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  • Beautiful monuments
  • Exquisity Gastronomy
  • Quarry streets
  • History
  • Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord of Morelia
Latitude: 19.7006, Longitude: -101.186 19° 42 2 North, 101° 11 10 West The state of Michoacán is located in the center-west of the Mexican territory. It borders to the north with the states of Guanajuato and Querétaro, to the east with the state of Mexico, to the south with Guerrero to the southwest with the Pacific Ocean and to the northwest with Colima and Jalisco.
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Morelia is known for its extraordinary traditions and very diverse culture, a city worth exploring with time and tranquility…has an ideal climate, pleasant and temperate.


Fisherman’s place

foundation of the city

The City of Morelia is named after Don José María Morelos. Founded in 1541 in a valley called Guayangareo, who made the order was Viceroy Don Antonio de Mendoza and some Spaniards who were located in Michoacán, when founding the city (New City of Mechuacan) would be assigned a site for civil and ecclesiastical authorities.

In 1537 Queen Juana I of Castile ordered (by means of a royal decree) the establishment of a Spanish city in Michoacán that should be named “Valladolid” (previous name to current).

Fisherman’s place

The word Michoacán comes from the Nahuatl voice “michihuacán”, which means “place of fishermen”. … The meaning of the word is attributed to the fact that, the first pre-Hispanic populations, were built around the lakes of Pátzcuaro, Zacapu, Cuitzeo and Zirahuen.

What you should eat…You will find various delicious dishes like:

🍽The tarasca soup


-Morelian enchiladas or placeras


-Carnitas in the Michoacán style



-Chongos zamoranos


-Ice cream of pasta


and many more…🙌😃

city center

Walk the streets of Morelia and be amazed at every corner of its center.

Sculptural decorative elements dominate the planes and lines of panels and mouldings. The streets and squares of the capital city of Michoacán adhere to the shape of an irregular grid and many of them end with a monument that creates spectacular perspectives.

Federal palace                                                                                                              🔱⚜⚛

Fisherman’s place

“Morelian baroque”

Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord of Morelia

Beautiful Baroque construction which began to be built in 1660 following the project of Vicente Barroso Escayola. It was completed in 1705, but work continued throughout the 18th century.

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The interior is of neoclassical style, with paintings and sculptures that are worthy of appreciation, as well as the cypress of the high altar and the monumental organ of the early twentieth century.

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Beautiful and emblematic aqueduct built from 1785 to 1789 by order of the Bishop of Michoacán Antonio de San Miguel, the same natives were the workers, they went through many difficulties and long hours of work, even blood was shed when building these enormous monuments, quarry was used on the hill of Santa María. Distinguished travellers admired this great work in the 19th century, also painted by some painters. It ceased to function in 1910, after which it was enabled as part of an avenue. Its walls were used to place advertising signs and some arches were buried when the ground level was changed to make pavements.

In 1997, it was completely restored and electrical luminaires were placed to make it a prominent tourist site. It has a length of 1,700 meters and 253 arches, whose height grows to a maximum of 7.52 meters.

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Fray Antonio de San Miguel Causeway 🌺🌹💮🌷

Place indicated to take a pleasant walk in the afternoon, of the seventeenth century and served to communicate to the viceregal city with a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. The original building has disappeared, instead as a visual finish to the driveway is the Temple of San Diego. Historically, this space was used for various activities. Currently it is used to exhibit altars as a goal to celebrate “The Day of the Dead” on November 1 and 2 (authentic tradition of the state and main in all of Mexico, I’m sure you will love to know).

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Alley of the Romance  

was first known as “Callejón de la Bolsa” and then “Del Socialismo” is a typical redoubt of the Morelia domestic building of the late nineteenth century.

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go with your partner and carry a safety lock.😅 It is said that if you write your name and that of your loved one on a red ribbon and put them in a padlock in this alley of romance your love will last forever…

Fisherman’s place

its anniversary is September 29.

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Observe the entrance to the alley of romance, it is decorated with beautiful flowers. Take your camera and don’t rush in. Delight in the camelinas, which are very colorful and leafy…

you’ll find food restaurants here same🤗🍴

Fisherman’s place

Fisherman’s place

You will find Italian food also in this restaurant , to combine it with the romantic atmosphere of the place:

📌La Fontana Restaurante

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Stop and read the verses of the poet Lucas Ortiz. Its verses are written on the walls of the buildings and represent the culture and love of the Morelos for their beautiful city.

Fisherman’s place Fisherman’s place


Since the 20th century it was officially named in honor of the President of the Republic Francisco I. Madero (1873-1913), illustrious character native of Coahuila who participated in the movement of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

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In the avenue you will find several places to visit such as: cafes, bars, restaurants, activities such as the tour of legends one of the attractions of the city today.

Fisherman’s place

Fisherman’s place Fisherman’s place Fisherman’s place

the sunsets are majestic in the summer season 🌇


University Public Library (dates from the 17th century and features the Baroque style of the period).

The building that today houses the University Public Library was originally the temple, which during the time of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, was part of the conventual set of the Society of Jesus in Valladolid, Today Morelia, which also included the annex Colegio de San Francisco Javier, today Centro Cultural Clavijero.📚💡🔍📖

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Clavijero Palace (Clavijero Cultural Center) Baroque style dating from the mid-17th century

The Clavijero Palace is one of the city’s most important architectural monuments; its large courtyard, with seven arches on each side, is the largest among Mexico’s Jesuit buildings. Since February 2008 it has operated as the Clavijero Cultural Centre, a privileged space for the presentation, promotion and dissemination of culture and the arts.

Fisherman’s place Fisherman’s place

More fantastics places

Mirador Asta Bandera and Stairs of Santa Maria

From here you can see the whole city in its splendor…

Fisherman’s place

Fisherman’s place

























Natural History Museum “Manuel Martínez Solórzano”

A space dedicated to recreation and learning about the natural sciences. Historically, the museum was established thanks to the work of several Michoacan naturalists who dedicated their study to the natural sciences such as Melchor Ocampo, Manuel Martínez Solórzano, Nicolás León and Eugenio Dugés. The museum began as a collection that was part of the Michoacan Museum in the old College of San Nicolás de Hidalgo; This collection was later relegated to the Michoacana University and in 1986 the University founded the museum with the purpose of giving scientific dissemination to topics related to natural history. Its name pays tribute to Manuel Martínez Solórzano who was in charge of the management of the museum from 1892-1921.

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House of Culture

The complex formed by the Temple and the former Carmen Convent is one of the most monumental and ancient of the city of Morelia. Its construction began in 1593 and lasted until 1619. It has a unique architectural style, derived from the Spain of the Counter-Reformation, which mixes the sobriety of the Herrerian with a measured European Baroque.

Fisherman’s place

Figures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Fisherman’s place


Too many places to visit and explore, so far I leave the post, I want you to visit and share your experience.

See you later! 💗💕






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