Why Mazatlán

  • Sunsets
  • Malecon of Mazatlán, the longest in the world
  • Gastronomy
  • Mazatlán Central Park
  • The Aquarium of Mazatlán
212 km southeast of Culiacán, the capital of that entity. Its climate is warm with an average annual temperature of 25ºC. Mazatlán is a city in northwestern Mexico, was founded in 1531.
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Respect for nature comes first

-not littering

-respects the flora and fauna

-Do not throw bottles or containers into the sea

-listen to the signals

what to should do?…

🐠Try the marlin tacos, the aguachile and the calamar chicharrón.

🐟Walk through the Historic Center whose buildings are more than 180 years old and tour the Plaza Machado to enjoy its gardens and kiosk.

🐳Walk along the boardwalk

🐡Live his Carnival at the end of February

🦀visit to the Mazatlán Aquarium

🐚Visit to Isla Venados (adjacent to Isla Pájaros and Isla Lobos) where you can practice medium and deep diving or kayak.

🐙Discover the Ángela Peralta Theatre, located in the Historic Center and declared National Historical Heritage

🐳Please! enjoy the huge waves of the sea and sun (with caution and sunscreen).


From the ancient Nahuatl language Mazatlán comes from the word Mazatl which means Place of deer and deer, although history also records that from the language Nahoa Mazatlán means Place of deer, a settlement that was founded in the year 1531.

It is located at 2 meters 50 centimeters above sea level. Topographically the territory of the City is generally flat with slight slopes directed towards the Tarpon estuary and the Pacific Ocean. In this same area there is abundant but salty water.

The Pearl of the Pacific

the beauty of its beaches and the richness of its marine fauna, combines the traditional architecture of its historic center, known as the Old Mazatlán -where you can admire the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and tour its beautiful streets decorated with old constructions of the 19th centurywith the modern hotels and restaurants that make up the spectacular Golden Zone, with more than 10 km of beautiful beaches -such as Playa Norte, Playa Gaviotas and Playa Venados.

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of Mazatlán

Construction: 1856-1899

Cathedral in 1958, when Pope John XXIII created the Diocese of Mazatlán. Minor Basilica in 1941 by declaration of Pope Pius XII.

Municipal Market “José Ma. Pino Suarez” Mazatlán Market

Located between Calle Aquiles Serdán and Melchor Ocampo in the City Centre since 1900, the Mercado Municipal Pino Suarez is an experience that should not be missed when visiting Mazatlán, always recommended as a major tourist attraction for years.

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in this market I spent fun adventures😊

The Pearl of the Pacific


El Rincón de Pedro Infante Museum in Mazatlán

house where the golden idol of Mexican cinema was born

The Rincón de Pedro Infante Museum is located in the Constitution #1108 in Centro de Mazatlán, Sinaloa. If you come from Plazuela Machado, it’s past Antonio Rosales Street.

The museum of Pedro infante opens its doors from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00 hrs. and Sundays from 10:00 to 15:00 hrs.

The Pearl of the Pacific The Pearl of the Pacific



I have visited many coasts, but the pearl of the Pacific is unique and unrepeatable.

The Pearl of the Pacific

Fire in the water 🔥🌊


Beach Cerritos

It’s my favorite beach, it’s quiet in appearance.

to get: passing the Golden Zone or from Marina takes the Av. Sábalo Cerritos, which meets just with Playa Cerritos; a roundabout will tell you that you have arrived, is located in front of the open sea, Cerritos is a beach of relatively calm waters, thanks to a rocky cove that forms small pools.

The Aquarium of Mazatlán

The Mazatlán Aquarium (Aquario) is one of the largest aquariums in Latin America. There are many exhibitions showing various fish, sea creatures, birds and animals. It also has fabulous regularly scheduled shows, such as a diving show, bird show, sea lion show and animal hunter show. This is a family attraction.

How to get to the Mazatlán Aquarium? You can reach the Mazatlán Aquarium by taxi, transit or walking. It’s a short taxi ride from the Golden Zone, a little more High Waves. The Sabalo Centro bus goes up and down the Avenida del Mar, that is, the Malecón. If you take this bus, get off at the intersection near the Aquarius Hotel.

The Pearl of the Pacific

Diving Show The diving show is where a diver dives into a tank of sharks, piranhas and other fish. The diver interacts with some of the fish.


Malecon of Mazatlán, the longest in the world.

The Malecón de Mazatlán has a length of 21 km. and is considered the longest in the world. The Malecón is composed of 9 sections that go from the area of the Historic Center towards the north of the city. (people do not agree with the amount of km).

  1. Desde  “La Puntilla” hasta el muelle de los Ferrys
  2. El Faro
  3. Paseo del Centenario
  4. Olas Altas
  5. Paseo Claussen
  6. Avenida del Mar
  7. Camarón – Sábalo
  8. Sábalo – Cerritos
  9. Cerritos – Nuevo Mazatlán.

is located in almost the entire extension of the same accompanied by a beach. This is from Olas Altas to Cerritos each beach in Mazatlán is different from each other and even the design of the quay as the section of Olas Altas to the monument to the fisherman looks very different from the new remodeling of it.



🏬recommended hotels:


I recommend this hotel, you must make your reservation about 3 days before (in vacation time).

📌The Jonathon boutique

🍴🍽recommended restaurants:

📌Pedro & Lola

📌Roy’s Restaurant


In mazatlan you will find too many activities that you can enjoy, I want you to discover and explore with enthusiasm this beautiful pearl of the Pacific. ✌

The Pearl of the Pacific









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