Travel to Bhimtal

Travel to Bhimtal

As promised that I will share my further trip to Bhimtal continuing from Nainital.

So, in the previous blog, my first day spent in Nainital was shown, now here is my day at Bhimtal and all the activities we did will be shared in this blog.

Bhimtal is hardly 30kms from my home. Bhimtal is a beautiful hill station with very less crowd visiting there. Not many hotels and cafes at that place. It is a simple unexplored place.

So we woke up around 9 am and were planning to leave as early as possible because we can’t afford to waste a day more like the previous one due to being caught by the police.

So, the three of us got ready by 10:30 am and one of my friends from Haldwani was also joining us. So, we three picked him up from his home and then left for Bhimtal.

The ride of Bhimtal is far better than that of Nainital as Bhimtal road has more sharp turns, more precipitous. You will love to ride on that road but it is not made for first-timers.

One of my friends was riding for the first time on such roads. At a sharp turn, there was traffic and he was unable to overtake the vehicle ahead of him and that made him use the breaks, which made him go backward and bike engine to stop.

So we swapped the bikes, I rode one and my friend from Haldwani rode the other one.
It is a 45 mins journey from Haldwani to Bhimtal. We reached there in no time.

And there was perfect weather that we needed a sign of sunshine throughout the way and at Bhimtal as well.

Bhimtal does not have much to explore, few shops, few maggie stalls, and a beautiful lake. Still, a lot of people live to visit here. The question is why?

I always love to visit this place as it offers the best of adventure sports. You can try various adventure activities here like Kayaking, Paragliding, boating, and many more.

Each and every time, I visit Bhimtal, I never leave without trying a round of Kayaking for sure. It is simple, not very expensive and it feels nice every time you do that.

So, the first thing we did after reaching Bhimtal was to go for Kayaking, 30 mins for INR150/person. That is less than the worth of it they are asking as the peace and pleasure you get after this is cannot be measured in terms of money. This is a must-try at Bhimtal.


As soon as we went out of the lake, it started raining. And we got a shelter in a shop for all the decorative stuff for home. It had various wooden, metal decorative stuff for homes. So, we sat there for around 30 mins and the rain stopped after that.

Then we did something which I love to do only in Bhimtal and Ramnagar. I believe Bhimtal’s maggie is the best Maggie in the world. There is a stall at end of the Bhimtal lake road. Next to the big tree with no name just written- “rajma chawal” on the stall. You need to try there Maggie, it is something which I have never tasted anywhere else.

maggie at Bhimtal

After this, we had nothing more to do at Bhimtal as we were not interested in the aquarium at the center of the lake. So, we decided to go to the nearby lake Naukuchiatal, this is also famous for its adventure activities but, we just wanted to visit a cafe named- ” cafe by the lake ” which has an amazing theme.

We didn’t eat much there as we had our tummy full with the tasty Maggie. We clicked pics in the garden of the cafe which was very very beautiful and well maintained. Plus, the ambiance of the cafe was also very attractive. With bookshelves in the corner. Perfect for a book lover, we tried desserts only there which was very tasty cannot tell about the food as it is something I would love to try later on.

Cafe by the lake
cafe by the lake Nakuchiatal

So, all allover day was amazing, we loved the activities, the food was pleasant and of course, these hills are something which makes me fall in love with nature every time I visit there.

After the cafe, we rode back to our home to take some rest for our next destination that is Ramnagar which I have already shared in my previous blogs. You can also check that on my profile!

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