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My another article about London!
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As you see London is so big and there are plenty of things to do. It is impossible to write about all places in only one article. That’s why I decided to divide it into several different articles.

In order to be able to see all places, you must spend in London a week. Because less will be not enough!

In this article, I gathered other favourite places! Let’s see them together!🤩

1. A trip to London isn’t complete without a visit to the iconic London Eye.

It is situated in the city center near Big Ben. Here you will be able to see the whole of London from the top and make amazing pictures! The ride takes about 30 minutes!
What you can see from the top? You will see interesting buildings: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the river, a lot of parks.
In order not to stay in the queue you can book your tickets online and you will save a lot of time!
Reaching London Eye is very easy. If you come by metro then it is Waterloo station. Or you can reach Westminster and walk from there and enjoy the view of the river and cross the bridge.

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2. Anteros Monument

It is a place which loves not tourists, but local people! That’s why it is very interesting. Local people choose this place for the evenings with friends. The square itself is little and in the center of it, there is a monument that is called Anteros. Here you will always find people and life here runs fast. Around you will see a lot of tourists and street musicians.

What you will find here besides the monument?

1. A big colorful advertising stand. You will ask what is special? But it is the first advertising stand in the world. Here you will find the advertisement for Coca-Cola.
2. Then the theatre Criterion. Here you can buy tickets to musicals especially.
3. Third is London Pavilion. The building was built in the 19th century. It was firstly a theatre of variety shows, then a music hall and then a cinema hall. Now it is a part of the Trocadero complex.
The best time to visit Piccadilly Circus is at night. At this time there is music playing around and there are a lot of bars where you can have fun!

3. River cruise

If you get bored with the museums, theatres and just want to relax then I suggest you take a cruise through the river Thames. It is the main river in London. There is a lot of companies in London that suggest different cruises. There are several stations where you can take a cruise. The one I know is near London Eye. The ride takes about 30 minutes and you just relax and enjoy the view of the river. Moreover while riding you will pass other interesting places, the most beautiful ones are bridges.

While riding you can buy snacks and drinks and just relax!


4. Sherlock Holmes Museum

The street itself is not so interesting. But it is famous for the Museum of Sherlock Holmes. It is situated in the well-known address: Baker Street 221 B. You can easily find it when you see the policeman stat stands near the door and by tourists that stand near the house. The ticket costs 15 euro. But to tell you the truth I didn’t buy a ticket. It was enough for me to see it and to take a photo of the door.
Here also near is situated famous Madame Tussauds museum. So you can visit both places in one day! It is easy!

5. And last Brick Lane!

It is a mix of English and Bangladesh culture. Here you will find a lot of Bangladesh restaurants, strange people and criminal people. But it is very interesting to walk here because it is another London, not such as in the city center.
There are some interesting local shops where you can find some special accessories and souvenirs. Moreover, twice a year here it is a Sunday Market where you can buy some local designer clothes.
Moreover, it is famous for its graffiti. There are so strange but very beautiful.
I was afraid first to walk there but then you love walking there and see London from another side!

So that’s it! I’ll continue with another article!
Thanks for reading me!❤️

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