Why Salzburg

  • Views from Hohensalzburg Fortress
  • Great food
  • Huge steins of beer!
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Lots of history
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It’s no secret to anyone who follows us on Instagram that Salzburg is one of my favourite cities. I’ve visited 3 times so far; once on a Europe road trip, once to visit a friend who was a local, and once with my boyfriend for a 3-day stopover on the way to Croatia!

I have loved it more and more each time I’ve been and it’s definitely somewhere I’d go back to again and again. It’s quite a small city so can easily be seen in just a few days, but there is so much of Austria you can explore from here so you could easily stay longer.

Below, I’ve listed my absolute must-sees on a trip to Salzburg, so if you’re strapped for time, you know what you’ve got to squeeze in!

1. Climb up to Hohensalzburg Fortress for beautiful views over the city! the fortress is a bit of a climb so be prepared for some walking, but the views are honestly incredible. You can take the steps up towards the fortress from the centre of Salzburg or if you prefer not to walk, there is a road route to drive up. We didn’t even visit the fortress itself but the views are more than worth the trip!

2. Visit the Petersfriedhof Graveyard. I know a graveyard doesn’t sound like the cheeriest thing to do on your trip, but trust me, this one is a must. The graves are all elaborately decorated with the most beautiful flowers and it really is a delight to behold. In addition, within the graveyard there is the opportunity, for just a couple of euros, to visit some ancient catacombs built into the side of the mountain. These are equally interesting and come with the added bonus of having a beautiful viewpoint over the city.

10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg

3. Visit the Mirabell Gardens and get your Maria on. This is the iconic spot from ‘The Sound of Music’ where the children and Maria sing ‘Doe, a deer’. Even if you haven’t seen the film, this is a beautiful spot, right in the middle of Salzburg with beautiful gardens, as well as botanical greenhouses filled with more tropical plants!

10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg

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4. Grab some Street Food. I know Salzburg isn’t exactly the place you think of when someone mentions amazing street food, but the street food here is on another level! Think sausages, schnitzel, and pretzels galore!

5. Take the Cable Car up to Untersberg Mountain. This is slightly outside of Salzburg but you can get there on one of the local buses and it is well worth a trip. If you get the Salzburg city card, a return trip on the cable car is included, otherwise, it costs around 25 Euros. At the top, there are alpen style restaurants to visit and beautiful walking routes along the mountain top. The ticket is not time-specific so you can spend as much time as you wish at the peak, just make sure you don’t miss the last return trip (4 pm in winter and 5.30 pm in summer).

10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg

6. Grab a stein at Augustiner Braustabl. This giant beer hall is really a sight to behold. Again, it’s not right in the centre but just a short local bus ride away. Be prepared – they only take cash so have some euros to hand. This is such an experience, a must for any beer lovers. You rock up and grab a ceramic stein – you can either have 1 litre or half – rinse your stein in the fountain and then take it up to be filled. You only have a choice of dark or light beer but, having tried both, I can assure you they are delicious. Then head into the main beer hall and find a spot to enjoy your beer. You can also choose some traditional delicacies from the delicatessen arcade to enjoy with your beverage! This is a traditional meeting place where beer has been enjoyed and brewed since the 1600s – a real must for Salzburg!

10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg

7. Head to the Stiegl Brewery. If beer is your thing, this is another great spot in Salzburg to enjoy some boozy history! With the option of a self-guided tour or a guide, you can find out about ingredients, brewing, branding and more at the extensive brewery. If you have a Salzburg city card, entry is free including a free gift and a beer at the end of your tour. Otherwise, it’s between 12 and 18 euros depending on whether you would like the guided tour and taste at the end!

10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg


8. Head for a spot of shopping down Getreidegasse. Not only are there a wealth of cute shops and arcades to explore, but you’ll also find beautifully wrought-iron signs for some of your high street staples. Also, probably the fanciest ‘Spar’ supermarket you’ll ever see!

9. Visit the birthplace of Mozart. If history is your thing, Salzburg is packed full of it. Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, so you’ll see souvenirs relating to him around every corner. From rubber ducks to Christmas baubles, there’s a Mozart version of everything! You can see a statue of the man himself in the aptly named ‘Mozartplatz’ and you can visit the Mozart museum and the house he used to live in!

10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg

10. Head down the river. Just a little out of the main town, you can follow the river along to find beautiful bridges (including a lock bridge to immortalise your love in Salzburg), a bustling evening market, and beautiful views back towards the city. We hired bikes, which was a great way to see the outer parts of the city!

10 Must Sees in Salzburg

BONUS – Eat amazing Korean food! Bit of a random one, but this was a spot showed to me by my friend who was a local, so its gotta be good right? Hibiscus is an incredible Korean found on the other side of the river from the city centre! If Korean food is your thing, this cannot be missed when visiting Salzburg.

10 Must Sees in Salzburg 10 Must Sees in Salzburg

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