Why Lugano

  • Unforgettable ride on a boat
  • Perfect nature and view
  • Delicious food
  • Good shopping
  • Excellent architecture
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Let’s see what you can do for one day in Lugano😍

Lugano is a very popular and beautiful city in Switzerland😍 It is not like any other city in Switzerland. It’s very close to Italy and it is similar to it. Here people speak Italian by the way. You will not hear “Guten Tag” you will hear “Buongiorno”. In restaurants, you will eat Italian food and in shops, you will buy Italian clothes. I was staying in Milan in July, so I came to Lugano from Milan by train. By arriving in Lugano you should go to the old city, which is the main part of Lugano. Many people take the funicular to go down to the old city. Others go by walk. I chose the second one. I thought that by choosing to go on a walk I’ll see many interesting things, streets, buildings, churches.
Here are 5 things that I suggest to see in this beautiful city :

1. Tip

Lugano is situated at the lake, so the most beautiful and interesting part of it is the lake Lugano. A lof people come here, walk, enjoy the view of the mountains, sit, have fun, and admire all this beauty. There are different types of boats, catamarans at the lake. So you can take what you wish and have a beautiful ride and you will have a chance to see the mountains closer. I took a catamaran and it costs 8 CHF for 30 minutes. You will see all the beauty of the lake and you’ll definitely have fun, especially if you are not alone. You will have a chance to take beautiful pictures while riding. Besides riding, there is a big fountain with a figure of a person while walking along the lake. The view is astonishing. When you see it and reach it you don’t believe that it’s real, it’s happening to you and you see it. Nature here is perfect. Air is fresh, there are a lot of trees and flowers around and all is green🌳🌷💐🌺


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One day in Lugano  One day in Lugano

One day in Lugano One day in Lugano
2. Tip

The next stop is the city with its beautiful streets and perfect architecture. It’s a city with beautiful buildings, a lot of restaurants, shops. The streets are narrow and situated by crossing each other. So you can find everything very easily. As I said all the interesting places are in the Old town of Lugano. The main square is Piazza Della Reforma. Here you can walk, sit in restaurants, do shopping. The streets are in Italian style so you imagine that it is Italy. As it is Switzerland there are a lot of watch shops and watch buildings. There are all the fashion brands that you wish. In restaurants, you can see mostly Italian food. It’s very delicious.  But if you come to Switzerland you should know that there is a little bit more expensive than in any other country. To tell the truth I didn’t have any time to do shopping so I just walked around and took pictures of beautiful streets. If you want to do really good shopping you can do it on Via Nassa and Via Cattedrale – two main streets.

One day in Lugano

Beautiful street of Lugano💛

One day in Lugano One day in Lugano


One day in Lugano

3. Tip

The next is a very peaceful place – Parco Civico Ciani. As I heard before coming to Lugano, it’s the most popular place among people in Lugano and all tourists visit this park. Here people make picnics, organize some events, or just relax. It’s all green around – trees, flowers. When you come there you pretend like you are in paradise. The most beautiful part of the park is the iron gate. When I saw them for the first time I imagined that I open the gate to Italy. From the gate, you have a beautiful mountain view. All people take pictures here and enjoy the view. You know the feeling when you see something beautiful and you are afraid that it will go away soon, so I had that feeling, I wanted to be there forever, didn’t want to leave. One day in LuganoOne day in LuganoOne day in Lugano

4. Tip

What we have next? Oh, funicular💛 You can reach the mountain Monte Bre by taking a funicular. It costs 25 CHF with a return ticket. To be honest, I hadn’t any time, but I couldn’t leave Lugano without taking a funicular. I think going to Lugano and not taking it is definitely not right. From the top, you will able to see all the beauty of the city 😍💛One day in Lugano One day in Lugano One day in Lugano

5. Tip

And of course churches. All churches in Lugano are beautiful. I suggest visiting the church of Santa Maria Degli Angeli and a church of St.Lorenzo. They are really excellent examples of the architecture of Lugano. By the way, the church of St.Lorenzo I reached accidentally, while was walking down to the old town after arriving in the city. One day in Lugano One day in Lugano
I hope my suggestions will help you while being in Lugano. Visit this beautiful city and enjoy your time there💛

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