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  • Netsel Marina
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Let's see interesting things in Marmaris!
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This summer I also have visited one of the nice cities of Turkey – Marmaris. This city that always shines and never sleeps! If you want to have an extreme, to chill and relax on the beach then choose this amazing city! Marmaris is very little so it’s easy to see it in 2-3 days. It’s better to come here in summer because in this season the city shines! We went there for two days and had really fun!

This city is a mix of beautiful beaches and cool bars, shopping streets, and a marina. So let’s see together all the interesting places!

1. Marmaris is a city in wherein summer you can find the beach everywhere.

If u go by car u see the beach by road. The beaches are cool there, the atmosphere is very good. Around are some restaurants where you can eat and chill also. There are free public beaches and also beaches where you have to pay. On free public beaches, you should bring your own towels to lay. The water is very clean and you can enjoy all your day on the beach. The beaches are numerous so you can choose any. By the beach, there is a walkway where people hang out also. On the beach there are water sports, so you can try any you wish.
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2. The most famous street in Marmaris is bar street.

It’s a street that never sleeps. If u come here at night you will find lots of clubs. There is music everywhere and you can chill in any you wish. It is a very cool atmosphere and there are a lot of tourists around. Music in clubs is international for all tourists. The prices in clubs are very affordable so you can choose everything. When you enter this street you just don’t hear anything only music because it’s loud and in every bar is playing music. So it’s cool to come here at night!

3. Another cool place is Netsel Marina.

It’s a nice area with shops and restaurants. It’s quite new, so there is not a good choice of shops, only a few, but anyway you can find clothes and do shopping. There are some restaurants in the area including Starbucks. The area is very nice so you can spend there some hours. If you come here in summer you will be lucky to buy things at discounts, so it’s a good chance for you!


4. Another cool place is Marina.

It’s very lovely to walk around and see many boats around that belong to different people. The atmosphere is amazing. Around are lots of restaurants and some local shops. You can find there very tasty steakhouse and eat meat and also can find local restaurants where you can eat very tasty fish. In local shops, you can buy clothes at very affordable prices. It’s better to walk here in the evening because in the first half of the day it’s too much hot and walking is impossible, but after 6 it’s okay. In the evening Marina shines more and all restaurants are busy so it’s very hard to find free places!

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Here are some names of good restaurants that you can find in Marina :

  • 1. Queen’s Steakhouse
  • 2. Bono
  • 3. Starbucks
  • 4. All fish restaurants
  • 5. Greek-style restaurant

So Marmaris is really a city that never sleeps and is always crowded. I loved this city!

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