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Located in the town of Bernal which belongs to the municipality of Ezequiel Montes in the state of Querétaro, Mexico.
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Peña de Bernal is considered one of the 13 wonders of Mexico, has taken full advantage of the view of this monolith as the center and main attraction, the town founded in 1642 is not left behind, it is cute!

In February 2006, it was classified as Pueblo Mágico by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism.

The stop was in a parking lot with an angular panorama, you can find small food stalls and items, accessories, souvenirs to take away.

At the beginning there is a sign where you can learn about the ecosystem, fauna, flora, fortunately we did not find snakes on the way.


The crossing began with the ascent to the amazing monolith, the principle is simple, the ground is a stone steps and wire (be careful!).

here we go!!💪

It was halfway down the road and people had to make a long line, opportunity and excuse to take deep breaths, take the respective pictures with a better view at each step.

You will find the panoramic view of the village among branches and trees…

continues the path!

On the other hand, a clearer perspective:

At this point the trees will no longer stand in the way, move on!

When you almost reach the top you find smooth rocks, then the road is no longer so simple, you should have good physical condition because now you will have to use your hands to climb many inclined rocks:

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At this moment I had to take some pictures, I sat down for a while to enjoy the view calmly…

you’ve reached the top, then the view is simply spectacular, the effort and sweat paid off, you can see beyond the village, it’s time to take your best photos from this height with cold weather and cloudy sky (“an advantage for the body”).

Although this is a good height, the monolith has not yet been fully climbed, for that you need equipment and an expert guide, so it was not possible to make this sports stage.

It is the time of the descent; it is easy for athletes but for the rest of mortals it is complicated, full of falls and slipped, be careful, and do not trust.

¡Assume that everything is part of the experience!

We make a stop for a little pause…

If you are lucky you can find a water show; simple but with a good traditional touch. Next to the water show, on the skirts of the monolith, there is another area with all kinds of shops and colorful stalls full of items to see and take, drink stalls, sweets, food, lockers that recommend events and tours.

The next stop was to visit the town of Bernal, so we took as transport some small adapted motorcycles (about 5 minutes to get there).

This is the first thing you will see in this small town: A huge commercial corridor that can entertain you in order to memories of the place.

What you must prove:

-Cheese bread

-Amaranth bread

-Typical sweets

I recommend this candy store, has a lot of variety:

-Chubby cactus

just walk…

museums to visit:

-The Museum of the mask

-National Film Museum “Rosalio Solano”

-Site museum “Chapel of Souls”

Perhaps you should pass some terrace to have a drink or dish next to a good view of the monolith…

Temple of San Sebastian Mártir

Built between 1700 and 1725, this building is located on the east side of the main square; this architectural complex is formed by an atrium with an atrial cross, temple, and house cural, with clear manifestations of indigenous manufacturing. It is evident the eclectic style; derived from a mixture of elements of different architectural styles, an aspect that was common during its time of construction.


On the façade, the bell tower, the carved stonework doorway and the stained glass window representing San Sebastian stand out, located in the coral window of the temple. At the top of the entrance door, you can read the initials TA, which corresponds to one of the main benefactors of this temple, Mr.Tiburcio Ángeles.

Viceregal castle

Construction of the sixteenth century important in its political history, in the front, is its clock of German origin, currently, it is used as the office of the municipal delegation.


Wool textiles

Most garments are made by artisans made on a loom:

other nice corners

You must come, you will have fun and you will have a great time touring small spaces full of color and life.

Peña de Bernal is so tiny, however, there are countless activities and places to visit that unfortunately, we could not enter due to contingency.

See you later! 💕😊

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