Hot Vacation Phuket

Hot Vacation Patong

This was my first trip to Thailand and it is so weird that I went to Phuket before visiting the Capital. It was so exciting that I tried much interesting activity during the trip and many of them are my first experience!!

I and my friend booked a Holiday Inn hotel in the city centre. This hotel near Patong Beach which is a famous tourist spot in Phuket. Whats next to the beach? Bar, Bar and Bar!!

The First day we arrived was in the afternoon. We just can’t wait to check-in and put all our things at the hotel. After settled, we soon got changed and enjoyed the sunset at Patong Beach. It was wonderful to have the first day sunbathing.

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We soon got tidy up and grabbed a simple dinner. Why so rush? We bought a Simon Show ticket from a local tour store!! Local tour stores are everywhere in the city centre. It is easy to buy every type of ticket here. We bought the ticket after we watched the sunset and it simply gave us the night show on the same day. So no worry with the quota.

What is the Simon Show? 

This is the Best Cabaret Show in Phuket.

You will experience the most popular evening show events in Phuket. The stylish and luxurious stage will make you feel amuse, This is going to be a very different and special night.

Go and enjoy this unique show, be amazed at the professional approach to the musical theme. They are so beautiful that you won’t hesitate they are Ladyboy. After the show, you will have an opportunity to meet them and take photos with them. However, just be aware that a fee is needed if you want to take photos with them, like giving tips. Admire and Respect.

Hot Vacation Patong

Raya Island & Coral Island

The next day, we started our adventure trip!! We booked a day tour to visit the two famous island in Phuket, Raya Island & Coral Island. Tour by Speedboat with lunch which is a full day. We booked the tour online or you can just book from the local day-tour counter. Most of these tours included a hotel pick up and drop off which is also very nice to have an English speaking tour guide. Joining these tour, mostly expected to have water sports!! Phuket Island is well-known to have clear water quality. Snorkelling and swimming are definitely a must when you in front of this coral-coloured water. Snorkelling gear and life jacket are ready for you to rent. Go finding coral fishes with a snorkel on, in the crystal clear water of Raya Island. Take a lunch break with the beach view. Lying on the sandy beach and spend your lovely afternoon in Coral Island after lunch.

Hot Vacation Patong

I don’t know swimming. I just wasted all of my energy on snorkelling in Raya Island. When we got to Coral Island, I just got my lazy sunbathing on the beach and queued for my interested Parasailing!! Extreme activities need an extra fee. It was worth to queue. On the sky, you can see the coastline of Coral Island as they will drive you to the middle of the sea. The instructor drove the speed boat and sometime he would slow it down and I fell down on the surface of the water. Once my foot touched the water, he soon got it fast and let me flew on the sky again. It was really exciting.

Hot Vacation PatongHot Vacation Patong

We had a horrible experience after getting back to Patong. We took a speed boat back to Patong then just walked around Patong street and grabbed our dinner there. The terrible thing was on the next day.

Hot Vacation Patong

Phang Nga Adventure Camp

We booked another local tour on the next day, to Phang Nga Adventure Main Camp. This camp provides serval activities for you to get your adrenaline up, Rafting, ATV, Zip-line, Elephant Riding, and so on. Just book your favourite package here👇.

The moment we got to the camp, we followed the group guide and experienced the ATV. He brought us an ATV adventure in the rainforest for around 30 minutes. A short briefing for safety rules then we got started. After the ATV adventure, we then continue with an elephant ride in the Jungle. That day was having a rain shower. A sudden heavy rain here during our elephant ride. We held a huge umbrella and continue our ride. The elephant walked slowly and swinging us left to right. After that, we both got wet like we were just having a shower.

Hot Vacation PatongHot Vacation Patong

Took a rest, we then continue in Rafting. Whitewater rafting is especially good during the months from June to November because of the higher amount of rain. This is also the activity that I like the most!! I was so excited that every time the boat hit the stones in the riverbed, just like we were going to jump out the boat. The guide who controlled the boat was so funny, he was so cute that made us a grass ring. The last activity we had, the Zip-line. A bit upset about the Zip-line adventure. What I expect was a long rope from here to the opposite across the wide river. However, it was just a 10-second experience which is shorter than I thought.

Hot Vacation Patong

After the full-day tour, the tour guide drove us back to the city centre. During the car driving, outside was raining cats and dogs just like a typhoon. We were so tired for the two days tours so we had a massage after took off the minibus.

The horrible things happen after we finished the massage. My mum called me around 10 times. I soon got back to the phone and realised that the heavy rain in the afternoon causes a disaster. Some of the speed boat local tour to the island outside caused accidents because of the strong wind and heavy rain. I was dread and at the meanwhile, I was thinking thankful. If we swap our schedule, we will become the victims. 

Karon Beach

By the way, I recommend you to go visit Karon Beach. Karon is one of the longest beaches in Phuket. Along the beachside, a decent choice of dining and nightlife, and never seems to draw crowds of tourists which is much better than Patong Beach and even cleaner. You can also see somebodies playing parasailing and other water sports there. Karon Temple is also a famous attraction near Karon Beach, just go and have a look if you have time. After relaxing on the beach, we grabbed a delicious seafood dinner there and took TUK TUK back to our hotel. What a wonderful day.

Hot Vacation Patong Hot Vacation Patong

Small tip for you. PaTong is a famous tourists spot and obviously the activity
you joined will more expensive than anywhere else.

Don’t forget to get yourself a spa and join those adventure tours!!

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