Why Buronzo

  • To discover a small Piedmontese village and its history
  • To admire the Companies
  • To stroll in via Castello which contains six hundred years of history
  • To admire the spectacle of the Alps from the loggia of the castle
  • To see the sixteenth-century panel of the "" Pietà "by Giuseppe Giovenone
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The consortium castle of Buronzo, in the province of Vercelli and its seven architectural blocks.

Buronzo, entrance into the historic center

Buronzo, entrance into the historic center

Buronzo is a small medieval village in the province of Vercelli, where you can visit a castle, or rather, seven castles. One for each member of the family that ruled here in the fourteenth century. 


We are in an area already inhabited in the Upper Paleolithic period which over time has further developed until it assumed certain importance in the Middle Ages. Documents confirm the existence of a castrum of Buronzo in 1039 born thanks to the Guala family of Casalvolone: ​​from this lineage, the noble dynasty will begin which in the late Middle Ages will divide into seven different family branches.

Buronzo, house in the historic center

Buronzo, house in the historic center

The period of maximum splendor and economic well-being for this village was between 1300 and 1500 when the flare-up of the Franco-Habsburg conflict led to looting and destruction in Bronzo. A partial rebirth of the place will come after the 1600s with the start of rice cultivation which radically transformed the area.

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We visit Buronzo

Today Buronzo is a small, yet charming Piedmontese village. Strolling through the streets of the historic center you will come across the huge manor, partly in ruins. It is not a real castle with towers and battlements, as we might imagine, it simply looks like a shelter, a closed and impregnable building where men, animals, and cicero were saved from enemy raids.

Buronzo, castle, door-tower

Buronzo, castle, door-tower

The architecture of this place is due to the will of the lords of Buronzo, who in the fourteenth century was divided into seven distinct branches: each occupied a specific part of the castle. Over time, the many family branches have led to the creation of different architectural blocks, grown around the main fortification, giving life to the actual village. A place that after sieges and destruction, restorations, and changes of ownership has been transformed as we see it today. 

The castle and the businesses

Buronzo, castle

Buronzo, castle

Going around the center of Buronzo means arriving at the castle itself. You enter from the tower door. We are in the oldest part of the manor, made up of high walls built with bricks and pebbles placed side by side in a herringbone pattern. Where there are mullioned windows decorated with ceramic basins of Spanish origin plastered with lime embellished by the warm tones of terracotta.

Buronzo, the courtyard of the castle

Buronzo, the courtyard of the castle

In the renovated part, here is the noble apartment which preserves the frescoed cycle of the ” Enterprises “, also known as emblems, these are paintings made up of a “body” or a figurative part and a “soul” which is made up of an inscription. The union of the two expresses allegorical meaning.


While the Rocca, now in ruins, reminds us of life inside the castle, but also of the battles that were fought here.

The parish church

Buronzo, church of Sant'Abbondio

Buronzo, church of Sant’Abbondio

In the church of Sant’Abbondio is kept  “La Pietà” by Giuseppe Giovenone. It is a table from the sixteenth century in Vercelli. It can be admired at the end of the baroque nave of the parish church.

How do I get to Buronzo?

Buronzo, halfway between Turin and Milan, can be reached from the A4 motorway, exit Balocco, then, following the provincial road 6 you arrive at your destination.

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