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I decide to make a three-day trip around two cities in South Poland.
1) Cracow- coming back in history it used to be the capital of Poland. Many tourists are coming there to admire the city. There are plenty of typical must-sees ( Old town, Wawel Castle, Kazimierz, Cloth hall, Kościuszko Mound). I would recommend You to see all of that ( in every guide book you will easily find information) but I want You to discover something unique and feel beautiful nature.

           Paternal National Park

In my oPiNion to make that trip more comfortable, it is better to rent a car ( from Cracow it is around 16 km). You can also travel by public transport ( around 1 hour, google map shows the bet roundtrip from where you are). If you decide to go by car there is a place to park  “parking ojców złota góra”.

Inside the park, there is a lot to see. You can have a long walk. Go up and see an amazing view. Nature NOT far from Cracow and Katowice.

It is nice to spend there at least half a day. No need to take food and drinks with You. There are many food courts, restaurants and shops ( less expensive than in Old Town in Cracow). Everything preserved in the old style.


Nature NOT far from Cracow and Katowice.

Będkowska Valley

Spend here another day close to nature. In my oPINion you should stay at least half a day. From Cracow you go 24 km to a restaurant called “Gospodarstwo Rybackie Dolina Będkowska”, here You can park your car especially that I recommend You to eat fresh fish (from the lake close to the restaurant). Prices are rather expensive but in my oPINion is absolutely worth it.

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Nature NOT far from Cracow and Katowice.

This valley is one of the most popular ones for climbers. While walking, look around, and try to find people climbing on the rocks. Climbing is free of charge. ( Do not worry the donkey in the picture was sleeping:P)

Nature NOT far from Cracow and Katowice.

Even when you are not fascinated by climbing you can spend a nice walking day here.

Nature NOT far from Cracow and Katowice.

The third day of our trip wants you to discover Jaworzno. There are two options.

  1. You still stay in Cracow and from there travel to Jaworzono ( 61 km)
  2. You change your place of stay and move to Katowice ( 27 km)

In my oPINion, it is better to go to Katowice ( you will visit more than staying in one place ) In Katowice there is also a lot of things to see that are recommended in every guide book) and from there go to Polish Maledives to spend some hours.


Gródek Park

Silesia. . If you ask someone about this part of Poland, you will probably get the same answers. Dirt, factories, mines, industry. Being a traveler is a big responsibility for finding something unique something that will surprise you and change your mind. So. there was no better solution than looking for something that would leave you speechless when you think about Silesia.  Gródek Park- was once a mining area for dolomite deposits. I will not lie if I say that this is one of the most surprising places in Poland. When I get there I felt like I was somewhere in the tropics.


Nature NOT far from Cracow and Katowice.

Nature NOT far from Cracow and Katowice.

There are water reservoirs. When you enter the park, you will see the first water reservoirs. Less pretty than the other one but if you want to dive this is the right place. You can have a lesson there or dive alone if you are already a diver. Walking a little further from the first stop you will see the most beautiful part of the park. I promise you will fall in love

Nature NOT far from Cracow and Katowice.

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