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Did you know that?…

The serum or cure against scorpion belongs to Durango and was discovered by Dr. Isauro Venzor.

Victory of Durango

The city of Durango

In honor of Guadalupe Victoria, the first president of Mexico. It was founded on July 8, 1563, by Francisco de Ibarra who named it Villa de Durango, an identical name that refers to a town in the Spanish province of Vizcaya, where Ibarra was originally.

The city of Durango has a diversity of really unique sites, museums, theaters with exquisite culture. In this post I will recommend only those that I photographed:

I will not show you the most famous buildings, I will show you a little frequented and charming places!

“the giant of prehistory”

Victory of Durango

National Institute of Anthropology and History, the State Institute of Culture (ICED)

They have publications and offer guided tours by appointment.

-Free admission.

-Schedule Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.

On this visit he was lucky to find the complete skeleton of a Columbian mammoth four meters high and 12 thousand years old, composed of 132 pieces 120 original and 12 recreated armed and assembled for display standing, accompanied by contents detailing its existence in the past. (The exhibition was only in 2019) excellent explanation and very interesting data of this extinct giant.

Centro Cultural de Artes Plásticas

Guillermo Ceniceros Art Museum

this fantastic museum exhibits various temporary exhibitions of artists from all over Mexico but especially Durangueños.

Victory of Durango


Victory of DurangoVictory of Durango

permanent collection of the renowned painter from Durango Guillermo Ceniceros…

Victory of Durango

Works worth admiring, questioning, and reflecting on…

a lot to explore and learn!

In Durango you will find a diversity of events, festivals of music, dance, theater; etc:

National Ballet of Hungary in Theater Ricardo Castro:


of the most beautiful and majestic theaters I’ve ever visited 💛

Theater Ricardo Castro

inaugurated on March 27, 1924, with the name of Theater in Construction, later the name is changed in honor of the successful composer and concert artist from Durango Ricardo Castro Herrera.

Victory of Durango

Victory of Durango

Victory of Durango

Victoria theater

This theatre has an Italian style architectural design with more than 200 years old…

enough to generate your curiosity to discover its history🤗

Victory of Durango

Victory of Durango Victory of Durango

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Lovely places…

Analco bridge

The view of the city is special and extraordinary, One of my favorite places in this city, for its peculiar urban construction with a touch of classic.

Victory of Durango

A lot of the population feels dissatisfied with this construction because it cost a lot of money, however, it makes me happy to go up to this place, I consider that it gives a plus to the city.

Victory of Durango

Victory of Durango


The Moreras and the Alamedas

The history of Las Alamedas was born in the late eighteenth century in the colonial era and arises from the need to have a place of leisure.

Victory of Durango

Works, photographs, paintings are frequently exhibited… In wintertime it is nice to be here as they expose the history of snowfalls that have existed for decades in the north of the country and state.

Victory of Durango



“The restaurant Mendoza”

📌museum-restaurant located on Hidalgo Street, near the corner with November 20

For fans of “golden cinema”, antiquity, or a good birria to taste. This splendid place is where the actress Dolores del Rio was born, you will find an exhibition with more than three thousand old pieces.

Victory of Durango

before entering you will find a figure commemorating the death of the actress…

Victory of Durango

a wide collection of watches and up to 200 radios…

Victory of Durango


many curiosities…

Rafael Mendoza is the owner of this restaurant, assures that in this singular space the visitor can enjoy in his five senses, to see and touch the various articles of the sight, smell and taste a delicious birria of sheep, among other Mexican dishes, without missing good music for the ear.

Victory of Durango

Mining Tunnel Museum, Durango

📌Location: Entrance in Plaza Juan Pablo II. Departure in Plaza de Armas.

created in 2011

The 280-meter long route, at a depth of between eight and nine meters, starts at John Paul II Square in front of the Aezobishopric. Equipped with a mining helmet and fluorescent vest.

Victory of Durango

You will find representations of the mouths and throws of mines; tools; hydraulic hammers, iron tank; drainage pumps; mineral samples: quartz, blue calcite, hematite; explosives; molds for ingots; lighting lamps.

…You’ll enter a semi-dark tunnel that looks like a real mine. Legends about the mine, mining company documents, and maps.

Victory of Durango

Victory of Durango


The city…

The city of Durango is beautiful at Christmas time, very cold and decorations that adorn every corner, you can even find skating rink with free entry!

Victory of Durango

the city at night from the viewpoint of the remedies

Victory of Durango

old railway station 

📌Location: Felipe Pescador Zona Centro, CP.

you must visit it before 3 p.m, it is not open all day.

raised in stone in an eclectic french style, with great English influence, began its construction in June 1918 and was put into service seven years later.

Victory of Durango

the railroad to Durango arrived thanks to Porfirio Diaz in 1892.

The railway station is a majestic sight for its architecture, currently used as SEDECO facilities.

Some places more…

I feel lucky to know this city and have traveled the necessary time its streets, feel its traditions, taste its dishes, and much more.

Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Its construction began on April 12, 1891, the project was by the engineer Francisco Rodríguez, who is a replica of the Sacre Coeur in Paris. It is characterized by architectural details with Gothic predominance.

Victory of Durango

the expo fair Gomez palace

Victory of Durango


Guadiana park

The central library of the UJED and Cable car

Victory of Durango

Regional Museum of Durango or the Avocado

Avocados are not exactly on display😆😉

📌Location: Victoria No. 100 South Esq. with Achilles Serdán Historic Center

Victory of Durango


photographs of the past:

So far this post, I hope you visit and discover this beautiful city

Victory of Durango







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