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  • Piazza Vecchia
  • Basilica of St. Mary Major
  • Piazza Matteotti
  • Shopping
  • Dogs
Bergamo is one of my favourite italian cities!❤️
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As we were staying in Milan for study reasons last summer, every weekend we went to other cities that were close to Milan. Actually, we made a little plan of the cities that we wanted to visit, and when our list was over our neighbors suggested us to visit Bergamo. There were two reasons. First is it is very close to Milan city and the second is that Bergamo is a very beautiful historical city. So we decided to buy tickets for a train and went to Bergamo for one day. So as u see we didn’t make any plans and even didn’t know what we will see there. While going there we searched for all the famous places there and made a little plan for ourselves, so it was easy then to know what we would do there.
Let’s explore together this wonderful and interesting city!🥰

1. One of the easiest places to find in Bergamo is Piazza Vecchia.

Moreover, it is one of the main streets of the old city of Bergamo. Here are located the most beautiful buildings: Campanone Torre Civica, the gorgeous Palazzo Della Ragione, and the central decorative fountain. Furthermore, there are a lot of open-air restaurants shops, so you can walk around and enjoy your time. If you are visiting Bergamo in summer, here are usually held the most popular events so it is very interesting there and you can have fun enjoying your time. Moreover, other famous places in Bergamo are close to Piazza Vecchia so it will be better if you first visit this square and then all other places.

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2. Next place is the Basilica of St. Mary Major.

The basilica is located at Piazza Vecchia so it is easily reachable. The building itself was not finished but it is still very beautiful. It is located in an archway and the facade is wonderful. It is all consisted of marble arches and statues of different Italian saints of those periods. The front facade of the church features a plethora of decoration and above a huge central opulent window is a 3D cube design made from polychrome marble. When you enter the church you will be amazed by decorations and paintings inside. The ceiling and arches inside are colored in gold color and look wonderful!

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3. Next very beautiful and well-known place is Piazza Matteotti.

It is the center of the new torn so modern part of Bergamo. The square contains two fantastic monuments – the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II, and the Monumento Al Partigiano. Moreover, there are some interesting buildings such as the Torre dei Caduti, the Teatro Gaetano Donizetti, and the Chiostro di Santa Maria. There is a lot of free space around so you can walk and admire the architecture of the buildings. Moreover, there are some restaurants around so you can eat delicious Italian food or do some shopping in shops that also surround the square.

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4. Next reason for visiting Bergamo is of course shopping.

This city is one of the popular ones for shopping. Here you will find a lot of luxury brands and moreover little Italian shops of local designers. The most popular street for shopping is Via XX Settembre. It is located in a modern part of the city. Here you will find all shops for every budget. So if you want to do good shopping be ready to spend here half a day because shops are numerous. There are some restaurants around also so when you are tired you can enjoy your time there.

5. And the last thing I want to mentions is that Bergamo is a city of beautiful dogs.

As I am a big dog lover I notice all dogs everywhere. I realized that in the whole of Italy the most beautiful ones are in Bergamo. They are so cute there and they are numerous. All dogs are clean and kind. They love people and don’t bite at them. Moreover, there are a lot of green terraces and parks in Bergamo where you can find a lot of them. I even watched some videos where it was written that the most beautiful dogs are in Bergamo and when I went there I agreed with that statement.
Hope you’ve liked this beautiful little and cozy city!
Thanks for reading me!❤️

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