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I was in Genoa last summer with my friends. We went there for one day and spent very good time. Genoa is beautiful from all its sides.
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Last summer we were staying in Milan and every weekend we visited other cities that are close to Milan. One weekend we wanted to find a city where we could relax on the beach and also see some historical places. We started to search and the only city that matched our interests was Genoa. As it is close to Milan city we took a train to reach it.
As you know Genoa is the main port city of Italy. Water always played a big role in Genoa. That’s why many people come here to spend time on the famous harbor. Genoa is a mix of historical and bright, sunny parts. Here you can lay and relax on the beach and also see many beautiful historical places and admire the architecture. But there is one thing about Genoa! Here all famous places are located far from each other. Genoa is not a little city, and there are a lot of long bridges. So before coming to Genoa, make a little plan of all places that you want to visit and check their location! So did we.
Let’s make a little journey through this wonderful city together!

1. As for all cities, Genoa has its main square- Piazza de Ferrari.

It is the heart of the city, the city center. Here you will find a big and beautiful fountain. In the evenings it is all in lights and very bright! Moreover, you will find here many main buildings of the city: the main theatre, the palace of the Duke. So you can admire the architecture of the 19th century, the buildings are really amazing! So a lot of people come here to spend time near the fountain, walking around and looking at the buildings. Also, there are some open-air restaurants, so you can sit, eat and enjoy your view! From here you can also walk to the main fashion street of the Genoa – Via XX Settembre. Here you can do very good shopping and find all brands you wish for every budget!
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2. Second very famous and interesting place in Genoa is a very bright and colourful street – Via Garibaldi.

It is very very narrow because on its two sides there are a lot of palaces and museums. So coming here people admire the architecture of these buildings. The main palaces here are Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco. It’s very beautiful when you see the contrast of the colors: the orange color of the building of Palazzo Rosso and the white color of the Palazzo Bianco. To enter the palaces you can buy a ticket and enjoy inside the paintings, ornaments, columns, balconies and the view to the city. Moreover, there are some restaurants around so you can sit and eat very tasty Italian food!
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3. Third very famous and interesting place- is the most well-known Aquarium all in Italy.

It is very big and beautiful! It is a bit pricey and it worth it! Here you can see and learn a lot about marine life, find different species of fish and other animals. Here you can find dolphins, penguins, reptiles, different birds. So coming here spend here 2-3 hours because it is really very interesting because all species are so rare and beautiful. As for me, I learned many new species that I didn’t know before. What is also very interesting is that it is the only Aquarium in Italy that presents also Antarctic species! It is a bit rare and that’s why this Aquarium is so popular!
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4. The most famous part of Genoa- is the harbor.

As I said before, water is playing a very big role in the life of Genoa. So this port area is also very interesting and beautiful! Here you can walk around, find a lot of ships, boats, and yachts. Here you will also find some open-air restaurants, so you can sit and admire from there beautiful ships and water. Here is located the Aquarium and many other museums. Many people come here just to walk around, to sit on the benches, and watch the water. People who live in Genoa, come here every evening after a hard day just to relax.
Here you can also take a superyacht or book a cruise boat. Here also you will find a big Ferris wheel, so you can sit and enjoy the view from the top!
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5. And of course the beach! It is the Boccadasse part!

It is far from the city center so plan the trip there before. Here you will find a lot of beaches, some of them are free, some of them are not. Boccadasse itself is a little fishing village. It is famous for its colorful little houses. The view is really amazing! But there is one thing, the beach is not sandy, it is all rocky! There are a lot of people there on the weekends, so be sure that you will find a place there. Moreover, on the weekends many restaurants around are closed, so it is hard to find something to eat, so bring food with you. People come here by bus or by car. The view is really amazing! When you see these colorful houses and the water you want to stay there forever!
Besides the beach, you walk around little houses, enjoy the view of narrow streets and architecture.
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So being in Italy don’t miss a chance to go to Genoa for some days!
Thanks for reading me!❤️

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  1. Very nice place! We loved its colors and its atmosphere

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