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Last year I came back to my home after my semester exams with a few of my friends from Delhi. We had a plan to visit Nainital, Bhimtal, Kausani, and Ramnagar. Because of the rainy season, Kausani was canceled. But we added Naukuchiatal in place of Kausani. And still, this trip was memorable as others.


I have already shared my Ramnagar trip with you. It was a part of this trip only. Today, I will share my memory about Nainital. And soon will also share the remaining part of the trip.

So, without wasting much time let’s go ahead with the trip.


We reached Haldwani (my home town) at 11:00 pm and our first destination was Nainital. And we were very excited about it, but as it was the month of July and the forecast says we will only see rain everywhere, we were quite afraid the night before leaving for Nainital.

The next day I woke up at 8:00 am and saw that it was cloudy outside and my Mom told me that it was raining a couple of hours ago. We had our fingers crossed and got ready. So, everyone was ready by 10:00 am. We went out and saw that there was a shining sun on top of our head as if it was never raining at this place.

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Morning view

morning view from my home

So, this made us quite happy. Now, the issue was I had one bike for two of us and we need one more bike for one more guy. And I asked my brother to arrange it before the trip started and he managed to get t from one of his friends. But the problem was we need to go and pick it up.


So, we all three sat on a single bike and started riding towards the place where we need to pick our bike. But as I was visiting my Home Town after a year and was not familiar with the route as well and the route I knew was from the main road where there will be police checking and we didn’t want to get stuck in any trouble.

We picked the narrow road from the village area. And we got lost in those roads and ended up entering the main road and getting caught by the police. As I was out of town, I didn’t have all the documents of the latest date as well. So, we got a challan. Then we went ahead to pick the bike.

But then I told my brother about challan. So, he asked me to go to the pollution checking station to get the paper ready. And this wasted a couple of hours of our time.

Now, the clock was at 1:00 pm, half our time is wasted but we still decided to move towards Nainital. The good part was the sun was still shinning.

View of Nainital from Haldwani

nainital view from Haldwani

We stopped in between the way to eat and click some pictures. Everything seemed so beautiful the sun was shining, a chilled breeze you feel while riding. And warmness of sunshine. Perfect weather I would say.


But this does not last that long. When we were just 15kms away from Nainital. Sunshine left us and it became so foggy that it was hard to see the vehicles coming our way, but this weather was not a spoiler but this just made our day. We came here from Delhi looking for this cold chilly breeze. This is what we exactly wanted.

We rode in this weather for the next 12 km and as we just enter the Nainital city we saw sunshine again. This is the magic of this city. The weather here changes every minute.

We reached Nainital and parked our bikes at my favorite spot near to the market and we were very hungry. The first thing we did was got our food packed. And went to Kilburry a hilltop 12 km ahead of Nainital sitting there and having that tasty food was peaceful and the view was amazing as well. Also, sitting at that location where very few people visit we made sure not to throw any garbage on the roads or the sitting area as we do not want to harm the environment for our fun.

It was around 4:00 pm and we had to leave before it becomes dark on the roads. So we quickly went back towards the Nainital city. In between our way to the city we visited Himalayan Darshan point, Naini peak point.

Himalayan darshan point shows you a beautiful view of Himalayas and Naini’s peak point gives you a top view of Nainital lake and city.

Naini peak point

Naini peak point

After that, we visited Nainital and we went to Naini Devi Temple and visited the Tibetian market. In route to the boating point.

We sat on the boats and it was an amazing experience. It was around 5: 30 in the evening the view of Nainital from the lake was amazing. The water was cold, the breeze became more chilly. And it was an amazing experience sitting on that boat and just enjoying the weather that is all we could do.

After that, we started to ride back towards our home and we forgot about everything that happened in the morning. We just had a smile on our faces while returning.

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