on a photography trip 🙂

12. Panoramic Tripod Head

Whether you’re using your digital camera, GoPro or a smartphone, this Panoramic Motor Tripod Head brings easy balance to every recording session. Amateur and pro photographers and videographers can achieve more advanced effects including beautiful panoramic landscapes, cool time-lapse videos, and much more. We were very surprised of this little gadget!

13. Solar Charger

One more recommendation for your photography packing list is this powerful solar charger which is a huge battery backup for all kinds of outdoor activities. Additionally, it is waterproof. An iPhone 11 for example can be fully charged over 3 times! Perfect for your next photography trip to charge up your equipment.

Selfie Stick Tripod

14. Selfie Stick Tripod

Of course, funny selfies are a must on every holiday! 😛 With this handy Bluetooth Selfie Stick, not only can you connect to any smartphone, but you also get a 360° rotating tripod plus Bluetooth remote shutter release. This way you can really put yourself in the spotlight 😉 With it you get unique pictures on your next photography trip!


Photography Packing List – Must-Have Gadgets for your next Trip

Now you can go and hunt for the perfect shot! We keep our fingers crossed for you and look forward to many unique pictures 🙂 They say that a picture says more than 1000 words, but we would love to find some pictures with the corresponding travel story on Traxplorio 😛 We are also looking forward to ideas for further gadgets or feedback on the existing ones. Feel free to write in the comments 🙂

Safe travels, your Traxplorio Team!

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