Why Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh castle
  • Princes Street
  • St Giles' Cathedral
  • Royal Miles
  • Local music and clothes
It was my dream always to visit green Scotland. I was lucky to visit Edinburgh last year with my best friend in summer for one day. It was not enough for me to see all green Scotland but even for one day i felt all beauty of this beautiful country!
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We were spending our holidays in London with my best friend. On the weekends we decided to go for one day to Edinburgh because it was my dream and it was also close to London. So we bought tickets and went there by train. By train, you go about 4 hours there, but be sure it worth it! So let’s make a journey through green Edinburgh together, I’m sure you will like it!

1. To tell you the truth, we didn’t make any plans for famous places in Edinburgh.

Coming there we opened the internet and searched for all the interesting places in the city. So the number one famous and interesting place in Edinburgh- is Edinburgh castle. We didn’t take any taxi or metro or bus. We wanted to feel all beauty of the city by walking. So we went there for a walk. The castle is situated on the rock and it is seen from all parts of the city. There you can feel all the history of this magical city and Scottish history itself. Around people walk, take pictures and can see all city from the top.

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2. Next is coming to the main street of Edinburgh- Princes Street.

What is it? It is a mix of modern and historic life. Here you can find a lot of restaurants, local shops with souvenirs and clothes and also all historic towers and places. From this street, you can admire the Edinburgh castle also. Here are some beautiful parks. One of them is a Princes Street Garden. There you can have a picnic, walk around and enjoy your time.

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On Princes Street you’ll find the National Gallery. Moreover, there is a lot of entertainment around. Near the National Gallery, there is always a guy in a costume with bubble blowers. It is a very beautiful scene😍 Post Creator

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3. Next is the main church of Edinburgh- St Giles’ Cathedral.

Oh! It’s the most beautiful street I’ve ever seen! Its architecture is in a gothic style. Moreover, the gothic style is everywhere in Edinburgh. Here you can also learn about schottish history and ancient times. The design inside is very beautiful. You can listen to organ music which is very beautiful. When we entered the group of people were singing in church and it was really amazing to hear their voices in such a place. Moreover inside you can see beautiful glass designed and different ornaments with flowers. Also in church, there is a chapel where you can go and see the city from the top.

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4. Then we have also a very interesting place which is called Royal Miles🥰

What is it you will ask… It is a mix of some streets in the old town in Edinburgh. The total length of the streets is almost a mile. The most beautiful place in the streets of Royal Miles is Castle Esplanade. Here a lot of people are walking, having fun, enjoy the view. Here also in the streets is playing local music and people dance. Also here are some local shops with souvenirs and interesting little museums-houses. There are also some restaurants where you can eat or drink anything. Here you can see all beauty of Scottish architecture and feel the beauty of the old town.

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5. And the last interesting thing about Scotland is, of course, the local music and clothes.

Almost everywhere there are guys in national clothes playing music around. The atmosphere is great, but to tell you the truth at the end of the day you get tired of the music😀 In every shop you can find a lot of local clothes: hats, scarfs, Scottish blankets, souvenirs. You can also take pictures with guys in local clothes, dance around, and enjoy their time. The best atmosphere where you can enjoy music is near Walter Scott’s monument. A lot of people walking around, have picnics, and listen to music.

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So if you also have a dream to visit beautiful Scotland start now planning to buy tickets to the amazing city of Edinburgh❤️
Thanks for reading me🥰

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