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You have always wondered why you should travel to Germany and what this beautiful country has to offer? In our Germany Travel Guides & Blogs, you will get inspiration as well as useful tips that are guaranteed to make your next trip to Germany unique and unforgettable! Of course, everybody knows german beer or the towel wars at the hotels 😂 Germany is also famous for its numerous culinary specialties, beautiful landscapes, and castles. In addition, everyone should have been to the Oktoberfest in Munich once in their life!

Why you should travel to Germany

Of course, there is not only one reason to travel to Germany. Our Germany Travel Guides & Travel Blogs are therefore also very diverse and focus on very different breathtaking places in Germany. We love Germany especially for its openness to new cultures. Due to the influence of the past, Germany has changed a lot, so that today there is a lot to discover from all over the world. Berlin is the multi-cultural capital where you can find food and people from all over. The north of Germany has its very own rough charm. If you travel to the south of Germany, you can admire traditional towns with beautiful half-timbered houses. There is also an incredible amount of history in Germany! There are so many castles that until today nobody knows exactly how many there are. We are sure that you will find something in our Germany Travel Guides.

What makes Germany special?

The first, actually the first two things that come to mind for many are beer and cars. That's kind of funny because you shouldn't use those two things in combination either 😅 Even more famous than German cars are probably the German "Autobahnen". No speed limits! A dream for many car lovers worldwide. When you read our Germany Travel Guides, you will notice that more and more people travel to Germany to admire the unique nature. It almost seems that Germans don't know how beautiful their own country is. This may be due to 2 other things, Germans love rules and punctuality. They probably don't have time to travel around their own country, as they are also one of the most travel-loving people in the world. But this leads to the fact that today they are also one of the friendliest and most tolerant peoples in the world. Of course, like in any country, there are also generational differences - but in Germany, you will definitely find new friends for life... who might actually come to visit you at home someday 😜

German Food

As mentioned before, there is an incredible amount that you can try when you travel to Germany. If you read the Germany travel blogs, you will quickly realize that the dishes are not necessarily suitable for a diet 😁 Starting with the "Bratwurst" (Which tastes best grilled with a beer 😜 ) then "Eintopf" - an incredibly delicious stew, which is available with a variety of ingredients - to the Pretzel! The pretzel is just one of the many products of the German art of baking. Honestly, nowhere in the world are there so many different types of bread. That's why breakfast in Germany is also world-class. By the way, many also think of a "Schnitzel" although you should actually rather travel to Austria for that. In addition to the typical German dishes, there are also numerous variations that have been created through the influence of other cultures - the most famous example is probably the "Döner"! Don't leave Germany without eating a Döner 😊 This section could go on forever... for example with the "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" ... but just make your own discoveries and get inspired by our Germany Travel Guides 😊

German Festivals

We have already mentioned the world's most famous german festival several times - the Oktoberfest! What's funny, by the way, is that it's so popular around the world that it's imitated everywhere, but they rarely offer real German beer and the original sausages. One more reason to visit the original 😜 At Oktoberfest, you get beer in 1-liter mugs. When you want to order a beer you say " Oan Mass Bier". There are singing and dancing to traditional German music in festival tents. The different breweries set up their own tents. Getting a seat in a tent is very difficult and should be reserved well in advance. Another very popular festival in Germany is Carnival! It is even considered the 5th season. It starts (to the second) on 11.11. 11:11 am. The Cologne Carnival is especially famous and popular. So if you want to participate in a real parade, we recommend you to travel to Germany. You can find many more festivals and information in our Germany Travel Blogs 😊 And of course, we would be very happy if you share your own experiences after your trip to Germany on Traxplorio.

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