Sightseeing Packing List – Must-Have Gadgets for your next Trip

Sightseeing Packing List – Must-Have Gadgets for your next Trip

Sightseeing is still the top activity when we explore a foreign city or a foreign country. Besides useful tips, the right equipment is essential to ensure you get the most out of your trip and don’t make the same mistakes as the tourist crowds. We have prepared the perfect packing list for sightseeing for you. Besides must-have sightseeing gadgets, you will also find some useful additions, depending on where your next sightseeing trip will lead you to.

This packing list contains items that we have tested ourselves on several sightseeing tours. We kept it a bit more general because we don’t want you to walk around with a heavy backpack all the time 😀

9 Must-Have Travel Gadgets for your Sightseeing Packing List

1. Solar Charger

Our top recommendation to navigate through a city without running out of power! This powerful solar charger, a huge battery backup for use in all kinds of outdoor activities. Additionally, it is waterproof. An iPhone 11 for example can be fully charged over 3 times! Perfect for your next sightseeing trip to charge up your equipment. Make sure to put this one on your sightseeing packing list.

Selfie Stick Tripod

2. Selfie Stick Tripod

Of course, funny selfies are a must on every holiday! 😛 With this handy Bluetooth Selfie Stick, not only can you connect to any smartphone, but you also get a 360° rotating tripod plus Bluetooth remote shutter release. This way you can really put yourself in the spotlight 😉 With it you get unique pictures on your next sightseeing tour!

Camera Backpack

3. Camera Backpack

Camera bags are uncomfortable and often space-consuming. With this practical camera backpack, not only is your camera equipment perfectly stowed away, but you also have enough room for other items (e.g. snacks for a picnic 😉 ). Furthermore, this backpack is especially theft-proof and at the same time allows quick access for you. I have been using him personally for years and have already spent many great sightseeing days with him 😛


4. Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

When traveling, you may not always have a big backpack with you. This ultra-lightweight foldable backpack is a very good alternative and is on our packing list for every trip. Designed for everyday use or short travel adventures. The daypack’s adjustable breathable straps ensure a proper fit and comfortable all-day use. Perfect for sightseeing as you can store it in a bag if you don’t need it 🙂

Lonely Planet Book

5. Lonely Planet’s Where To Go When

This kind of travel guide is an ultimate trip planner that is both practical and inspiring. For every month it presents some recommendations of destinations that are at their best during each month, whether due to their climate, or value or because there’s a lot going on. At the start of each chapter, a flowchart guides you through the options so you can filter the recommendations according to your interests. The suggestions feature every flavor of travel experience from culture-rich city breaks and tropical beach holidays to adventurous road trips and wildlife-watching expeditions. It may not be on your sightseeing packing list because it is very heavy 😛 but it is great to get inspiration beforehand.

Wanderschuhe Herren

6. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot
This hiking boot is your perfect companion!

  • All-terrain, GORE-TEX waterproof, breathable hiking boots for day hikes and light backpacking
  • Climate-control footbed wicks away moisture for comfort
  • Durable Monowrap frame reduces boot weight
  • Full-length nylon shank for stability
  • Rugged Vibram outsole helps maintain grip
wanderschuhe frauen

7. Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

Of course, this hiking boot has all the advantages of the version for men. Additionally, it is perfectly adapted to the female anatomy. We have tested both pairs and used them for years. A clear recommendation for your sightseeing packing list.

8. Multifunctional Head Scarf

Whether strong wind or unexpected rain, the multifunctional head scarf protects you from weather conditions. It has more than 12 different dress ways. When sightseeing, wearing it as a face mask, headband, scarf bandanna, or neck gaiter. It can protect your face, head, neck, and ears from being overexposed to the harmful rays of the sun and keep your nose/mouth clean from breathing dust.

9. Travel Journal

And finally, we have your perfect travel companion: your personal journal. It is perfect for recording your memories of new experiences such as trips, vacations, and all of your first-time adventures! You can also use it to plan the next routes and note down important tips that you receive while you are on the road. This is the end of our Sightseeing packing list 🙂


Sightseeing Packing List – Must-Have Gadgets for your next Trip

You are now perfectly equipped to see your favorite sights and create new unique memories. We would love you to share some of your experiences with us here on Traxplorio 🙂 Of course, we are curious about how you liked the gadgets and what else you think should be on the list? Feel free to write in the comments!

Safe travels, your Traxplorio Team!

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