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To discover all the beauties of Sintra would take a few days and, even so, there would always be something undiscovered, in a corner of the town, among the vegetation of the mountains or on a secret beach. Even so, I have decided to present to you some unmissable places of unquestionable beauty.
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Sintra has its own charm and much of its beauty lies in the following attractions:

Pena National Palace

One of Sintra’s most famous landmarks, Pena Palace, and the surrounding park are the epitome of Romantic revivalism in Portugal. Situated on the top of Monte da Lua in the Sintra Mountains, it is the brainchild of King Fernando and has been transformed into a veritable fairytale palace, perched on huge rocks. One of its most striking features is the mixture of architectural styles, from Romanticism to Neo-Gothicism, including Neo-Moorish and Neo-Manueline. Inside, the decoration in the style of the kings of the period, the Monk’s Chapel, the royal quarters, and the beautiful mural paintings stand out.

Palace of Monserrate

Built in 1856 to serve as a summer residence for Francis Cook, it is one of the most incredible creations of Romanticism. The interior reveals elegant and sumptuous spaces such as the Gallery (the corridor connecting the three towers of the palace), the music room, the dining room, and the library. Around the palace, the Park of Monserrate houses a remarkable botanical collection with species from all over the world, which blend in with the indigenous vegetation over 50 hectares. The highlight is the Valley of the Ferns, from New Zealand and Australia, and the Valley of Mexico, with artificial lakes and an enormous araucaria tree, over 45 meters high.

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Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira and its palace are probably the most enigmatic and mystical places in Sintra. Built in the early 20th century by the millionaire António Carvalho Monteiro (also known as Monteiro dos Milhões), the building is an example of the revivalist romantic style that combines Gothic, Manueline, and Renaissance elements, as well as a lot of esoteric symbolism. On the farm, covered in lush vegetation, the Chapel of the Holy Trinity and, above all, the famous initiation well, with its iconic spiral staircase, stand out.

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Sintra National Palace

With Arab origins, this palace in the heart of the town has been the residence of the Portuguese royal family since the 12th century. It is a unique example of Portuguese medieval palaces, but it reveals several architectural styles (reflecting the taste of different kings), ranging from Gothic to Mudejar to Manueline. Don’t miss the chapel, the kitchens, with their large conical chimneys, as well as the Swan, Coat of Arms, and Handle rooms.

Moorish Castle

Built on a rocky peak of the Serra de Sintra, possibly between the 8th and 9th centuries, this castle bears witness to the Islamic presence in the region. After the Christian reconquest, it was extended and reinforced a few times. Besides being a historical monument, today it is also an incredible viewpoint, overlooking the town of Sintra and the entire surrounding region.



With many kilometers of coastline, the municipality of Sintra has countless beaches that are worth visiting, despite the cold waters and strong waves that characterize most of them. Among the most famous are Praia Grande, Praia das Maçãs and Praia da Adraga. More unknown are the beaches of Aguda, Samarra, or São Julião, while the most secret (increasingly less so) and inaccessible is Praia da Ursa, near Cabo da Roca. By the sea is also one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, Azenhas do Mar, with its houses built along the hillside.

Another beautiful area you can visit during your stay in Sintra is Cascais!

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