Why Cornwall

  • Beaches in Cornwall are beautiful and picturesque.
  • Cornish Pasties are yum and must try.
  • Very convenient drive from London. You can make stops at Stonehenge (famous prehistoric monument), Glastonbury and Castle Combe.
  • If you are a sea food lover, there are ton of famous restaurants to try out in Cornwall, especially Rick Stein's seafood restaurant.
  • Scenic villages to explore and know more about the local culture.
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Back in March 2018 we were in London. The purpose of our visit was to meet our relatives who lives there for almost 40 years and explore the beautiful city of London😍. I will come back to London in my next story, but, before that I want to write about the County of Cornwall which is nestled in the southwestern part of England. Our duration of trip was 10 days and we wanted to go somewhere outside of London for at least three days. Therefore, our debate was to exactly where, Wales, Scotland or Cornwall as it was impossible to cover everything. While browsing, I came across this beautiful small village of Porthcurno🏖and I was like that’s it, we are going to Cornwall.

Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️

Finally the day came and we left for Cornwall despite it snowed heavily the day before🌨. On the way to Cornwall we decided to give a visit to Stonehenge one of the ancient mystery. Stonehenge is a ring of stones which is located in the Wiltshire, England.It is considered a place of burial and was believed to be built from 3000BC to 2000BC. The stones were covered with snow when we reached there, but later on fortunately the weather improved and they removed the snow which makes it easy for us to go and see the actual site. The experience of standing in front of it was truly magical. It transported us back in time☺️. Ticket there is £21.50 per adult which was pretty good and advanced booking is recommended👍. After capturing it in our phones and minds we headed on our further journey.

Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️

Reached St Ives, Cornwall by the evening and decided to take a rest. We stayed at this hotel called Queens for one night and did dinner at the same place which was pretty great. They have this small restaurant downstairs. Our hotel was at a walkable distance from the beach. Next day, we got ready and went on to explore this beautiful village which is located on the Celtic sea. There are array of shops which includes art galleries, cute cafes, bakeries, restaurants, apparels, collectables, famous pasties, jams, honey and so many more things where you can hop and shop😍. We bought few jams, honey and one beautiful portrait of St Ives💕. This cobbled street town offers so much to explore. Pasties are must, if you are in Cornwall you must taste them👍. We picked some pasties for our further journey. 

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Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️

Later on, we headed to Penzance which is a stunning town and port in Cornwall. There are so many things to explore here but we didn’t get much time to do it. Our visit to Penzance was like touch and go. We just picked up some sandwiches and donuts from one of the bakery for lunch and then moved on to Porthcurno😍. It only takes 30 to 40 minutes to reach there from Penzance by car. Roads there are narrow but fun to drive. There are no words for Porthcurno. My first word when I got the glimpse of this place was “Heaven”❤️. Blue bay, blue sky, sunny weather, lush gardens and of course my husband, couldn’t ask for more💕. There’s also this outstanding open-air theatre called the Minack theatre  which overlooks the beautiful bay. They operate during the summer and day visitors can experience their stunning shows. They have £6 ticket per adult to get access to the theatre, Rowena Cade exhibition and cafe👍. Parking is £6.50 for a whole day and close to the main attraction which is pretty convenient☺️.

Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️

Cornwall trip is incomplete without visiting the Land’s End which is situated in the Penwith peninsula and is the most westerly point of the Cornwall. It has some of the most breathtaking views😍. There’s a path above the natural cliffs where you can stroll and it’s completely free of cost, some family attractions requires payment though. There are some shops and cute cafes if you want some more fun❤️. Parking here is £6 for a whole day. Our overall experience was amazing, we did some walking above the cliffs and the view of those cliffs standing above the blue ocean was amazing. Later, we headed to Newquay, Cornwall where we had a booking for that night in Sands Resort hotel which is to the north of Land’s End and took us around one hour to reach. That night we just crashed and next day we had to leave for London, so didn’t get any chance to explore Newquay.

Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️


Next morning, we took some pictures of the hotel and the surrounding area and headed to London. We took two stops on our way. First, it was Glastonbury which is located in the Somerset county of England and it is one the town which is brimming with history. We visited Glastonbury Abbey which was one of the richest monasteries in England. There we saw the impressive ruins of Glastonbury Abbey and the graves of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Apart from the ruins, there’s also this museum and cafes to explore. We did some filling breakfast in Glastonbury and moved on to our second stop, the Castle Combe😍

Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️

Castle Combe which sits in Cotswolds area is one of the most picturesque village I have had been to.This village is so quaint that we sat on the bench by the Bybrook river and listened to its sound😍. We strolled through the village street which is lined by beautiful homes and few pubs or cafes where you can have a tea in an English way. Some Hollywood films such as Stardust (2008) and The Wolfman (2009) were shot in this location. After exploring this scenic town we headed straight to the London. I will be covering the London series in my next blog☺️.

Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️ Southwest England Diary❤️😍☺️



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