Highlights of this trip

  • Visiting Monte Palace
  • Taking the Cable Car
  • Admiring Street Art
  • Enjoying Ponchas :D
  • Tasting Madeira Wine
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Your must-have travel gadget for this trip

Even with the warm weather, I suggest you to wear hiking boots. The streets are very steep and there are also many stairs.
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Best things to do in Funchal

Today I am going to tell you some of the best things to do while you are in Funchal :) Some of these include visiting some of the top sites such as Monte Palace and seeing the island's most important buildings and monuments. If you want to get out and explore more, try going to Rua de Santa Maria for street art or taking a cable car up into this botanical garden with incredible architecture. With so many options to choose from, you'll never run out of things to do in Funchal!

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Is there anything I should do to prepare for this trip?

There are a few things you should do to prepare for your trip. It is important to come prepared with a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent to make sure you stay safe and healthy. Clothing-wise, shorts and a t-shirt or tank top are all that is required. You may want to bring water shoes if you plan on going into the water. They will keep your feet from getting sore from walking on the different surfaces in the ocean.

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Is it more of a budget destination or higher priced?

Funchal is a popular destination for tourists. It's often considered to be more of a budget destination, but it can also depend on what you're looking to do. For instance, if you want to go on day trips that are outside of the city then prices can go up. Paying attention to the time of year will also affect prices because it may be too hot or too rainy in certain seasons.

Fist stop - Taking the cable car to Monte Palace and the botanical garden

Funchal is home to many of the island's most important buildings and monuments. As a result, it is one of the best places to visit in Madeira. One of the most famous attractions in Funchal is Monte Palace, which has several museums worth exploring. There are also plenty of other points of interest, such as the botanical garden with its incredible architecture.

Another great way to get around Funchal is by taking the cable car up into the mountains. Make sure you check out the timetable before! :) You will need about 2-3 hours for exploring the botanical garden and taking the cable car. Also, you should bring some water to stay hydrated. Inside the botanical garden, you can taste some Madeira wine for free :)

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Second stop - Walking through Rua de Santa Maria

If you're looking for a place to explore some amazing street art, then the Rua de Santa Maria is the place for you. The street is home to some of the best graffiti in all of Funchal. You can find everything from simple sketches to elaborate murals here. So make sure you take some time to wander through this fascinating street! And the best part about it - there are also some of the best restaurants and bars of Funchal located here. A must-do is stopping at least once at of the bars and have a poncha while admiring the beautiful art. We spent about 2 hours here ( we may had more than 1 poncha :D )

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Third stop - Get some delicious and exotic fruits at the Farmers' Market

The Farmers' Market is the perfect place to get some delicious and exotic fruits. You can find everything from bananas (which taste like pineapples) to cinnamon apples and different kinds of passion fruits here. But before you stock up on your favorites... be aware of the prices :D We paid about 20€ for our fruits. But I think it's definitely worth it! Those were really special flavors and after paying so much, I didn't need to feel bad for taking so many pictures anymore :P

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Why is September a good time to visit?

September is a good time to visit because the weather is still warm but not too hot, and there is less chance of rain than in other months. The streets and restaurants are also less crowded, so it's a great time to enjoy the city without having to deal with too many people. I really enjoyed every single day - so I highly recommend visiting Funchal in September!

My favorite food in Funchal

My favorite food in Funchal was definitely the local fish. I really enjoyed the way it was cooked, and it was a great way to try some of the local flavors. If you're looking for something traditional and tasty, then I definitely recommend trying the fish in Funchal!

Is Funchal good for a Couple Trip?

Yes, Funchal is a great destination for couples. It offers plenty to do and see, and the weather is mild and pleasant year-round. There are also some great beaches in the area for swimming and sunbathing.


Is there any place that is a must-visit or a must-do?

One of the most popular tourist attractions is Funchal's famous gardens. The gardens are expansive and have some spectacular architecture. They have a variety of paths to explore, flowers, beautiful flora, parks with numerous monuments, and more. For people who enjoy taking pictures or enjoy parks in general, this is an important stop to make on your trip!

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Funchal is a beautiful destination for you if you are looking to explore the city's many sites, enjoy its delicious cuisine, or just relax in this gorgeous botanical garden. Whether you're visiting for business purposes or pleasure, there are plenty of things to do in Funchal that will suit your needs. Come prepared with sunscreen and insect repellent so you can have an enjoyable time exploring one of Portugal's most popular tourist attractions!

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Where to stay in Funchal?

We stayed 2 nights in Funchal and tried 2 different accommodations. If you only have 1 day, I highly recommend staying at the ASPA - Alegria Studios. The location is perfect and the price is also very reasonable. The breakfast is very good - but you need to book in advance.

Recommended tours in Funchal

We did not book any tours - but you can book a ticket for the cable car in advance, which might save you some time :)

You can check it out here: Funchal Botanical Garden Cable Car

Party tips

Where to party?

Just stop by at one of the many poncha bars! :) Our favorite bar is the Rei de Poncha.

My favorite drink

PONCHA! :D Especially the poncha negra at Rei de Poncha.

What is special about partying here?

You don't have to go to a club. People are just enjoying themselves on the streets :) There are good vibes and great music everywhere.

Photography tips

Where to photograph?

Definitely the Botanical garden. There are so many amazing spots!

My Camera

A Nikon D5300.

Is any special equipment needed?

A Gorillapod may be handy if you are planning to do some more creative shots :)

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