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Blogger Guidelines – Write your first travelogue

Updated: June 22, 2021 by Traxplorio
Blogging Guidelines

Guidelines For Blogging At A Glance

Quality Content

In order for us as a community to grow and support each other in the best possible way, we must ensure the quality of the content. This means at least 500 words and 3 images per travelogue.

Respect Copyright

We only accept genuine and hand-typed content. Any kind of copied content will not be accepted. However, if it is your own content, you can copy it from your own travel blog. So start to write your first travelogue πŸ™‚

No Referral /Affiliate Links

No submission of referral /affiliate links in posts as this can affect the reputation of the whole website. And we do want your contributions to have high visibility. It is also not allowed to link to your own blog in your travelogue – we have created an option in your profile for this.

Honesty always has top priority

Always be honest! Especially when filling in the metadata. Only select the information you are reporting on. Imagine how frustrated people get when they search for content that cannot be found in your travelogue.

How to write a travelogue?

How to write Travelouge

To write a good travelogue, you need to understand your reader.
That’s why you shouldn’t just make sure that you reach exactly 500 words and 3 images. If the content of your travelogue does not offer any added value, it may be rejected.
But don’t worry, we do not have very strict rules πŸ˜‰
Because we appreciate the diversity of all travel bloggers and look forward to many different writing styles and travelogues!
Your travelogue can be useful if:

  • Others get valuable information which is well structured
  • It contains insider tips and advice
  • It is written very authentically – transport the reader into the scene

In conclusion: Your travelogue needs to add value to its readers lives πŸ™‚

Further tips and advice can be found in our Basic Blogging Tips

What do all these additional options indicate?

In addition to your travelogue, you also have to select a few more options.
All these options help other users to find your travelogue faster and easier.
So the most important thing is that you are really honest when filling it out!
Otherwise, you might get bad reviews quickly, even though your content is actually very good.
So let’s take a closer look at all the options πŸ˜‰

Five Reasons for this trip!

Tell us 5 things you especially liked about this trip.

Further Comments

Here you can add a short comment with further information (e.g. Besides I liked that… or a tip would be the next time…)


About which place do you write in your travelogue? You can also add several places.


In what month did you travel? This is very important because you cannot experience certain activities every month (e.g. Whale Shark Diving)


In which language are you writing your travelogue?
Only one language per travelogue!
Furthermore, it is not allowed to translate a second travelogue with the same content into another language.


Important: This is not about how long you have been traveling for, but about what is written in your travelogue.
An example:Β 
You were in Australia for 2 weeks, but only writing about a 2-day trip.Β 
In this case, you select 1-3 days.

Trip Type

Who did you travel with?

Activity Level

How active was your trip? 1: Relaxing πŸ˜‰ … 5: Very challenging.
It’s all about your personal feelings πŸ™‚

Food and Beverage

How did you like the food and beverages on your trip? 1:Bad…5:Aweseome!!
Again, this is only about your personal opinion.


Important: Here it is only about the costs that have been incurred on-site!
So all your expenses minus arrival/departure and accommodation.
Tip: We recommend to use a travel credit card.
This way you can easily divide the amount on the credit card by the number of days at the end of your trip.Β 


Select only those activities that you have done yourself and written about in your travel report.
Not all activities that are theoretically possible.
Again, readers might get frustrated if they read your travelogue with the expectation to learn about activity and then don’t really find anything.

Optional: Trip Name

If you want to publish more than one travelogue and they all belong to the same trip, you can link them by the trip name.
Just write the same trip name in this field in all travelogues that belong to one trip.

How do I submit my travelogue?

Submit Travelouge

Ready to become a travel blogger and publish your first travel report?
This is great!
We are very excited and look forward to reading about your adventures soon.
All you have to do is register as a Travel Blogger and you will have full access to our Post Creator!
You can find it easily in the navigation menu by clicking on “Add a Trip”.
Some useful information can also be found in our FAQ.

Do you still need inspiration?
No problem!
Then have a look here and read some travel reports from other travel bloggers πŸ™‚

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