Why Istanbul

  • Aya Sofya
  • Blue Mosque
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Galata Tower
  • Istanbul Modern Museum
Now I'll tell you about Istanbul and there will be also a lot of articles about it!
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Istanbul is my favorite city after my native town. It is very close to us and we often go there. I’m going there since my childhood, so I know Istanbul very well. Now while going there I feel myself not as a tourist, but as a local because I know a lot of things there.

Istanbul is enormous and consists of two parts: the Asia part and the European part. Asia part is a more residential area with relaxed places and a calm atmosphere. Europe is for tourists and all the famous attractions of the city.

In this article, I’ve chosen some interesting places in Europe part that must be visited firstly while coming to Istanbul! So let’s see them together!❤️

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1. First and main place of Istanbul is Aya Sofya.

It is the main antique church of the city. For a long time, it was more like a museum rather than a church, but now it has become a church again. The building is very beautiful. When you enter you will see a lot of columns that are huge and beautiful. Moreover, the building is made from white marble and you will see a ot of paintings on the walls. On the walls, there are also interesting mosaics that consist of glass and wooden elements. You buy a ticket to enter the church and to see all inside. There is a place inside where you can sit and pray also. There is also a beautiful yard there. So don’t miss a chance to visit this beautiful church.
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2. Next is the other main church is Blue Mosque

It is a local mosque and is also very big and beautiful. You can visit it without paying any money. It is also very beautiful and it is colored blue. You must close your hair and shoulders while entering the mosque. There is a big yard where you can sit and feel the atmosphere of the mosque, or just pray in a calm place. Entering the mosque you will also feel relaxed and happy and will be able to pray and walk around. It worth visiting this amazingly beautiful place!

3. Next very interesting place is Basilica Cistern

Before this place stored the imperial water supply. It is a big palace like an underground hall with big columns. It is dark inside and you walk around these columns. Around you is water. It is very interesting and strange walking here. The territory is very big. There is also a place where all people put money or coins in the water to make a wish. Also, there is one option for the tourists: you can wear their national clothes and take pictures there.

4. The next one is another important historical place- Galata Tower

It is the tower from the top of the which you can have a great panorama of the whole city. But the tower is situated in a strange area. There a lot of criminals around and the streets are dirty and strange. To reach the tower you must go up to the top and it is hard but it worth it. You can go by stairs or take an elevator in the tower. From the top, there is an amazing view of Istanbul city. Around the Galata tower, there are a lot of souvenir shops where you can find some local clothes and accessories for a good price!

5. And the last one is Istanbul Modern Museum

If you are tired of history and culture then you must visit this place and know Istanbul from another side. The Museum itself is enormous and consists of a lot of floors. Here you will find amazing works of art and see Turkey’s contemporary art scenes. There different sections in the museum. There is also a section with movies where you can see interesting videos. Some people just sit around, take books and enjoy the atmosphere in the museum. You have not to book tickets before because the queue is not so long.
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