Why Kythira

  • Amazing Beaches
  • Mediterranean Scenery
  • Tasty Food
  • Greek Culture
  • Pure Nature
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A couple of years before, Kythera island was brought up almost on all talking among our friends as a summer destination. Some of them, in fact, were rather radical in favour of  Aphrodite’s birthplace. Hence, no hesitations aroused when Dimitris, a friend of ours, brought up the idea of visiting the island for our summer vacations. The gang members were two couples and a pretty 2 year-old princess.

Kythera Island, Greece

Kythera and how to get there

The island lays between Peloponessos and Crete. It’s always been not only a crossroad of different cultures but also Kytherians themselves acted as ambassadors in distant places on earth as migrants; that’s why perhaps there is a boheme style around. Plenty of history lays on the island and one can feel it by visiting the museums.

Kythera Island, Greece

In general, it is a well and frequent connected island. Someone can get there either by boat or plane; boat connection is from Peiraias, Gytheio or Neapoli and flights are with Olympic Air or Sky Express (there are some seasonal charter flights, as well).

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Consider a necessity to rent a car or have your own; you could use local buses as an alternate to move around but trips are not so frequent. Drive distances are relatively long and road condition (especially to reach some of the beaches) makes them seem even longer.

Where to go

I bet that most of your time would be spent on the beach; make it worth. So, I suggest Melidhoni, Kaladhi (its real! an alive cart postal!), Lykodimou and Chalkos. Additionally, Limnionas beach is hard to reach but the scenery is simply amazing and surely typical greek. Anywhere you decide to swim or sunbathing, I guarantee that you will love all of the aforementioned places for different reasons. Trust me! I am Greek; I can tell how a quality beach should look like.

Kythera Island, Greece

Kythera is a hilly island so you can visit Mylopotamos to hike a bit and if you are lucky you might see the waterfalls,- we weren’t though (not enough water!). You could trek, also, reaching the beautiful lighthouse at the north of the island (cape Spathi).

Avlemonas is probably my most favourite place in the island. Combining the most picturesque view, a couple of decent taverns and a chill out cafe-bar named “Arachtopoleion“.

Kythera Island, Greece

Finally, don’t forget to take a  stroll in Chora in the evening, attend a live performance in Potamos at “Astikon” or drive up to Karavas and visit the famous bakery.


Kythera Island, Greece


We tasted some good food in Familia (Fratsia), Platanos (Mylopotamos) & Pierros (Livadi). Overall well above average but not remarkable. Yet, things are changing pretty quickly so take a look on the latest reviews before you go.

Kythera Island, Greece


We have booked at Kastraki Art Houses in Logothetianika. Slightly pricey and remote but nonetheless worth staying in. I would suggest to choose one of the many apartments in Avlemonas; probably next time I will stay there.


  • Avoid Kapsali; we were totally disappointed!
  • Plan and have a dive in Chytra; I really regret missing that.
  • Some of the restaurants have pretty weird working hours so check in advance.
  • Weather can be, often, windy enough so have a quick look on the daily forecast to choose the best,- weather wise-, beach to spend your day.

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  1. This island sounds amazing! will be adding it my list for sure!

    1. koprogatos koprogatos says:

      Hi Alexandra. Sure, you definitely should add it; it’s one of greek islands with “strong” character. Don’t hesitate to ask for any more details. Have o good one.

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