Why Pontianak

  • Delicious Food
  • Equator
  • Religion Culture
  • City of a Thousand Coffee Shops
  • The Longest River in Indonesia
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This time I am on vacation with my family, the question is only – Is vacation with family fun or not? I would answer that holidays with family make me fat because some special foods from the island of Kalimantan, to be precise in Pontianak, make me fat and I feel it until now.

Maybe for this story, I won’t tell you about the many places I visited in Kalimantan to be precise in Pontianak, but I will tell you a lot about the food that I ate at that time. Maybe you could say that it was culinary tourism but let’s see.

After my arrival the first meal was served, it was coconut ice cream, maybe not special, but this is strange for me because there was never such a food in Jakarta and this is very famous in Pontianak. You can say that only ice cream in Kelapa, tastes the same. Eat ice cream and coconut but try the newest export too.

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Es Krim Angi

At night I was presented with a dish called Choipan, but you can see from the picture there is a lot of ( like 100) Choipan. If I’m not mistaken I counted.

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Gleam Cafe Choi Pan / Chai Kue

On the next day, I eat what is called a cake stamp. This is very delicious right like kuetiaw but it is said not underarm and there is also pig skin and I also want to eat which name knows I usually eat it at night but this was served by my aunt to eat it for the morning

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Today’s specials – I’m not only in Pontianak but I go to Singkawang, it’s a city in the Kalimantan area, but people say the food is better

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On that day I stopped by the noodle shop, jump baby, you could say it’s delicious, actually, the making is what makes it fun that the noodles are done like that.

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Bakso Sapi Bakmi Ayam 68

Then after we ate noodles, we went to the nearby Vihara and relaxed there. There are some interesting photo spots there and it was very fun.

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After the Vihara we continued to the coastal area, you could say there were many beaches in the Singkawang area but I only came across one. Not too much to explore because you can tell I went with my family.

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Now I will tell you the most special thing that is we eat noodles, wait yes the noodles are very delicious and if you want to eat there to order one bowl you have to wait a long time if you add it won’t be made immediately but you have to wait for the queue from the others.

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Bakmie Tunggu Yau Tek

Today is my last day in Pontianak so first of all we head to the Kapuas River where we are on the longest river in Indonesia, only in Indonesia, not in the world, if not Mah, the story is different then we went to Tugu Digulis then also headed for the forest park Pontianak City then also to Taman Ahmad Yani.


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Sungai Kapuas

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After that, I continued my journey to the traditional house of Bentang Radakng, actually next to it was a traditional Malay house but I didn’t go there because when I was there there was an event so I couldn’t enter.

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On the last trip, I closed to the West Kalimantan museum if you guys ask why you didn’t go to the Equator Monument. Actually, I wanted to come there but couldn’t because the time was very tight Actually I missed 1 day because that 1 day was my cousin’s wedding so I couldn’t do much to explore in Kalimantan so please just understand.

Actually, there is still a lot of food that I eat while in Pontianak but for the photos too many have disappeared and there are only a few that I can save.

So many of my stories in Pontianak may not be a very good story, but just ordinary pictures.

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