How to make money traveling – 13 Options you should not miss

Make Money

Make Money

Hello dear travel enthusiast friend! In this article we would like to discuss and explain several options for how to make money traveling. A little tip right at the beginning:

  • Making money while traveling is not always necessarily related to the trip itself 🙂

But what does that mean? This question, as well as many others, we are going to answer in this article. We are also always happy to receive comments with new ideas.  The most important thing is to understand that there is not one source of money, but it is spread over many.

A good example of a possible source is Traxplorio. We provide the opportunity for everyone to become a Travel Blogger for free in just a few steps. And of course you can also earn money on Traxplorio! However, the best thing about most of these sources of income is that they scale over time as you are willing to work hard and ensure a certain quality level. Another note, we are not only going inform you about how to make money while traveling, but also how to save money while traveling (Every dollar not spent is a dollar that brings you one step closer to your next adventure 😉 ). My grandpa already taught me that saving is the smartest source of income 😛

Looking at the options below, it should be noted that you cannot/may not want to use all of them. That’s perfectly fine! But maybe some of them will give you some new ideas on how to make money traveling (that you are more than welcome to share in the comments! 🙂 ). A few ideas might seem strange at first – that’s how I felt too! But if you get involved in something new, it will enrich your life not only from a monetary point of view.

So let’s take a closer look at our 13 options on how to make money traveling 😉

Rent things at home

rent things at home

Ok I admit that this is an unusual approach, and you may feel a little uncomfortable having to give away your personal belongings and borrow it to others. But you really don’t have to worry 🙂 There are now many established providers who can build on years of experience. So why would you leave something at home unused while you are exploring the world?

An example of how you even earn double money while traveling :

If you drive your car to the airport and park it there, there are many costs involved.

  1. Gasoline
  2. Parking costs
  3. Possible additional costs for damages at the car

You can not only save these costs, but also earn money. Simply offer your car on a car sharing platform. (By the way, you can also rent a car on these platforms for a reasonable price 😉 ) A very good provider for this service is Turo! I have already used it several times and was able to treat myself to a little more during my holidays without a bad conscience 😛 The best thing about Turo in a nutshell:

  1. You can select your minimum price for a trip
  2. Full tank when you come back
  3. Protection up to $1M covered against damages and theft.

So why don’t you let your car make money while you travel? 😉

The same concept can of course also be applied to other areas. Probably the best known of these is Airbnb. If you are planning a longer trip, it may make sense to offer your apartment there. If you are renting, you should talk to the owner first.

And the best thing about this option is that you can focus your time and attention on enjoying your holiday.

Freelancing online


Surely you have heard the term Digital Nomad before? A digital nomad is basically specialized on making money while traveling. In most cases you only need 2 things for this.

  1. A Laptop (Sometimes even a smartphone is enough)
  2. Basic computer skills

Depending on your personal skills you can offer your services on different platforms. In this article I will introduce you to 2 platforms with which I have already made good experiences.


On Fiverr you can offer all kinds of things.

  • Web Design
  • Social Media mangement
  • SEO Support
  • Online Marketing
  • Logo Design
  • Even super ridiculous stuff (like $5 to tell your girlfriend that you didn’t clean up your apartment 😛 )

To be successful here as everywhere else, first look at your competition and then find your niche. Think of good packages and offers. For example $25 for 10 logos and $50 for 25 logos + express delivery. The prices may not seem so great to you, but keep in mind that in some countries you will need much less money when traveling. Especially on low-budget travels, Fiverr is a great option to make money while traveling.


With upwork it mostly works the other way round (But on Fiverr this possibility is also available). Companies and start-ups place job advertisements online in which they describe their requirements. You can then apply for a job. There are hundreds of new jobs every day. So don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to keep up with the competition. As time goes by, you can also improve your skills and build up your personal references. If you want to start your own online business, this is also a great place to get your first customers.

Become a travel blogger

become travel blogger

We are a big fan of this opportunity when it comes to making money while traveling. 😉 And there is a very good reason for that!

  • The work you do to become a travel blogger also generates many other sources of income to make money while traveling. 

But first of all, these many benefits will cost you a lot of time. Travel blogging is not something you earn a lot of money with overnight. Fortunately, you will be very happy to invest this time, as it is very much related to your passion – traveling. If you are seriously interested in making money on your travels with travel blogging there is not only one option. Depending on how professional you want to run this, you can either create your own travel blog. We have published 3 very helpful articles that are going to support you:

If you want to spend less time and effort, you can also sign up with Traxplorio and become a travel blogger in a few seconds. With your first post you are guaranteed to win a part of the monthly jackpot and make money traveling.

If you create your own blog, it does not necessarily have to be a travel blog. You can blog about anything that comes to your mind!

Work and Travel

Work and Travel

Probably the best known way to earn money while traveling in the past few years is Work and Travel. The concept can be summarized quite easily. If you can answer yes to these two questions, Work and Travel is a very good option for you to earn money while traveling.

  • You like to travel?
  • You have no problem offering your work in another country?

That’s great! Now you can find a suitable job for you. This can be anything from farm work to DJ jobs in clubs 😉 There are great communities that provide such jobs. You have to pay an annual fee to become a member of the community. But it’s worth it, because you can access many experiences and reviews of other travellers and it’s safer and more professional.

Two awesome communities are:

Depending on how much you work, you will be provided accommodation and food. But there is also the possibility that you get to know other travellers and more isolated accommodations through such sites. As a Van-Lifer you can for example park your van there and take part in life on an eco-farm and only have to pay a small price for your food.

Teach any language


This is still one of the most popular ways to make money while traveling. If you like to travel, you probably also like to speak other languages – in most cases English 😉 But of course, you don’t have to teach English. In almost every country, there are websites that help you to find a suitable job. Here are two examples:

But since English will be the most interesting language for most people, we focus on it. Before you teach English to others, you should of course be able to prove that you are able to do it yourself.  The fastest and easiest way to do this is with a TEFL certificate. There are 2 good providers for this:

Of course, there are other certificates and providers. After you have a proof of your skills, all you have to do now is to apply for a job. Depending on what your preferences are, you can teach on site or work digitally as a tutor.

Since this option is so popular, there are really a lot of possibilities here and already a very well organized network worldwide. I recommend everyone who is planning a longer trip to work as a teacher or tutor. This experience will also be very valuable for you personally as you will be more confident and speak more fluently English.

Work on a cruise ship

cruise ship

The great thing about this option is that you will be able to travel and see new places while working. Also, in most cases you don’t need any experience and you don’t have to have been on a cruise ship before. Working on a ship is very diverse. You can work as a bartender, or as an entertainer, animator, waiter, housekeeper… You can even work as a mechanic or other more physical jobs.

During this job you can also save a lot of your earnings, as food and accommodation is included.

As great as this opportunity to make money while traveling sounds, keep in mind that you are working there and not a guest exploring the area 😉

Of course, we have selected a few good providers for you once again.

Be an Expert/Coach/Guide

tour guide

This is where the first possible advantage of your career as a travel blogger comes in. If you have already established a certain reputation and reach, you can earn money by speaking about your topics at conferences and other events around the world. For example, you can also make money traveling by giving a short talk about how you make money traveling. 😉 Of course, there are the most different topics which are travel-related. Choose one that you can report passionately about and have the courage to do so! The big advantage of making money with this option is that you only have to prepare yourself properly once and can then reuse your material several times. Furthermore, public speaking is paid quite well! If you can’t imagine public speaking yet, you can also start by approaching the topic.

Similar to freelancing, you can also make money traveling on other platforms by publishing tutorials. Think about the difficulties you have mastered on your travels and what you could teach other people to do better. You can make short tutorials from this. Of course you can also make tutorials about web design or anything else. Our recommendation to promote your tutorials is Udemy.

If you are now looking for a little more contact with other people, you can also become a tour guide yourself. A very good website for this is Tours by Locals. Here you will also find some useful help to get started (e.g. tools and training, marketing, security, …).

Whatever you decide, this is really a very good option to make money traveling.



We have just talked about the fact that travel blogging is a great way to make money traveling and generate multiple sources of income. One more of these sources is photography. If you plan to write a post about your travels anyway, you can also sell parts of your content. You are also welcome to share your travelogue on Traxplorio and take advantage of the blogger benefits. There are many platforms on which you can offer your photography.

But I recommend you to have a look at the corresponding page first. Which pictures are already there in your niche (e.g. Iceland). Then be honest with yourself and rate if your photography can keep up. If you have a passion for photography, it might make sense to invest some money in better photography equipment :)What could be more beautiful than earning money with your passion while traveling?

The great thing about photography is that you can be very creative with your subjects. Be it food, landscapes, people, sports, … I love to bring a small part of my travels home to people through my pictures and maybe inspire them to go on a new adventure themselves 🙂

Street performing

street performance

I don’t think I need to explain this option further 😉 If you’re a musician, artistically gifted or have a talent for acrobatics, you can of course perform them as a street artist and earn a few extra dollars. However, in this context there are still a few tips that can significantly increase your income.

  1. Take a few minutes to choose the right place for your performance
  2. Stick to the local laws
  3. Create a social media account or similar and promote it
  4. Sell products related to your performance (e.g. music available to download)

We’re rooting for you. Maybe someday we can even enjoy your performance somewhere! In any case, this is the most proven method to make money while traveling.

Use Social Media

social media

Does the word “influencer” still make you think of a health problem? Well then you might want to rethink something! Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in recent years. Your own travel blog is of course an advantage here as well, as the capital of an influencer is him/herself. If you are on social media platforms and you have already built up an audience of followers, you might want to give influencer marketing a try.

But what is Influencer Marketing?

Companies are very interested in making their products visible in their target group. When it comes to new products, the first thing that is missing is the trust in the respective product/company. With the help of an influencer, this lack of trust can be eliminated within seconds. Because the followers trust the influencer and thus also the advertised products.

We strongly recommend you to learn more about Influencer Marketing, because you can not only make money while traveling, but also get in touch with great new and known companies.

On these websites you will find more information for your first steps into the world of Influencer Marketing:



Of course, you can also make a name for yourself as a Vlogger. Unlike bloggers, you record yourself and your surroundings on video while traveling and share this either on your own website or for free via services such as YouTube. This way, viewers usually get to know you and your personality much more.

In the beginning, you have to invest a lot of time and probably learn some new skills, just like the process of becoming a travel blogger. At least, if you are not familiar with video editing. You also need good equipment, because there are few things where good quality is as important as in vlogs. But even with today’s mobile phones you can create some amazing quality videos. Our absolute recommendation is the Osmo Pocket from DJI. This camera was created for vlogging and offers a good ecosystem of accessories for all situations. Unfortunately most of the work is still editing. However, there is software that can take a lot of the work out of your hands and help you create high-quality, professional videos. They are easy to use and have a very active community. So if you want to add some eye-catching effects and take your videos to the next level you should check them out:

Now of course, you want to make money with your great videos. If you post your videos e.g. on Youtube you can monetize them via ads on the platform. By the way, you can also use your skills and new equipment to take some video jobs on the road and make money on your travels.

Another alternative is to get sponsorships or partnerships. Companies buy product placements in your videos and give you a commission for it. If this is your goal, you should keep that in mind from the beginning and decide on which branch or which companies you want to focus on.

Create your own Products to sell


We have already mentioned it slightly a few times. Own products are also a very good source of income to make money traveling. And again, it is a great advantage if you decide to become a travel blogger. You will already have an audience that is eager to follow your adventures and wants to support you. So why don’t you give them the opportunity to do so? No matter if you create your own merchandise in form of bracelets or similar or publish a book with your best travel tips. An own website with a small webshop can be very useful. But you should also be aware that shipping and storage of products can also cause additional costs for you. For example, selling e-books is much easier to do online.

But you do not necessarily need to create your own website. There are several platforms out there on which you can sell your products (Of course, you have to pay a fee to the respective platform) :

The big advantage of these platforms is that you also gain a much greater reach and more people become aware of your products. So if you are a bit of a craftsman this can be a great way for you to make some money on your travels.

Saving Tips

Save Money

To conclude, we look at the easiest way to make money traveling. Which is to try and keep your own money 😀 You can’t earn money faster. We look at different aspects of traveling and give you a few tips on each.

Let’s start with the beginning of most travel… the flight to the destination. We found a brilliant comparison site, where you also have the possibility to search for the cheapest flight in a certain period or different airports within a certain radius. If you’re flexible with your travel dates, you can save a lot of your holiday budget when you book your flight.

If your flight is delayed, do not hesitate to ask for compensation. On this website, you can submit a request without any risk and in case of success, you will get a nice amount of extra money for your trip.

When you arrive at your destination, you need accommodation 😉 At you can find the best prices (there is also a loyalty program, which will save you even more money). But it is also worthwhile to have a look at the website of the respective accommodation or check Airbnb. In some regions, there is also an amazing opportunity to do house sitting. This way you not only get a place to stay for a reasonable price but also help others to enjoy their holiday more relaxed.

You’ve probably already figured out the secret, it’s about finding good comparison sites. Another cost trap awaits you in car rentals. We have a recommendation for you here as well:

Note: Most car rental companies offer a 24-hour cancellation policy. So you can take advantage of good offers and possibly cancel if you get a better one.

And of course, there are still tips and tricks to save money at every destination. The best way to find out more is to read travel blogs in advance. For example here with us on Traxplorio 🙂


This is only a small selection of the options you have for making money while traveling. We hope that you have found something for yourself. We want to support everyone whose passion is traveling!

If you have already made your own experiences, feel free to tell us in the comments. And of course we are always happy to hear about your latest adventures. We know that traveling can be expensive, so we would like to support you in addition to our Jackpot to make money on your travels and experience even more unique moments.

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