Why Naryn

  • to see naturally virgin places that have not yet been touched by a person’s hand
  • relax in the fresh healing air
  • swim in a unique mountain lake
  • taste national dishes, as well as live as ancient nomads
  • safely move away from humanity, relax from the soul
I decided to break out of the city and go to the mountains to take a break from the hustle and bustle. But do it the most epic way, riding a horse head to the Son-Kul mountain lake!
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So how did our journey begin:
By car we drove to Kochkor (little city with hospitable local people where you can taste local food namely chuchuk – sausage from a horse, kymyz – horse milk)

there we loaded all the necessities on horses, and on horseback went to the lake.
Since we only got to dinner, it got dark on the way to the lake. But all the better,
the sunset in these places is especially beautiful. Mountains are repainted in a unique blue color with shades of purple. A cold wind begins to blow, as if through you, blowing out all the negative and disturbing thoughts, as if healing a soul. everything around us calms down and the song of the night begins.we tied the horses, spread the tents for dinner and lay down,
admiring the unreal starry sky, and listening to the cradle of the night. So I never got sleep off so well.With the first rays of the sun we woke up, full of strength and freshness.
and hit the road. Looking at the unusual beauties of the local fauna
you can quench your thirst with mountain crystal clear and tasty water that flows in streams, beats with geysers and flows with waterfalls from the ancient mountains all the way which In some places, preserved ancient cave paintings. Also along the way we met a snow leopard, a fox, and even a red wolf.
By noon the transparent sparkling blue surface of Son-Kul Lake seemed to our eyes, the lake lies on a mountain plain surrounded by meadows

Bewitching trip to mystical mountain lake in Kygyzstan, which named Son-Kul “Last lake”

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This pond is like a precious pearl in an expensive rim of snowy mountains. From the surrounding landscape it blows with pristine power, something ancient and mysterious. The untouched beauty of the lake and its environs creates a unique picture.
Having come to the lake, we gave our horses plenty to get drunk and rest. Slowly inspecting and photographing magnificent, wonderful views, which seemed to pose for us, painted in bright colors, and showing all new types of living creatures we saw yurts (traditional Kyrgyz dwellings from felt) in the distant.
they were Shepherds, they bring cattle to the lake for the summer and live with their families in yurts.

Bewitching trip to mystical mountain lake in Kygyzstan, which named Son-Kul “Last lake”

seeing us they invited us to taste the beshbarmak (Kyrgyz national food, translates as 5 fingers. Eats, also with your own hand, with your own five fingers)after the meal we ran to swim in the lake. since this is a mountain lake, in May water is still cold, but in the summer in June and July the water warms up to +11 degrees.
Having bathed, you feel as if a current passes through your body, and each cell of your body is updated. You like a snake molting and gaining a new shell.Stepping out of the water and having dried, we tasted the local kymyz, here it has a particularly gentle and pleasant aftertaste. We listened to the songs on the komuz (Kyrgyz traditional music instrument) from the shepherds, and as a result, we thanked them.Having presented gifts, they, in turn, too (local tradition)Then having gathered, mounted horses. Carrying a ton of pleasant sensations, pictures, the contented and rested went to Chaek.The nearest village, but that’s another incredible interesting and exciting story …





Bewitching trip to mystical mountain lake in Kygyzstan, which named Son-Kul “Last lake”

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