Why Lisbon

  • Beautiful colorful city to explore
  • Pastel de Nata!!!
  • Amazing beaches nearby
  • Sintra - a real fairytale castle!
  • Surprisingly low prices for a European capital
Lisbon is a real highlight! There are so much nature and beaches around this great city, which means you can do a lot of different activities even during covid-19. We also had wonderful weather, making it feel like summer again in September.
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This year in September we were lucky enough to make it for a short getaway to Lisbon! And of all the cities I have been to so far, I have to say that Lisbon really has the perfect mixture of culture, nature, and beach to offer! Also, the surrounding area is beautiful. Covid-19 was of course a subject at that time and we did a lot of research beforehand to find out which destinations are safe so that you can still enjoy your vacation on-site. But we have to say that at that time traveling during Covid-19 was possible without problems. Obviously, we enjoyed the many advantages, such as the fact that there are significantly fewer tourists on the road. Furthermore, it was easy to get into a conversation with the locals and learn interesting new insights.

I will also give you some tips and info about covid-19 while traveling and hope you like the article 🙂

Arrival and accommodation

Unfortunately, we had to take a 3 hours flight to get to Lisbon. I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed but at the same time, I was looking forward to the experience of spending this flight with a mask. Somewhat strange was that at the airport in Germany (Dortmund) all benches and seats at the terminals were removed. Especially regarding covid-19, I wonder what was the point of this measure? As a result, of course, more people sat down on the floor and leaned against the walls. But well, we survived it 😛 We even got on the plane before the planned time!

lisbon covid airplane lisbon covid airplane seats

Another advantage of Covid-19 is that we had a lot of space on the plane 🙂 I quickly got used to the mask and the air in the plane was also much better than when flying before covid-19. Overall, this experience was very positive and I also felt very safe. Flying and traveling during covid-19 works!

Concerning the accommodation, we decided to use Airbnb. The location and also the price were perfect! It was very clean and we felt very comfortable. On the next visit, I will surely stay here again 🙂 You can check out the accommodation here.

airbnb lisbon 1 airbnb lisbon 2

The city is within walking distance and to the beaches or any other destination I recommend you to take a Uber.

Lisbon Tip 1: If you are traveling as a couple, Uber is often cheaper than local transport. You are also faster and more flexible 🙂 In addition, it is also a bit safer with regard to covid-19.

Day 1 – Belem & Praia de Carcavelos 🏖

We had a relaxed breakfast and then went to Belem via Uber for a few €. Here you have a great view of the Ponte 25 de Abril and you can already see another famous doppelganger in the background 😛 Golden Gate Bridge and Cristo Redentor in one place – no problem in Lisbon 🙂

Ponte 25 de Abril 2 Ponte 25 de Abril 1

Passing the Padrão dos Descobrimentos you go directly to the Belem Lighthouse and Belem Tower. You will also see many fishermen on the way. Unfortunately, I have not seen any fisherman catching anything 😛

Padrão dos Descobrimentos lighthouse belem

Because of Covid-19 it was really empty here. I can easily imagine that this beautiful street is otherwise full of people.

Lisbon Tip 2: We took some cool beers with us and drank it relaxed at the riverside 🙂

An unusually large number of people approached me on the way and wanted to sell me some weed 😀 I don’t know if it was because of my looks or if this is a thing in Lisbon 😀

belem 4

Now we have already arrived at one of the most famous sights of Lisbon – the Belem tower. And again we had the advantage to travel during Covid-19 because we were almost the only people here 🙂

belem tower

I love the sun, but I got a little heated – let’s go to the beach! To be exact to the Praia de Carcavelos. Again I just called an Uber and we reached our destination quickly and at a low cost 🙂 I was really looking forward to going to the sea 🌊 again this year 🙂 So I just had to find a place to stay and get some cool drinks 🍻 and then I jumped in. There was more than enough space to comply with the covid-19 distance rules and the stores also always paid attention to the mask obligation. In between, I looked at pictures on the internet of this beach section before covid-19 (I played this game a lot during this trip 😀 )… I am glad that we were not there at that time 😛

beach belem 2 praia belem

After a few hours, we went for a little walk on the beach 🏖 and enjoyed the beautiful view of the São Julião da Barra Fortress.

São Julião da Barra Fortress

Before we returned to our accommodation, we stopped for a few parks on the way and then relaxed in the evening with a bottle of wine 🍷. For me, it was the perfect first day 😍

belem 2 belem 1

Day 2 – Sintra 🏰💕, Castelo dos Mouros & Quinta da Regaleira

For day 2 a real highlight was on the agenda! Sintra. Again we took the Uber (about 40 min drive for 20€). In the last part, you have to walk by yourself and therefore you have a little hike through nature 🙂

hiking sintra hiking sintra 2

After a few minutes, you are at your destination – the fairytale Palácio Nacional da Pena.

Lisbon Tip 3: You can buy a combi ticket online for several attractions in the region and save money (and of course time… but this is no longer needed due to covid-19).

The palace is really unique and gorgeous! You feel like you are in another world and I definitely recommend you visit this magical place! I would also buy the slightly more expensive ticket as this will allow you to get to places where you have a breathtaking view. The pictures can certainly describe the place better than I can… 💖

sintra palace 6

sintra palace 5 sintra palace 3

sintra palace 4 sintra palace

Afterward, we walked to the Castelo dos Mouros. With the Combi-Ticket, you have a reduced entrance fee. This should be the most challenging hike of the trip 😀 I would like to start with a picture of our well-deserved wine (again self-brought 😛 ) in the shade after we have walked through the sun for what felt like hours 😀

hiking sintra 6

And did I mention that there were a lot of steps? 😛 The landscape is really unique though! I would do it again anytime without hesitation. After the fairy tale Palácio Nacional da Pena, I felt like I was in medieval times 😛

hiking sintra 4 hiking sintra 3

And I could not resist and had to pose a la titanic “I am the king of the world” 👑🌍

hiking sintra 5

After the middle ages, we went to a real creepy castle 👻

Lisbon Tip 4: A little tip in between, you can reach everything easily on foot, but you should get some water for the walk.

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In the end, it was a steep uphill until we reached our destination – Quinta da Regaleira. Here you can also take advantage of the Combi-Ticket.

sintra house 7 sintra house 2

It is a huge facility where you can explore all kinds of things. In Sintra, you can spend a whole day without problems! I found the Initiation Well particularly impressive. I don’t know if the pictures can transport the mood, but this was really a very special place! Thanks to Covid-19, even more attention was paid to spacing. So I was able to take great pictures 🙂

sintra house 4 sintra house 3

sintra house 5 sintra house 6

We have really seen many great little restaurants and cafes along the way and would have loved to try them out. Also, the small alleys with stores looked very charming. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for that – but would definitely make up for it on our next visit 🙂 However, we had to make a small stop in at least one cafe 😀 We have chosen Queijadas da Sapa. And it was sooo good! 😍 We took some more for takeaway.

sintra food

An eventful day comes to an end. And the next day should provide us with many more impressions 😛

Day 3 – Exploring the neighborhood and some sightseeing 📸

On our third day in Lisbon, we decided to finally go and explore Lisbon 😀 In a small store in our street, we organized a fabulous breakfast 🙂 Of course including wine 🍷

food lisbon 5

With the right mood, we then headed for the city. On the way, we have already seen many beautiful houses. I really have to say that Lisbon is one of the most beautiful capitals I have ever been to.

house lisbon 1 house lisbon 2

Lisbon Tip 5: A tip, which we have often read ourselves, take a tram (preferably line 28) and explore the city!

The trams are typical for Lisbon and definitely a must-do! Normally you should probably go to the end stops to get a place on the tram. If you travel during Covid-19, this is not necessary. But I would recommend it anyway because you should drive the whole route once. The ticket must be paid in cash! (3,50€)

Now we start with our little city tour – everybody on board 😛

tram lisbon 2 tram 2

If you look to the left, you see another typical way of transportation for Lisbon – the tuk-tuk 🙂 But now fasten your seatbelts, because the roads here can get very steep and narrow 😛

lisbon tuk tuk streets lisbon

Our first stop is in the beautiful district – Alfama. Here is also a great viewpoint and meeting point for nice conversations with local people 🙂 Just one of many places in Lisbon that invite you to drink a glass of wine in the shade and simply enjoy life.

alfama 1

alfama 2

Along the route, you will also see the famous Cathedral of Saint Mary Major and the Praça do Comércio is close by.

Cathedral of Saint Mary Major Praça do Comércio

At the Praça do Comércio you can also do a little selfie session… during which you can take crazy snapshots 😀

Fun lisbon

On this day the Rossio was my favorite place. You can sit in front of the fountain and get a cooldown. In between the coolings, I got completely dry again anyway 😀

Rossio 2 Rossio

The last stop was at Praça Martim Moniz.

Lisbon Tip 6: Right across the street is a supermarket where you should get some drinks 🙂

Praça Martim Moniz

Maybe you have already seen the Carmo Church & Convent ruins out of the tram? An “open-air” church. It fascinated me very much and was one of the highlights in Lisbon. The exhibition in the back is also very interesting. Even if you are not the museum type, you should still visit the room on the left and watch the short video 🙂

Carmo Church & Convent ruins 4 Carmo Church & Convent ruins 3

Carmo Church & Convent ruins 1 Carmo Church & Convent ruins 2

From ancient history to ancient fish 😀 The Portuguese are crazy about sardines. 🐟 There are numerous sardine stores throughout the city. They look like a small circus world  🎪 Besides the many different flavors, you can buy a fish from your year of birth… but don’t worry, it’s just the design of the packaging ( I have checked 😀 ).

sardines store 2 sardines store 1

Also highly recommended is a ride on the Elevador de Santa Justa. An impressive elevator in the middle of the street. However, the ride is not very cheap. But because of Covid-19, some areas were closed. We thought that was a pity because it did not affect the price 😛 Once you reach the top you have a great view of the city and the sea 🙂 Next to the elevator, you see another very famous 3D artwork.

Elevador de Santa Justa art lisbon 3

In the evening it was tapas time 😉 We decided to go to a very tasty Tapas Bar in Bairro Alto (an inexpensive quarter known for its many stores and nightlife). Alto do Bairro – Tapas.

Lisbon Tip 7: But there were only 5 tables, so you should be there in time. However, in time is not so early in Portugal, as many Portuguese people eat very late.

And now get ready to get hungry… here are the pictures of the dinner 😛

food lisbon 1 food lisbon 3


food lisbon 4 food lisbon 7

I almost forgot the Village Underground! A unique place where wild parties usually take place in the evening. In the busses and containers a very special atmosphere comes up and I would have loved to experience it once. But you can still enjoy delicious lemonades and other drinks in a charming environment.
I am looking forward to my next visit after covid-19 😉

Village Underground 2 Village Underground 3

Village Underground 1

We ended the evening in Bairro Alto and drank one of the great beers and enjoyed the moment 🙂

view lisbon night

Day 4 – Praia da Costa Caparica ⛱🌞

For our penultimate day, we prioritized relaxation and decided to spend a beach day. And we have chosen just the perfect beach! The Praia da Costa Caparica 😍 When we arrived at the beach, we noticed that the beach guard seems to have not much to do due to covid-19 and hired an assistant 😛

beach day lisbon beach day lisbon 9

For the rest of the day, there is not really much to report 😀 The beach is very long (26km) and therefore you have more than enough space to keep the necessary distance needed because of covid-19 😛 So I guess I just make you jealous with some beach pictures 😛

beach day lisbon 8 beach day lisbon 3

beach day lisbon 4 beach day lisbon 2

In the afternoon we went to a beach bar 🍻🍸 Here you can spend the rest of the day until sunset 🙂

Lisbon Tip 8: They also offer an excellent Ceviche!

beach day lisbon 6 beach day lisbon 5

At sunset, we were drawn to the water and enjoyed it there. At the 26km long beach you also have enough space for a long walk 🙂

beach day lisbon 7

On the way back we planned to make a stop at the Cristo Rei… unfortunately it was already closed, so I could only take a picture from behind 😀

Lisbon Tip 9: So you better inform yourself in advance about the opening hours – especially at covid-19 times 😉

Cristo Rei

Gelato Davvero – Best Ice Cream I ever had!

I do not want to withhold this tip from you! There are sooooo many unique flavors here. From Wasabi to the incredibly delicious Pastel de Natas… but you can also taste the classics here.
You can even watch production! A fabulous address for unusual and delicious ice creams.

ice cream lisbon

Francesinha – one of the delicious national dishes of Portugal

Of course, you can’t leave Portugal without having tried Francesinha at least once! You can get very tasty ones at Restaurante Marco. Here you can also get delicious fresh tapped beer 😉 Francesinha is a sandwich with cooked ham, linguiça, beefsteak, and is topped with melted cheese and hot gravy. But there are also many variations of this sandwich, so try it yourself and find your favorite one 🙂

food lisbon 6

My favorite places – LX Factory & Cemetery Prazeres 💀

I would like to dedicate a separate section to these two places. The LX Factory is like a small art city. There is an incredible amount to discover and art worth seeing everywhere.

LX Factory 2 LX Factory 7

LX Factory 6 LX Factory 5

This is my favorite building within the LX Factory!

LX Factory 4 LX Factory 8LX Factory 3

There are also cafes and stores that invite you to spend some time here. A great place that you should not miss!

LX Factory 1 LX Factory

Another highlight is the Cemetery Prazeres! This one is not very well known and therefore a little insider tip. When you enter the cemetery, you will immediately notice all the exceptionally crafted gravestones and tombs. The cemetery is huge and you can stay here for several hours. I immediately thought of the small cemetery in Edingburoug where J.K.Rowling got some inspiration for Harry Potter. On this cemetery, she would have found a lot of inspiration.

Cemetery Prazeres 1 Cemetery Prazeres 2

Cemetery Prazeres 5 Cemetery Prazeres 4

Some of the paths in this cemetery almost look like a small street with houses. Only post boxes are missing. A real “city of the dead”.

Cemetery Prazeres 6

In order to get the right creepy feeling, here are 2 more pictures 💀 Would you dare to visit this cemetery at night? 👻

Cemetery Prazeres 7 Cemetery Prazeres

Lisbon Summary

Lisbon has an incredible amount to offer and is not only perfect for a city trip. We especially loved the beaches and Sintra. 💕 ! On top of that, traveling during Covid-19 was no problem at all. We have never felt insecure at any time. Everyone in Lisbon made sure that the required Covid-19 security measures were followed and we arrived home healthy 🙂 I am also grateful that I was able to experience Lisbon in a different way than I might have otherwise. If traveling is possible for you, you should definitely have Lisbon on your bucket list 🤗

last food lisbon

last beer lisbon

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