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Surely you know that I am a motorbike user, it can be seen from my story in Lampung. This time I will tell you the story of my trip to Carita Beach.

It seems clear that this trip was very draining for me… really very draining 😀 My trip started in the evening around 9 pm. I left from Jakarta to Carita Beach. In the beginning, the trip to Carita Beach is still easy for me because I actually go to Carita Beach often with my family. But this trip felt very far for me. I found out that the drive from West Jakarta to Carita Beach takes about 6 hours. That’s a very challenging drive because you don’t have much rest in between. The drive over was Grogol-Daan Mogot – Tangerang – Cikupa – Balaraja – Serang – Anyer – Story. Due to my size and the fact that I am still one of the beginners on longer distances, it is difficult for me to keep my endurance.

When we were halfway there, we rested in a mosque. I was the only woman who slept in the mosque. There I then stretched the whole body, because my friends recommended this to me and said that it gives you more strength for the onward journey 🙂 Within the group, we always took a break when someone was exhausted. This was very important and helped everyone.

When we arrived at my friend’s house for a quick stop to rest, I immediately dropped to my knees and rested my tired legs, hips, shoulders, just my whole body 😀

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After the morning, then I took a shower to prepare for the trip to the villa. The villa we visited was a little creepy. When I arrived at the villa near the beach, I jumped right in. The beach was perfect for relaxing. The beach was clean but unfortunately not blue. But the waves were relatively big – I liked that very much 🙂 In the evening we had a very tasty dinner together. After dinner, we went back to the villa and I slept in the living room because I was scared…. but I did not care 😛

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When you’re playing with the waves on the beach, don’t forget to grab a coconut and drink directly from it – it’s incredibly delicious! 🙂 If you get some seawater in your mouth, it is also a good compensation for it and neutralizes it a bit. You can also go banana boating on the beach. It’s a lot of fun to be thrown into the sea again and again (sometimes you swallow some seawater :D). In the afternoon we relaxed and watched the sun go down.

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In the morning I was woken up early. This allowed me to see the beautiful sunrise together with my friends. The seawater was receding, so you could see more rocks. The beach we wanted to go to was a bit farther from the villa – but that doesn’t matter as long as we had our fun with the waves, playing in the sand and running our feet through the water to clear our heads. I will remember this trip for a long time when I get back home. Around noon we went back to Jakarta, so we arrive in the late afternoon and can still rest a little… because the next day I had to go back to work 😛

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Our last lunch was only so-so… not very good but also not bad – but on an exhausting trip everything tastes directly better and tasty 😀 The trip was beautiful, but I would not recommend you to go to Carita Beach by motorcycle. So visit Carita Beach but look for a more relaxed transportation alternative 😀

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