Why London

  • Portobello Road
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Chelsea Stadium
  • Leicester Square
  • M&M's world store
Let's see another places in London!
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Let’s continue with other interesting places in my favorite city London🤩😜

1. First is Portobello Road

It is a street situated in Notting Hill. It is famous for Portobello Road Market that is held every Saturday. Here you will be able to find everything: from antique things to clothes. It is the biggest market of antique things in Britain. On other days here you will find local shops and can buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, you will find here interesting bars and pubs and can spend here an evening. The atmosphere is different. There are fewer tourists here, so you will enjoy and feel the real British atmosphere and see how local people live and interact in their real lives.

You will also admire the architecture of the buildings and the houses. The houses here are designed and colored in interesting colors and look pretty and cozy. Here you will also find beautiful graffiti that are all different and very interesting!

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2. Second important place is St Paul’s Cathedral!

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the main places in London that tourists visit every time they come to the city! The cathedral actually you see from every place of the city, but it is better to see it closer and to visit itself!

Today it is the residence of the bishop of London. The appearance of the cathedral strikes with its thoughtfulness of proportions and harmonious combination of details. Wonderful stone carvings, beautiful glass windows, and wooden benches have become the main decorations of the cathedral.

The most beautiful thing inside is when you hear a piece of organ music! Oh, it is so beautiful! It is one of the ancient and best organ music in London!

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You can visit it free on Sundays, but on other days the price is 20 pounds.

What is another interesting thing? You can reach the top of the cathedral and see London from there.

You know when you are inside you just feel blessed. You are in a paradise and you feel so relaxed. I loved this place the most!

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3. Next comes Chelsea Stadium

If you are a Chelsea team lover and you come to London, then you must visit their stadium. It is not in the center of London. It is about an hour from the center, but it worth it! It took about an hour or even more to reach Stamford Stadium. When you go out from the metro you can see a lot of pictures of the Chelsea team in the streets.

The stadium itself is very big and interesting! You can take a tour with a guide and you will see all the stadiums, rooms of players and even will be able to buy clothes and souvenirs in their shop! We took a guide and he explained to us everything. We were in the rooms where players change their clothes, where chat and prepare for the match. We even went to the place from where they go out to the stadium. The tour was very interesting and we had a great experience there. Actually, I’m not a Chelsea lover, but my brother and dad are. So I took a lot of pictures for them and bought a lot of souvenirs from their shops! So it is a memory that I will never forget, even if I am not a football lover.
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4. Leicester square is one more place in London that is full of tourists!

What you will find here? Actually lots of cinema halls and little bars around. Almost all film premiers in the country take place here. Some events are so large that to premiers come such actors as Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. The red carpet is always unfolded to them around which always gathers their fans. Most tourists come here just on the way, but many come also to the cinema, to watch some world premiere or to see their favorite actor live!


I must notice that this street is always full of people, therefore it is noisy and dirty here. There are also a lot of pickpockets here, so keep your clothes with you!

The price of the ticket in the cinema hall is around 15 pounds and it is more expensive than in our country.

There are many, not expensive restaurants and bars around where you can eat or drink coffee. I suggest you come here at night because the square is all in lights and you can hang out in one of the bars around!

5. And the last place is M&M’s store!

Being one of London’s center’s best attractions, M&M’s world isn’t just a shop. It is a great adventure where people can feel the atmosphere of M&M’s world. Children especially will have fun here. Besides buying their sweets you can walk, see toys, some cars and enjoy the design of the store. Besides sweets, you will find clothes with their logo, cups, dishes, and other interesting accessories. Coming here you can have fun because the store is designed very originally. There are four floors in the store and you walk like in a gallery, because there are a lot of installations in the store: figures, cars, and other things. But it is very expensive there! There is also one good thing for visitors, you can get some sweets free from little machines, so it is good marketing and attracts tourists!

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Thanks for reading me!❤️

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