Why Antalya

  • good weather all year long
  • parks by the sea that invite you to relax
  • beautiful old town and harbor
  • a special way of shopping
  • the hospitality of the locals
I have been traveling to Turkey with my family since I was six years old and every time I go, I am amazed by the beautiful country and the hospitality of the locals. One of my favorite places is Antalya! The city is only 30 minutes by car from the beach area Lara, where many of the most beautiful resorts of the Turkish Riviera are located. It is therefore very practical to combine your beach holiday with a day trip to Antalya.
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Antalya is considered a tourist centre of Turkey. Many people associate the city with long sandy beaches and beautiful hotels at bargain prices. 🏖 But the city on the Turkish Riviera has so much more to offer! 

Antalya’ya hoş geldiniz! 🌤

The last time I visited the city with my family, we were welcomed with bright sunshine. It was mid March and already in the morning 25 degrees. Antalya has about 300 sunny days a year. I can highly recommend this season for a holiday in Turkey, as the weather is already good and there are much less tourists in the city than in the summer months. 

The best way to reach Antalya is by Dolmuş (the Turkish share taxi) or hotel shuttle, which some hotels offer. 🚌Just ask at the hotel. Otherwise there are also guided tours to Antalya that you can book. However, I think that it is best to explore Antalya on your own.

Walk along the sea 🌊

We started our tour at the city park Karaalioglu which is in the south of the city and right by the sea. The park is lined with palm trees. 🌴 There are great lookout points from which you have a wonderful view of the bay, the harbor and the Taurus mountains. ⛰ You will also find small tea gardens and fountains in the park – a great place to take a breath and relax. 

By the way: as a cat lover I was happy to see that there are cat houses for ownerless cats in the park. They are fed regularly and it is prevented that the cats stray around. 😺

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At the end of the park towards the old town you reach the tower Hidirlik, which has been there for about 2000 years. 

Tip: The café Gripper is located on the direct way to the tower. Save a place on the roof terrace and enjoy the freshly squeezed pomegranate juice or a cold Effes with a breathtaking view over the turquoise blue sea – amazing! 😍

After crossing the park Kecili you will reach the steps on the cliffs that lead to the small beach Mermerli and the beautiful old harbor. 🚤 Along the way, traders sell roasted almonds and pistachios – very tasty. 

Exploring the old town 🏰

Above the cliffs is the old town quarter, Kaleici. It is wonderful to stroll through the narrow alleys along the orange trees and look at the historic wooden houses. 🍊You can also visit the old city wall and the old clock tower Saat Kulesi, the symbol of the city. 🕰


Furthermore, the bazaar quarter is located directly at the old town. The street from the clock tower up to the harbor is surrounded by small clothes and souvenir shops. 👗

In the north of the clock tower, there is also a big bazaar with typical Turkish souvenirs, e.g. fake bags, clothes, spices and Turkish honey. On the bazaar it is very important to negotiate the price. You should end up about 20-30% below the dealer’s suggested price. But of course it depends on your negotiating skills and how much you buy. You should always remain friendly and follow the Turkish saying: live and let live! 😊

Arrived at the shopping paradise 🛍

Antalya is known as a shopping capital of Turkey. North of the clock tower, beginning with the pedestrian zone up to Sarampol Cd., there are many small shops and shopping centers. If you ask me, you can buy the best jeans in Turkey, so be sure to buy them. 👖😁 In the shops you can still negotiate for the price, but it is not as common as at the bazaar. In return, the sellers like to offer an apple tea or Turkish Çay – typical Turkish hospitality. 👍

Tip: If you are the first buyer in the store, throw the money on the floor when paying. 💸 According to the locals, it brings luck and many more customers for the day, isn’t that funny? 😅

Antalya summary 🌺

Antalya is a great place for a fabulous day trip. The combination of culture, coastal landscape, shopping and the extremely nice people make the city worth seeing every time. 

See you soon beautiful Antalya! 👋

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