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Hey guys!!

Today I am writing about one of the best places to escape to from the business hub of Auckland city.

Within an hour’s drive from Auckland central, out on the west coast lies a little slice of coastal paradise. What one can find on their trip to the coast would be vast mountainous landscapes, sweeping black beaches, hidden waterfalls, bountiful native bush, and a real vibe from those keen surfers.

Let me say that if you find a good day’s weather, spend one full day out here immersing yourself in the picturesque surrounding and you’ll leave feeling like your soul is fully charged up from the natural wonders around you.

My best advice to you day-trippers would be:

1: Organise transport. Get in a carpool and make a real plan for the day. Bring good company and plenty of water.

2: Pack a picnic or lunches as your eating options may be limited out at Piha.

3: Prepare for rain. It rains a lot around this area, although it may be brief it’s better to be prepared. Conversely, prepare for sunshine too and bring sunblock.

4: It’s worth bringing some decent walking shoes or hiking boots, after significant rainfall the track may be very muddy!

5: Don’t forget to bring a positive attitude and have a good time!

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Alright brilliant. Now here I will write some great spots to check out when you get out there :

Kitekite Falls:

the walk is very well maintained and has some newly built boardwalk which makes this track rather accessible to many types of hikers. Be aware there some uphills involved in order to climb to the top of the falls, where you can even look down from above and swim in a little natural pool of freshwater. The native Kauri trees are very numerous in this part of the country and are well worth looking out for on this walk. Also one can enjoy the waterfall from below where the water falling high from above splashes at the foot of the walker. It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy the serenity of New Zealand’s wonderful outdoors.

Piha beach:

Driving into Piha you will get an idea of how large this beach is. Take a moment to stop and step out of the car to take in such an amazing spectacle from the viewing platforms on the mountainside. As you drive into the car park at the beach, watch as the surfers mingle and strap on their wetsuits before they diver into the chilly waters on the west. Take a short walk up the large rock in the middle of the beach to get a different perspective of the iconic coast as the waves continue to batter themselves against this windswept foreshore. Here is a great spot to watch the sun setting on the horizon.

Alright, I hope that gives any man, woman, child, and dog a reason to visit this wonderful little community.

If you enjoyed this wet & wild experience, well I would encourage you to chase some more waterfalls south of Auckland in the Hunua Ranges:.

Or even just north of Piha, from Bethells Beach you can walk all the way to Muriwai. This walk is known to be the Te Henga Walkway, a track high above the cliff faces of the west coast. For more information on this, I have written about it here.

From where you finish this walk at constable road there is also a gorgeous little gem of a waterfall hidden away for only you to find 🙂

Best of luck with your little journey west, stay safe, and have a blast!

Catch ya!


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